What Happened To Stephen And Julia From Are You The One?

"Are You The One" is one of the hottest dating shows on television and features young singles looking for love — but the premise of the show isn't as simple as making a connection. The producers use an algorithm to secretly predict which couples are perfect for each other, and the contestants need to find everyone's matches to win $1 million. Of course — as with any reality show — there's a twist. If the cast fails to uncover at least one perfect match during a "blackout," they lose $250,000. However, if the group uncovers a perfect match, they have a shot at adding $250,000 to their jackpot.

With a house full of beautiful people located in a romantic Hawaiian setting, contestants will undoubtedly gravitate toward each other, which can create problems when feelings kick in. "AYTO" Season 4 had no shortage of drama, and contestants Stephen McHugh and Julia Rose provided some much-needed entertainment to viewers. Rose was initially interested in John Humphrey but ended up gravitating toward McHugh, and they soon found out if they were meant to be together.

Stephen and Julia weren't perfect matches

Much of "Are You The One" is a guessing game of whether or not the contestants have found their perfect match according to the algorithm. Julia Rose and Stephen McHugh formed a connection early on in Season 4 and were convinced they were meant to be together. Later in the season, fellow contestant Gio Rivera attempted to woo Rose, which caused drama with McHugh. Rose might have gone on a date with Rivera, but her heart was with McHugh.

However, Rose and McHugh learned that they weren't each other's perfect matches. Rose was supposed to be with fellow contestant Cam Bruckman, while McHugh was paired with Nicole Brown (via Netflix Life). Still, Rose and McHugh defied the algorithm and tried to make their romance work.

In a shocking twist, Rose revealed that she had broken up with McHugh in 2017 after she found out he went to Las Vegas with "AYTO" Season 5 contestant Hannah Fugazzi, per E! News. During a heated confrontation, Rose accused Fugazzi of coming in between her and McHugh. However, the Season 5 cast member shot back with, "Why would he come to Vegas if he was in a relationship with you? Maybe you should ask him that. You're coming at the wrong person." While it was reported at the time that Rose and McHugh tried to make things work, it appears they are no longer together.

Julia Rose moved on with Jake Paul

Following his stint on "Are You The One," Stephen McHugh has maintained a private life, and it's unclear if he has found his perfect match. After her failed romance with McHugh, Julia Rose moved on with social media star and pro-fighter Jake Paul, per Hollywood Life. The two met in 2019 on the set of Paul's music video, and it was love at first sight for them. The two started dating the following year after Paul broke up with his then-girlfriend, Tana Mongeau. "Everything progressed, and we kept on falling in love really fast. He's crazy. He's psycho, but I like it," Rose said at the time.

In 2022, Page Six reported on rumors of a breakup after Paul tweeted, "Alexa, play 'I'm Single' by Jake Paul." A source close to the fighter confirmed the split to the publication and shared that Paul was "devastated." However, the insider claimed that Paul was eager to get back together with Rose, but "they both need to slow down their lives." The two reunited the following month, and Paul told the New York Post, "[Rose is] a big part of my life."

It seems as if the pair have broken up yet again. In December 2022, Paul shared a picture of him sadly holding a rose in his mouth and wrote, "Picked the wrong Rose." While neither party has confirmed anything yet, fans won't be surprised if they find their way back to each other again.