An Inside Look At Robert Griffin III's Marriage

Former NFL star Robert Griffin III has gone on to do great things after retiring from football. Once a Washington Football Team quarterback, Robert is now working for ESPN as a college football and NFL analyst. He is also quite the family man. The former athlete and his wife, Grete Griffin, announced in July 2022 that they were expecting their third child. Grete revealed the exciting news in an Instagram post. "THE GRAND FINALE!!!!" she wrote in the caption of the post. "Pregnant with baby #3, and we are soon to be a family of 6!" Robert's blended family also includes a daughter he welcomed with ex-wife Rebecca Liddicoat, per People.

Robert and Liddicoat met in college and went on to spend three years as husband and wife, according to The couple filed for divorce in August 2016, and Robert began dating now-wife Grete just months after his first child with Liddicoat was born. As you might imagine, this sparked quite a bit of controversy. This didn't seem to stop Robert and Grete from sharing their lives with fans. In fact, the duo has built up quite a following on social media. This couple's relationship has been fascinating since the beginning.

Here's an inside look at Robert Griffin III's marriage.

Robert Griffin III and his wife were both college athletes

It seems that Robert Griffin III and his wife, Grete Griffin, are a perfect match because they have a very similar history. The husband and wife were both college athletes with impressive careers. As most fans already know, Griffin's time as a college football player is what earned him his legendary NFL career. He played for Baylor University in Texas and won a 2011 Heisman Trophy Memorial Award during his senior year there. The athlete was drafted by the Washington Football Team in 2012 and went on to become the team's quarterback.

As for Grete, the blonde beauty actually began her career in her home country of Estonia, per The U.S. Sun. Her sport of choice is track and field. More specifically, Grete was known for participating in the 7-event track-and-field competition known as the heptathlon. She went on to compete at Florida State University as a student-athlete. Grete was involved in a number of competitions, including the 2010 and 2012 World Junior Championships. Robert spoke to TMZ about his wife's athletic ability in 2018. "Track is her realm," he told the outlet, "She owns the track." TMZ reported that Grete was preparing for the 2020 Olympics at the time, so it seems that she didn't part with her track and field career after college.

The football player had a stunning Miami wedding

Robert Griffin III and Grete Griffin documented their flashy Miami wedding on social media, The event included a lightbox where guests could film their own music videos, extravagant décor, and of course, Grete's wedding dress was eye-catching. However, some might say that it was the couple's heartfelt words for each other that stole the show. Robert took to Instagram to share a series of wedding photos captioned with sentimental messages. "First name Grete, Last name Griffin. All I ever wanted to be for you is your hero. It turns out that all along, you were mine," he wrote in the caption of one pic. "The best day of my life!" Grete shared in the caption of a photo that featured her wedding makeup and hair.

The couple also documented their engagement on social media back in May 2017. They were expecting their first child at the time, and Grete's baby bump can be seen in the photos. Robert wrote a lengthy message for his soon-to-be wife in the caption of the Instagram post that documented the engagement. "It is the greatest feeling to find the one who believes in love like you do, and I have that," he shared in part. "I found my peace. You deserve the world, and I am honored to be the one to explore it with you and our beautiful baby-to-be."

Robert Griffin III shares three children with Grete Griffin

Robert Griffin III and Grete Griffin announced they were welcoming their third child in an Instagram post shared in July 2022. Grete wrote that she was pregnant with her third child and that they would soon be a six-person family in the caption of the post, which featured photos of the family celebrating the exciting news. The couple was already parents to two little ones at the time of the announcement, including daughters Gameya and Gloria. Robert is also the father of a daughter he shares with ex-wife Rebecca Liddicoat.

When Grete gave birth to Gloria in 2017, Robert took to social media to praise her strength. "Welcome to the world Gloria Griffin!!!" he wrote in part in the caption of an Instagram photo of him and the new mom with their newborn. "Your mommy is incredible! The way she pushed through, delivering you into the world, was the stuff of legend. Very simply put, Your mom is a certified baller!!!" The birth of the couple's second daughter, Gameya, was a little hectic. After a successful delivery, Grete had to temporarily part ways with her NFL player husband while he traveled to Florida to play against the Miami Dolphins, per People. Robert's team walked away victorious, so maybe the new baby was good luck.

The NFL star and his wife were once robbed

Robert Griffin III and Grete Sadeiko have been through a lot together — including a robbery. Before the two were married, someone broke into their vehicle while they were parked in an NFL parking lot. Unfortunately, the couple left money in cash in their car, so this may have made them a target. Grete took to Twitter to share further details following the incident: "So you valet your car for a @Browns game and come back to all of you and your boyfriend's money being gone from the wallets," she wrote in one tweet.

Social media users began criticizing the couple's decision to leave money in their car for thieves to get their hands on, but Grete defended this action. "Ain't about why we left wallets in the car," the athlete argued in a since-deleted tweet (via News 5 Cleveland). "We parked in the players and family parking garage! I should be able to leave anything I want there." Hopefully, the couple was able to get their cash back.

