Henry Cavill's Announcement About His Superman Future Has Fans Majorly Disappointed

"Superman" star Henry Cavill has played the caped crusader since 2013's wildly successful film "Man of Steel," and even though he hasn't starred in a full-length "Superman" vehicle since 2017, he did make an appearance in his uniform in "Black Adam" earlier this year, heralding his return to the franchise, per The Guardian. In fact, this year, the British hunk released a statement on his official Instagram, announcing his return to the role of Clark Kent. On October 24, he posted a picture of himself back in tights, and included a video of him speaking to fans, saying, "I wanted to make it official! I am back as Superman!"

However, by November, there were whispers that things might not be written in stone, and The Wrap reported that there was actually no officially inked deal with Cavill to return. Then on December 14, "Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn sent out a series of tweets in a thread, saying specifically that Cavill would not be part of the new "Superman" movie he was working on with Peter Safran (both are co-CEO's of DC Studios). Now, Cavill himself is revealing the exact nature of his future with Superman, and it has fans floored. 

Henry Cavill won't be returning as 'Superman' after all

On December 14, Henry Cavill posted a lengthy statement to his official Instagram, confirming his departure from the "Superman" franchise, despite announcing his triumphant return in October. Noting that the news is "sad" and that he was specifically told by the studio to announce his return, he lamented, "The changing of the guard is something that happens. I respect that. [...] I wish them and all involved with the new universe the best of luck, and the happiest of fortunes." He also reminded fans that Superman isn't dead (despite what rock band Our Lady Peace would have us believe!), and that Clark Kent's values and morals can still set an example and lead the way.

Despite ending on a positive note, fans are floored, with many specifically calling out Warner Bros' for "poor management." "Henry Cavill didn't deserve this," one fan tweeted in response to the news. However, one fan is looking on the positive side of things, and we could totally get on board with this theory, they tweeted, "But this means Henry Cavill can finally play James Bond, right?"