Kate Hudson Reached Out To Tom Cruise After Her Son Expressed Interest In This Daredevil Activity

When Kate Hudson's son, Ryder, started showing an interest in an especially adventurous hobby, she turned to the best person she could think of to give him advice: Tom Cruise. 

Of course, Cruise is known for playing some of Hollywood's most iconic daredevil characters in franchises like "Mission: Impossible" and "Top Gun." While a lot of similar stunts are done these days via green screen or CGI, the actor constantly chooses to immerse himself in character and does many of the adventurous feats himself. Although this has prompted some fans to voice concern about Cruise, he doesn't seem to show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

From flying jets to jumping from building to building, Cruise loves the thrill of it all. While visiting "The Graham Norton Show" in 2012, Cruise emphasized that he takes this part of his job seriously because it impacts the magnitude of the storytelling involved. Unsurprisingly, the "Risky Business" actor's levels of dedication have led to more than a few amusing bits via late-night television. In a segment for "The Late Late Show with James Corden," the actor decided to take the talk show host skydiving. 

While many, like Corden, would be scared to jump out of a plane, Cruise remained calm for a very good reason. The 60-year-old even skydived by himself without the help of an instructor because he's certified in the hobby. Before the jump, Cruise was previously on the show and shared that he did one specific skydive jump for "Mission: Impossible" 106 times. Clearly, the actor is a professional, so when Ryder was hinting to his famous mom that he wanted to skydive, she decided to ring up Cruise.

Tom Cruise helped Kate Hudson's son with skydiving

Turning 18 is a monumental moment in many people's lives. It's normally about the age when you graduate high school, and for many people, it's when you "officially become an adult." However, when Kate Hudson's son, Ryder, turned 18, he decided such an occasion required the development of some big plans, including skydiving.

Hudson talked about the terrifying moment when her son confronted her about wanting to skydive in Variety's Actors on Actors conversation. During a 40-minute talk with "Top Gun: Maverick" actor Glen Powell, the "Glass Onion" actress revealed that her son nearly gave her a "heart attack" after sharing that he wanted to take on the dangerous activity. Hudson admitted that she "didn't know what to do," but she remembered that Powell had previously told her about Cruise's skydiving prowess. 

In order to assuage the panic she felt over her son's plans, she gave Cruise a call, seeking his suggestions on the best place for Ryder to learn the hobby correctly. However, after talking with Cruise for a bit, Hudson quickly changed her mind on the topic. In fact, according to Hudson, she was ready to go skydiving herself after talking with Cruise. She shared, "Somehow he had convinced me how incredible skydiving was, [I'm] one person that would never jump out of an airplane." 

Although Hudson admitted that she still has yet to make the jump, she insisted that she is ready to go at a moment's notice now. Cruise's convincing speech worked on James Corden in the past, and now, it appears it has worked on Hudson, too.