The Most Uncomfortable 90 Day Fiance Moments

90 Day Fiancé is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to uncomfortable on-screen moments. Sure, TLC already kind of cornered that market with My Strange Addiction, but awkwardness knows no bounds when it comes to love between two people who met on the Internet and don't truly know each other. You thought dating was difficult on Tinder? Well, 90 Day Fiancé has been putting that experience to shame since its 2014 premiere.

We could easily call 90 Day Fiancé and its various spinoffs a case study on what happens when you feed into the stereotypes of Russian mail order brides, African Internet scammers, or pretty much any so-called green card marriage. But what the reality TV show has really depicted is the struggle of loving the idea of someone from a totally different culture that you don't actually know. Although a few couples have made it out of the series alive, with babies and the American dream, the majority have let us witness a downward spiral that typically ends in one partner trying to get the other deported. We bring you the most uncomfortable moments of the bunch.

90 Day Fiancé meets Darcey and Jesse's steak bias incident

Jesse Meester and Darcey Silva have dutifully earned their title as most explosive couple on any 90 Day Fiancé spinoff — and that's a tall order. As fans have pointed out, it's pretty uncomfortable watching probable narcissists duke it out on screen (but hey, we aren't psychologists, so who are we to judge?). The shoe incident — when Jesse throws a fit because Darcey has the audacity to stand on his sneakers — is certainly vying for couple's most hard-to-watch moment, but the steak bias ordeal from the night before really takes the cake (or the filet mignon).

An argument erupts during the couple's very first family dinner with Darcey's daughters, when she insists Jesse should cut the steak he's preparing on a "bias." After storming out, he proceeds to craft the most awkward reality TV dinner by sitting at the head of the table, feigning calmness, and claiming he isn't going to argue in front of the kids (which, you know, he already has). Darcey's eldest daughter eventually chimes in with, "Are you all serious? Both of you guys are acting like you're my age. Just grow up please." 

When a child is the sole voice of reason, you know it's bad.

Azan uncomfortably admits he's only 55 percent attracted to Nicole

Fans have pointed out that pretty much the entirety of Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou's relationship reads like an early aughts AOL phishing email sprung into real life. Let's just look at some of the alarm-raising things surrounding the couple's love story: the alleged ex-girlfriend who called Azan a "con artist," the rumors that Azan dumped Nicole after she couldn't give him any more money, their two canceled weddings and trips to Grenada and Morocco, and the fact that Azan's K-1 visa was denied. Even Nicole's own mother admits she doesn't trust Azan.

While all of that is incredibly awkward, the most painful-to-watch moments came when the American reality star, who has trouble accepting that Azan's Muslim culture doesn't allow for PDA, is criticized by her future hubby for being "big a little bit." Azan tries to force the plus-sized star to "go to [the] gym and ... to not be lazy." He even threatens to not come to America unless she tries to work on her fitness. The worst part? Azan claims to only be "55 percent" attracted to his future wife while she just stares into the camera with a glazed-over look. Yikes.

Anfisa breaks 90 Day Fiancé's uncomfortable silence record

Anfisa Nava might just be the hero of 90 Day Fiancé, at least according to Reddit. You can't deny that the Russian-bred star has always been transparent about her intentions with Jorge Nava. Famed YouTubers H3H3 even labeled her "the honest gold digger." Indeed, she has no qualms about telling Jorge that she hates being married to him, which is pretty awkward because his smile makes it seem like that's actually an improvement from how she usually feels. Still, none of the couple's interactions have been more uncomfortable than one excruciatingly long silence during the show's 2016 tell-all special. 

Earlier that season, Anfisa scratches the word "idiot" into the driver's side door of Jorge's car, and though she has a lot of time to reflect before the tell-all, it doesn't appear like she achieved any clarity. The silence that launched millions of cringes across America occurres when Anfisa is asked if she regrets keying her husband's car. She quickly replies, "No." After the host asks her why she doesn't regret the action, the reality star simply stares as the cameras pan to her co-stars for what feels like the longest stretch of silence in the history of television. Honestly TLC, we could have used a commercial break this time.

Leida claims she's basically marrying Eric for the green card

Leida Margaretha's American dream came to a swift halt when she found out she flew all the way from her Indonesian comforts to share a twin bed with her fiancé in a trash-filled apartment in Wisconsin. It was clear that this 90 Day Fiancé star, who was used to a life of luxury, struggled with her choice when she realized Eric Rosenbrook was flat-out broke. 

An uncomfortable argument eventually breaks out, stemming from Eric's child support payments (which Radar Online points out were less than $1,000 a month). The Indonesian star claims her parents paid the equivalent of $300,000 USD for her first wedding, yet she's forced to marry Eric in what looks to be a motel conference room. From the outside, the child support argument seems like a cultural difference. That's, in the very least, how Eric frames it. But according to Vice, it's simply not true. Indonesia has similar child support laws to America, so take that as you will. 

