Where Do Bryan And Sarah Baeumler From Renovation Island Live?

Like Sarah Baeumler, Bryan Baeumler has been on HGTV for a long time. With multiple HGTV projects under their belt, the husband and wife duo are arguably one of the most popular couples on the network. However, they have spent their recent years filming their show "Renovation Island," which follows the DIY-ers as they turn an abandoned resort in the Bahamas into a money-making oasis. 

Now, after several years, their renovation — which they've since dubbed Caerula Mar Club — is open for business. And you can visit, too! "It's the first project on HGTV where viewers will actually be able to come down and see the final result, and hang out with us and the entire family," Bryan shared with the Edmonton Journal. According to the Caerula Mar Club's website, the resort is located on the Andros island, chock full of villas and suites, and surrounded by "lush vegetation." Given the new business venture, the Baeumlers have had to spend a substantial amount of time on the island. 

However, the Baeumlers don't actually live in the Bahamas. 

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler are from Canada

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have spent a lot of time in the Bahamas, but they actually hail from Canada. In fact, "Renovation Island" originated in Canada under the name "Island of Bryan," according to Yahoo. Prior to the start of the show, the couple and their kids lived in Ontario, Canada. One of their earlier shows, "House of Bryan," chronicled the couple's attempt to fix up their Canadian home. "Six years ago, Sarah and I, we found this great little bungalow," Bryan shared in a trailer. "We'll do some renovations, clean it up in the next few years," he added. However, they had a baby and lost track of the time. The HGTV show followed their attempt to finally tackle their project. 

"It's a bit of an odd sensation sitting in a large machine and destroying your largest investment," Bryan said (via the Toronto Star). And it wasn't a simple undertaking! "Building a house together is like getting married all over again," he added. "People view it as a romantic adventure, but there's days when the budget's beat up and it's pouring rain and the machine's broken down and you're behind schedule."

And while the Baeumlers did manage to create the home of their dreams, they sold it before they started on their Bahama-based resort, per Reality Tidbit.

The Baeumlers have moved to Florida

These days, Sarah and Bryan Baeumler spend most of their time in Florida. According to HGTV, the Baeumlers have owned at least three different homes over the years. However, their Wellington, Florida property is their home base at the moment. 

As for the reason why they chose to move to Florida? It all comes down to business. While Bryan shared with City Line that their home was just "temporary," they were attracted to how close it was to their resort. "One of the reasons is that we're only an hour back and forth to the island," Bryan said. "We're about two and a quarter hours to get back into Canada — I'm back every couple of weeks managing businesses there. It just makes sense logistically for us to be there right now." The home's price was also a factor. "We bought this house for less than half of a tear down in Canada," added Bryan. 

In true Baeumler fashion, no home is really ever move-in ready, so they have chronicled the renovation of the Florida home on the newest season of "Renovation Island."