Who Is Cyndi Lauper's Husband, David Thornton?

Cyndi Lauper's free-spirited persona has empowered and inspired fans since the '80s. The music icon is known for her catchy songs such as "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and "Time After Time." She's also won two Grammy Awards, along with an Emmy and Tony. While fans have closely followed Lauper's career, some people may know less about the singer's personal life. Lauper is tight with her family, including her late mother Catrine Lauper. In June 2022, Lauper suffered a heartbreaking loss, as she took to Instagram to announce that her mom died. She wrote, "She rocked and wrestled with us and was in a lot of my videos. It was an honor to work with her. I feel so lucky that I got to play with my mom throughout my life, both as a girl and as a woman."

Over the years, Lauper has leaned on her husband, David Thornton, during tough times. The two share a son named Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper, who was born in 1997. In a 2013 interview with ABC News, Lauper talked about the challenges of parenting, as her husband often stayed at home while she worked. She added, "I work a lot because I want to give him everything I never could have. I didn't grow up with a silver spoon." Fans are familiar with Lauper's difficult childhood.

Lauper's husband has clearly been supportive throughout their marriage and with raising their son. But what else is there to know about David Thornton?

The history of Cyndi Lauper and David Thornton's relationship

Cyndi Lauper married David Thornton in 1991, per Hollywood Life. They met while filming "Off and Running," in which they co-starred. In a 1992 interview with The Independent, Lauper and Thornton shared details about the beginnings of their relationship. At the time she started filming, Lauper had broken up with her longtime boyfriend Dave Wolff. The aftermath of the split, along with another bad relationship, led her into a depression. However, her mindset shifted when Thornton showed up in her life. She revealed, "Then I met David and everything changed. When we started rehearsing, David was real shy with me. I began to send him teasing notes — it's what I do when I kinda like someone. I wrote that he was a wimp because he didn't do as many press-ups as me."

Thornton noted that their relationship started off as platonic, but he soon realized that he had deeper feelings for Lauper. Two weeks into their romance, he brought up the possibility of marriage. The actor told the outlet, "The idea of marriage came after I woke one morning and realized this woman loves me about as completely as is humanly possible." The rest is history.

It seems like Thornton and Lauper are compatible in numerous ways. In 2018, Lauper told Closer Weekly, "All I can say is that he is my best friend, he's wildly creative and I just wanted to share my whole life with him."

David Thornton has appeared in numerous films with Cyndi Lauper

David Thornton is an accomplished actor with an impressive range of TV and film credits. Fans may recognize him for his roles in the popular movies "The Notebook" and "Home Alone 3," according to his IMDb profile. In 2017, he played George Pallis in "Homeland." The South Carolina native seems to be dedicated to his craft and has extensive acting training. He attended Yale Drama School and Lee Strasberg's Actors' Studio.

According to The Independent, Thornton played a deranged killer in the film "Off and Running," which also featured his wife Cyndi Lauper. This wasn't the only movie the couple acted in together. Thornton led the cast as Robert in the 2009 independent film "Here and There." Lauper had a supporting role and wrote a song for the movie. At the Tribeca Film Festival world premiere, Thornton spoke positively about working with his wife. He said, "Working with Cyndi is a real gift." He added, "She read the script and really loved the script. She wrote the title song, which is really amazing. And then she agreed, really kind of selflessly, to do a cameo in the film and she's fantastic in it." With their artistic passions, the couple clearly has a lot in common!