90 Day Fiance: What We Know About Elizabeth Potthast's Sisters

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet have captured the hearts of "90 Day Fiancé" fans since debuting their love story to the world in 2017. The two connected on a dating app before meeting up in Dublin, Ireland, and quickly got engaged, documents TLC. After their whirlwind love story began to unfold on camera, Potthast and Castravet wed in the United States in October 2017, the same year they met, reports People. They additionally tied the knot a second time in Castravet's home country of Moldova in September 2020.

According to TV Insider, Potthast and Castravet are among the few couples from Season 5 who can say their marriage is still standing. The two shared their season with Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez, whose marriage lasted under a year. Additionally, castmates Evelyn Cormier and David Vázquez Zermeño finalized their divorce in April 2022 after four years together. 

Defying the odds of a reality TV love story, Potthast and Castravet continue to show off their growing family on social media. In January 2019, the couple welcomed their daughter, Eleanor, and most recently, their son, Leo, in October 2022. They've also landed a spot on the spinoff show "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?" However, their story hasn't come without its ups and downs, especially after Potthast chose to ignore her family's initial concerns about Castravet's intentions, cites In Touch Weekly. In turn, Potthast's loyalty to her husband has caused a change in dynamic among her family, especially her sisters.

Elizabeth Potthast's sisters have tension with Andrei Castravet

TLC star Elizabeth Potthast spoke about her family's complicated dynamic since marrying Andrei Castravet to Us Weekly in September 2022, saying, "[My family and I] kind of go back and forth honestly, but it's been not so great." She continued, "I have my own family and I see things through a different lens now." 

The couple's love story has certainly created tension with some of Potthast's family members, including her sisters, Rebeckah "Becky" Potthast Lichtwerch and Jennifer "Jenn" Potthast Davis, who have both voiced disapproval over their sister's marital decision. The tensions between the sisters began early on after Castravet wanted to shut down the idea of a "girls' night out" for Elizabeth's bachelorette party on "90 Day Fiancé." TLC documented Becky and Jenn fearing their sister "would lose her true self in her relationship" by being submissive to Castravet's cultural wishes.  

Even with it being five years after Elizabeth and Castravet's wedding, Becky and Jenn still clash with their brother-in-law from time to time, as seen on "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?" Jenn blamed Castravet for being the decision maker in hiding Elizabeth's pregnancy from her family until the rest of the world knew: "It's hurtful. Libby would not have made that decision on her own." However, despite Becky and Jenn's beef with Castravet, the sisters are still closely involved with Elizabeth's life.

Elizabeth Potthast is still close with her sisters

Elizabeth Potthast has a close relationship with both her sisters, Becky Potthast Lichtwerch and Jenn Potthast Davis, as they both appear as recurring cast members on "90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?" Despite their differences with Elizabeth's husband Andrei Castravet, the three sisters have seemed to find a way to work around the drama. Jenn confirmed the sisters' bond during an exclusive "Happily Ever After" confessional in November 2022, saying, "Me, Libby, and Becky have always been very close." 

Elizabeth has stood by Jenn when her personal troubles unfolded in public, after her ex-husband Orlando Davis filed for divorce in 2011. Davis, a popular Florida radio host, called the "90 Day Fiancé" franchise "trash" on his "Freakshow Daily Podcast," and blasted his ex-wife for filming with their two children on the hit TLC show (via In Touch Weekly). 

According to Distracify, Becky is married with one child and works as a real estate agent for their father, Chuck Potthast, who owns a property business. However, Becky's relationship with Elizabeth hasn't been seamless, as tensions escalated after her father granted Castravet a job at the family business. That said, Becky continues to be tight-knit with Elizabeth, with the two often posing on Instagram together alongside their children. Although the three sisters remain close, the bad blood between Castravet and Elizabeth's family doesn't appear to have an end point, and we can only hope TLC has plans to capture it.