What Happened To Sam Orme After Below Deck?

Sam Orme's stint on "Below Deck" was a short one, but she made a memorable impression on viewers. Orme appeared on "Below Deck" Season 1 as the third stew and soon started butting heads with the chief stew Adrienne Gang. She also had a penchant for disregarding authority and getting herself into trouble.

During a charter, Orme and Second Engineer C.J. LeBeau took a dip in the ocean with a bottle of beer in their hands, which was a big no-no, per Bravo. First Officer Aleks Taldykin caught the two breaking the rules and had no choice but to tell Captain Lee Rosbach. Orme apologized for her behavior and managed to make it to the end of the season with her job intact.

However, Orme realized that she wasn't meant for the yacht life, and Season 1 was the last time fans saw her on "Below Deck." Since the series, she has gone on to find a career on land and many TV fans may be surprised at what she's up to these days.

Sam Orme found happiness on land

Following her "Below Deck" Season 1 run, Sam Orme moved to Los Angeles and began her career as the Vice President of a solar energy company and later became a senior project manager at another firm, per Bravo. According to her Facebook, Orme has a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and is now Enterprise Program Manager at Fidelity National Information Services.

In April 2019, Orme revealed via Instagram she and her partner had gotten married. "We did it," she captioned a picture of her and her new husband kissing. The following December, she shared a picture of her cradling her baby bump while gazing at her husband. "I didn't get our holiday cards ordered in time so ... Wishing all our family and friends a wonderful Christmas and a healthy new year! With Love, Sam and Brad," she wrote.

Orme debuted her daughter on July 16, 2020. "World, meet Blake," she captioned. In December 2021, she introduced her second daughter to the world. "Molly June, born 12/8, 9lbs, 21.5" she captioned while sharing a picture of her holding her daughter's tiny hand. Life looks busy for the former "Below Deck" yachtie, but she still has time for her fur baby.

Sam Orme loves her dog Ed

While it's natural for people to dote on their pets, Sam Orme's love for her mixed-breed dog Ed knows no bounds. Her Instagram account describes her as a "Crazy dog lady" and she created an account just for Ed. Prior to having her daughters, Ed was her only baby and his first post dates back to 2017. In April of the same year, she shared a photo of a doggy bone birthday cake she had made him. "Best birthday cake ever! Thanks Nana and Poppa! Woof," she wrote, as Ed.

Orme shared a rare glimpse of her "Below Deck" days with a photo of Ed in front of a green screen. "#fbf to that time mom took me on set for #belowdeck," she wrote in 2017.

In 2018, Orme posted a snap of Ed cuddling with her new pup. "Trying to stay warm with my baby brother always snuggling me," she captioned. After Orme had her daughters, Ed seemed to take on his role as the big brother. "My new best friend and snuggle partner, I really love my baby sister. (Mom's not crying, you're crying!) she posted in July 2020.

In 2021, Orme shared another one of Ed sitting on the floor before her and Chef Ben Robinson during their interviews. Although she scoffed at the thought of being married and having kids during her season on "Below Deck," the former stew has come a long way since her rebellious days.