Nicki Swift Asks: Who Is Your Least Favorite Current Late Night Host?

Gone are the beloved days of Johnny Carson when it comes to late-night TV talk shows. Since the 1990s, we have had what's known as the Late Night wars. First, it was Letterman vs Leno. Then it was Leno vs Conan. Then it was Leno vs Kimmel. No matter the specifics of the rivalry, the talk show hosts of late-night are constantly competing for ratings, awards, and overall supremacy. Sometimes they love to have a laugh with each other, and sometimes the laughs are at each other's expense. In 2017, during his Emmy's hosting stint, Stephen Colbert grabbed fellow host Jimmy Kimmel to join him in a skit roasting John Oliver for besting them in the Variety Talk Series category once again. 

In 2015, Vanity Fair gathered all the hosts together for a series of videos where they lovingly ribbed each other like old friends. "Where the women at?" Colbert texted his fellow hosts in one video, asking what we're all thinking. While we wait for more women to join the late-night landscape (thank you Lilly Singh and Samantha Bee for your service), it seems everyone has a favorite male host ... and according to our own Nicki Swift poll, a LEAST favorite host. We asked you, our readers, to choose the host you're kinda not digging right now, and a whopping 587 of you came back with a resounding top spot for your least favorite late-night TV talk show host.

James Corden is your least favorite late night TV talk show host

Maybe it's the fact that his talk show, "The Late Late Show" is coming to an end, per People. Maybe it's the cringeworthy drama between him and Balthazar restaurant, per The New York Times, where he allegedly treated the restaurant staff appallingly. Maybe it's because he starred in the universally-panned musical "Cats." Whatever the reason, British host James Corden took the top spot in our poll with a whopping 29.81% of respondents calling him their least favorite late-night TV talk show host. Hmmm, maybe you should stop asking people to sing to you on your way to work, Mr. Corden? Next on the list with 25.04% of the vote is "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert, who has tried since 2015 to fill the big shoes of the previous host, David Letterman

Clearly, the daunting task isn't winning over everybody. In third place with 16.52% of the vote came "Late Night" host Seth Meyers, then "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon with 15.67% of votes, and bringing up the rear was Jimmy Kimmel with 12.95% of respondents. Kimmel, even though you're dead last, we're pretty sure that means you're unequivocally the favorite late-night host! Keep those Mean Tweets coming!