Is Natasha Webb From Below Deck Med Dating Anyone?

Natasha Webb has had a rocky history with men. The new "Below Deck Mediterranean" chief stew shocked viewers when it was revealed she had a prior relationship with the yacht's chef, Dave White. After White confessed to hooking up with her on a previous boat, Webb admitted she had cheated on her boyfriend with the chef, per Us Weekly. White wanted to rekindle their romance, and Webb seemed willing, but she soon turned cold and standoffish. It appeared Webb felt guilty about cheating on her ex-boyfriend with White, and she was shown calling him. "There's no excuse. I cheated on you with the chef. I'm a liar and a cheat. And I can't with it," she cried over the phone (via Reality Titbit).

As noted by Decider, the chief stew's abrupt change of heart left White confused, causing him to send her a series of rage texts after a drunken night out. He later regretted his actions, sharing, "Even though I was super upset, there's no excuse for what I did." After Webb's realization that she still loved her ex-boyfriend, the yachtie became consumed with texting him, letting her duties slide. After such a messy first season, "Below Deck Mediterranean" fans are left wondering if Webb's dating life has improved.

Natasha Webb has a new boyfriend

On an episode of "Watch What Happens Live," Natasha Webb discussed her messy relationship with Dave White. "Dave and I were never in a relationship. We only knew each other about a month before joining Home, and we hooked up a few times," she shared. However, she believed she didn't lead the chef on despite his clear attraction towards her. Webb revealed that she had moved on and was "in the most amazing relationship now." Although she didn't divulge more, fans were curious as to who her new boyfriend was.

On October 3, Webb announced her new relationship via Instagram. "October 3 is National Boyfriend day here in the states & even though my boyfriend is American & felt obligated to celebrate this special day especially because of that, I celebrate everyday of being grateful for my incredible boyfriend," she wrote. "Meeting Max this year is the best thing that ever happened to me. I couldn't be more thankful to have such a beautiful soulmate the most loving, genuine, caring, calm, talented, incredible person I could of [sic] ever been gifted with to share my life with." So who is this mystery man that has captured Webb's heart?

All about Max Landry

During the Instagram reveal of her new boyfriend, Natasha Webb played the song "If I Wake Up" by Max Landry, who also responded to her post with three red hearts. As it turns out, the singer-songwriter is Webb's latest flame. The multi-talented artist is also a composer and engineer who "specializes in composition, mixing, vocal and beat production," as noted on his website. Landry graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Music Production and Engineering degree. He is an independent artist and is not currently signed with a record label.

Landry hails from Detroit, Michigan, but Buzz Music notes that he currently resides in Los Angeles. He spoke about his single, "Go Down," which is a song he wrote about heartbreak. "When a relationship ends, someone comes out feeling like the loser. It's s****y and not fun for anyone. But that's ok. Being handed a loss isn't always a bad thing. It may hurt but ultimately it helps you grow as a person," he shared. Now that he's found happiness with Webb, perhaps the "Below Deck Mediterranean" chief stew will inspire him to write a love song.