90 Day Fiance: Is Danielle Still With Robert?

There is no shortage of "90 Day Fiancé" couples, and the spin-off series "90 Day: The Single Life" has added more partners to the already-complicated relationship dynamics in the "90 Day" franchise. One of the cast members of "The Single Life" is American Danielle Jbali, whose relationship with Tunisian ex-husband Mohamed Jbali previously came to its conclusion with television cameras rolling.

Hoping to get another chance at love years after her divorce from Mohamed, Danielle was followed by TLC's cameras again, this time as she developed a relationship with a man named Robert, per ET. At the time, Screen Rant reported that fans were concerned that their relationship was being affected negatively by the show's production team.

Despite these concerns from viewers of the series, Danielle expressed to Us Weekly that Robert was supportive of her bringing up her relationship with Mohamed in conversation with him, which she had not done with a partner before.

Danielle Jbali and Robert have broken up

By the end of Season 1 of "90 Day: The Single Life," Danielle Jbali and her new romantic interest, Robert, had ended their relationship. During the season's tell-all, as reported on by Us Weekly, Jbali shared that the two were no longer seeing each other. Robert was reportedly brought on the tell-all by video, at which point he gave Jbali more excuses about why he was not able to go out with her.

These were not the first excuses that Robert had given her, as Jbali explained in the episode, saying, "He keeps telling me different excuses. First, it was his car got stolen, then it was the holidays, and then I started school. Now he's having medical issues. I've tried to keep the faith that he's telling the truth, but I just don't know."

In Touch Weekly additionally reports that Robert has not been featured in any of Jbali's Instagram posts since the tell-all, suggesting that the two have ended their relationship for good.

Danielle Jbali and Mohamed Jbali are back on friendly terms

Although it does not appear from her Instagram account as though Danielle Jbali has been in a romantic relationship since ending things with Robert after Season 1 of "90 Day: The Single Life," she has become friendly with ex-husband Mohamed Jbali again. Danielle shared a photograph of her with Mohamed, writing in the caption, "We have been through so much and are friends after everything — just shows anything is possible."

The former couple had a difficult relationship while they shared the screen, with many heated arguments. On one occasion, Danielle was shown telling Mohamed during a televised fight that she would get him deported from the United States for cheating on her, as reported by People.

It is unclear if Mohamed has pursued any new romantic relationships, but Screen Rant reports that fans have seen his profile on a Muslim dating app and have shared screenshots of it.