Robert Griffin III's marriage had a controversial start

As previously mentioned, Robert Griffin III was married to Rebecca Liddicoat before finding love with Grete Griffin. Their divorce garnered quite a bit of attention after TMZ reported that Robert began talking to Grete while he was still married. According to the outlet, a source claimed that Robert met the athlete on Instagram and later parted ways with Liddicoat after she found out about the affair. Liddicoat allegedly still had hopes of repairing the marriage when her ex-husband went public with his new relationship.

It looks like Robert wasn't too happy about these cheating rumors because he came forward to deny that his relationship with Grete had anything to do with his divorce. "Set the record straight," he wrote in a since-deleted tweet (via New York Post). "My marriage failed. No home wrecking/cheating. So stop coming at my girl and my daughter with that nonsense. Thanks." Social media users had also chimed in on the conversation by sharing messages of disapproval directed at Robert's new relationship. "By leaving her behind to hook up with a college athlete? Great example," a user wrote on Twitter in reply to the NFL star.

The former football player and his wife are social media stars

Robert Griffin III and Grete Griffin have a shared TikTok account where they participate in trends and document their lives as parents. It seems that fans are loving the couple's content because they have nearly 250 thousand followers at the time of this writing. One of the family's most viral videos is a clip that documents them assembling a 16-foot-tall Christmas tree in their stunning home. Their children also make an appearance in the video. In a separate clip, Grete shows off the massive wedding ring she received from her husband. "It's almost as beautiful as his soul," the mom wrote in the caption of the video.

The former college athlete also documented her pregnancy journey on her TikTok account. In one video her mother painted fireworks on her baby bump, and she's quite the artist. One of Robert and Grete's TikTok videos made headlines in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. The couple participated in the viral "Do It Like Me" dance challenge. The clip was shared by the official Twitter account of the Baltimore Ravens. "Bet you can't do it like the Griffins," they captioned the video.

Grete Griffin called out 'thirsty women' messaging her husband

Grete Griffin seemingly isn't afraid to call out women who slide into Robert Griffin III's DMs. The fitness guru took to TikTok to share a video lipsyncing to "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga. Text across the video read, "Thirsty women in my husband's DM's not knowing I run his social media." It seems that Robert found the video hilarious because he left laughing emojis in the comments. Grete must have quite a busy schedule if she's behind her husband's social media accounts because she also runs quite a few social media accounts of her own.

The former college athlete has an Instagram account for her business, Glow Fitness, which sells workout programs as well as "booty bands" and sweat belts. "I help busy women get in shape & build their confidence," Grete shared in the account's bio. She also posts short workout videos for her followers. The fitness influencer even runs Instagram accounts for her daughters Gloria and Gameya. Grete's personal social media accounts include photos and videos of her husband and kids, as well as fitness content.

Some fans criticized the football player's social media posts

While Robert Griffin III gets lots of love on TikTok, some of his posts across other social media platforms aren't as well-received. For example, fans voiced criticism after the football star took to Twitter to share a photo of his family alongside his wife's family as they all celebrated Christmas in 2022. "MERRY CHRISTMAS from this interracial and international Family," the father of four captioned the photo. This caption rubbed a few fans the wrong way, and they made it clear by replying to Robert's tweet. "Would of been a better Merry Christmas from just 'my family;' it got diluted at 'interracial,'" former football player Tank Carder wrote. Another user shared, "Could've just said 'family' lmao didn't have to be so extra."

Robert also caused a stir on social media after sharing a tweet (via New York Post) about his wife, Grete Griffin. "cOmE oN bRO yOUr WiFe iS wHiTE," read the since-deleted tweet that accompanied a video of the fitness influencer doing squats. According to the New York Post, fans were confused by the football player's statement at first, but he later offered some clarification. "Being white don't mean you ain't got no cheeks," Robert wrote in a follow-up tweet. "Joke was my wife couldn't fill out a sundress. And yes, I love my wife, and I'm proud of her business."

Robert Griffin III and Grete Griffin shocked fans on live TV

Robert Griffin III is already garnering attention within his role as an ESPN sports commentator thanks to Grete Griffin. While covering the College Football Playoff semifinals, the former NFL play received a call informing him that his pregnant wife was in labor. Robert wasted absolutely no time rushing to be there for the birth of his child. Not only did the football star answer the phone call on camera, but he also ran off the field in the middle of the game. Videos of the moment have since been circulating online.

Fans were hit with a major plot twist in this story when Grete revealed that she actually hadn't gone into labor yet when her husband received that phone call. The fitness influencer took to Instagram Stories (via New York Post) to share an update on the incident. "Still pregnant, everyone," she penned. "Baby girl tried to make a dramatic entrance into 2023." She also shared a video in which she reflected on the viral moment. "Take number two," the mom said in the clip. "Dropping Robert off at the airport to go to another bowl game. Hopefully, this time, baby will stay in ... She wanted to make a dramatic entrance to 2023 but decided not to, so we'll see how it goes this time around."