Usher Is Mourning A Painful Loss

R&B heartthrob Usher was the voice of the 90s and early 2000s. He's been around for so long that he celebrated the 25th anniversary of his album "My Way" in 2022 and the songs felt as fresh as they did back in their first release in 1997. The musician has also impacted the careers of several other musical personalities. Without Usher, we wouldn't have Justin Bieber. In 2009, Bieber told Good Morning America that his YouTube videos gained enough traction for him to get spotted by the R&P star. "Eventually, I got found by my manager who flew me to Atlanta to meet Usher," Bieber said.

Not all of Usher's musical contact has been positive. He and Nicki Minaj have a famous and long-standing feud and the same with The Weeknd, who claimed that Usher's "Climax" was a little too similar to his own work on "House of Balloons." While Usher isn't shy to stick his neck out, he's also not shy about wearing his heart on his sleeve, and the musician just shared with fans that he's grieving his beloved grandmother in a heartfelt tribute on Instagram.

Usher is grieving his grandmother, Tina

Usher shared a loving tribute to his grandmother, Ernestine Carter, on Instagram on December 26, 2022. "It's taken me a few days to come to grips with the fact that my Grandma Tina is no longer with me," he wrote, sharing several touching photos of his late grandmother. "I'm praying for clarity and strength for all whom relied on her. Her daily devotion was to help those in need and she did just that. It was her life's work. She was truly a prayer warrior for me and so many others. I feel a bit lost right now."

Usher's grandmother died on December 24, 2022, at the age of 87, according to Page Six. "Part of me is trying to be strong, for others...Her belief was that GOD always has a plan...I'm trying to understand that right now," the singer continued on Instagram. "The other half of me continues to break silently. We were just laughing days ago ... I really thought we had more time."

Usher went on to say that his grandmother was a key figure in his life, especially in moments when he felt lost and confused. "She saw something else...and was there to remind me of purpose, and that no matter what I was facing," Usher wrote. "I love u more, she would say." He went on to say that he was celebrating her and her life. "I love u more Grandma," he added.