What David And Evelyn From 90 Day Fiance Are Doing Today

Like many 90 Day Fiance couples, David Vázquez Zermeño and Evelyn Cormier met online. David, who was about 26 at the time, reached out to then 18-year-old Evelyn when he came across her band's Facebook page, per ScreenRant. The couple quickly hit it off and joined 90 Day Fiance Season 5, where fans got to see them tie the knot after an engagement full of hiccups, like deciding where to live and facing concerned friends who were uneasy about their quickly moving relationship. David, who hails from Spain, eventually moved to Evelyn's hometown in New Hampshire and their worried friends ultimately supported their love.

In early 2020, the newly married couple faced breakup rumors because of a lack of presence on each other's social media pages. However, Evelyn quickly cleared that up. "There's been a lot of rumors and a lot of comments," she said in a February 2020 Instagram video. Evelyn also explained that David is a private person, so she respects that by mainly posting about her music. She also addressed the absence of her wedding ring in many photos, which she attributed to her various modeling gigs and not wanting to lose the ring.

Now that those rumors are well in the past, it seems like the perfect opportunity to check in on how the lovebirds are doing. Keep scrolling to learn what David and Evelyn from 90 Day Fiance are up to today.

David and Evelyn moved across the country

Since showing off their love on reality television, the couple has moved across the United States and participated in more reality television. David Vázquez Zermeño and Evelyn Cormier uprooted their life and moved to Los Angeles to build their careers, as noted by ScreenRant. For David, that meant becoming a real estate agent, while Evelyn took the opportunity to pursue a career in music. Evelyn has had moderate success as a singer-songwriter, as she appeared on American Idol in 2019 and even placed in the top 14. 

Since clearing up the dating rumors, Evelyn has posted more photos with her husband and even used her wedding photos to promote her single "In The Garden," which she created as a wedding song. The couple also participated in season one of TLC's spinoff series Love Games

The pair have been married for three years as of this writing and seem to be as strong as ever. On their third anniversary, Evelyn shared a wedding photo and gushed over David. "It's hard to believe the time that's gone by, and how much the two of us have grown and matured (still growing and still maturing btw) in the process," she said. "I love you more today, than I did three years ago, which is crazy right? Marriage is hard work, like a garden that needs tending, and I look forward to, and pray for many more years of growing in love with you."