Either way, Leida breaks down and threatens to call off the wedding. "I feel like I'm forcing myself to get married with you because I don't want to leave this country," she finally admits. Telling your immigration sponsor boyfriend you only want a green card is crazy uncomfortable.

Chantel and Pedro turn 90 Day Fiancé into a weave-snatching brawl

Somehow, Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno managed to out-awkward Jesse and Darcey in the 90 Day Fiancé family dinner department. Their meal turns into an all-out brawl, but tensions are already uncomfortably high after Chantel's parents admit they hired a private investigator to look into whether or not Pedro's family were "body traffickers" who "harvested" their daughter for a green card. Obviously, Pedro is less than thrilled, and things quickly devolve when his sister, Nicole, comes to visit.

Pedro and Nicole are already on thin ice after showing up late to dinner. However, the entire meal is basically a set up: Chantel's parents reveal that they want to "get to the bottom" of Nicole's motives "to take advantage" of their daughter. The Everetts spend a few minutes exchanging fake pleasantries before poking the bear and asking how Nicole gets along with Chantel. The conversation erupts into a screaming match as the sisters-in-law accuse each other of lying, and Chantel's brother throws a punch at Pedro. 

At this point, dinner starts to resemble a WWE battle royal that ends with Chantel sobbing in a corner as her mother holds up a weft of extensions ripped from Nicole's scalp while screaming, "Pedro and Nicole are very bad for my family," in broken Spanish. Eerily enough, she looks directly at various cameras around the room. Was Chantel's mom expecting an Emmy or something?

Mohamed and Danielle's uncomfortable 90 Day Fiancé reunion

Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali pretty much set the 90 Day Fiancé precedent for Nicole and Azan. According to Radar Online, the Ohio resident claimed in her annulment papers that Mohamed had multiple affairs and used a number of Facebook pages to "solicit money from various women." Of course, he denied this, but there's one rumor he didn't even bother squashing: he was not attracted to his wife. But why?

Throughout the show's run, it becomes very clear to fans that Mohamed is disgusted by Danielle. He doesn't even want to kiss her at their wedding, and she claims they only "consummated their marriage once" three months after tying the knot. In one of the most uncomfortable tell-all reunions to date, Mohamed admits the pair stopped being intimate when they "started facing a problem." The issue? A certain alleged odor. According to Danielle, her hubby told people that she smelled and urinated on him. Her co-stars audibly gasp during this revelation, as did pretty much everyone at home. It's so bad that the host cuts things off, saying, "You know what? I don't even want to know." Too bad none of us can turn back time and unhear it. Thanks, TLC!

Paul wears a condom to go swimming with Karine

If you thought nothing could be more awkward than 90 Day Fiancé star Karine Martins finding out her future husband is a convicted arsonist who's violated a protective order granted to his ex, you'd unfortunately be wrong. In between donning a bulletproof vest to walk the streets of Karine's hometown and arguing strictly through a translation phone app, Paul Staehle still has time to make the general masses uncomfortable when he slips on a condom to go swimming with her.

In a previous uncomfortable clip, Paul admits he "wants to have some fun" with Karine before forcing her to take an STD and pregnancy test. Asking your future wife to take a pregnancy test because you don't believe she's not carrying someone else's baby is sure to put a damper on a good time, but the Brazilian beauty decides to take her fiancé swimming anyway.

While Karine jumps right into the water, Paul has his apprehensions because his "travel doctor" warned him not to swim in anything untreated. There are allegedly "diseases," which Paul seemingly takes to mean STDs, though STDs don't really work that way. He then shows the cameras the sheath he's fashioned to protect his member from parasites, which is actually a semi-valid concern according to the CDC. The condom, though, has little medical explanation. But alright, you do you, Paul.

The uncomfortable way Larissa asks Colt for lip injections

Larissa Dos Santos Lima didn't know what she was in for when she moved into what the Twitterverse has dubbed the "Bates Motel" to be with fiancé Colt Johnson. It's not easy living with in-laws, especially ones that clearly don't like you. Debbie Johnson, among various indiscretions, has been known to leave her daughter-in-law stranded so that producers have to step in and give her a lift.

There's a whole lot about Coltee and Larissa's marriage that's uncomfortable — including the family BBQ blow-out where Colt refuses to stand up for his wife and Larissa's domestic violence arrests — but their sex life still takes the top spot. In the past, Larissa has stated that Colt is under the wrong impression if he thinks all Latina women "shake their boobies and walk around with big a**es." But that doesn't stop her from coming up with a creative way to ask for lip injections on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? 

"Colt should to pay for my lip injections because he has a hungry sexual drive and I will feel very confident and sexy after I fill in my lips," Larissa explains (via Us Weekly). "Do you want more b***jobs? I will feel motivated." Knowing their living situation, the cringe factor is too real.

David forces Annie to live in a rent-free storage unit

Ever since Season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé, it's seemed like David Toborowsky would do almost anything to not have a job. Chris Thieneman, who deserves the trophy for friend of the century, has continuously tried to make sure his best pal has the tools to get back on his feet, but it's more or less been futile. After what seems like months (or possibly years) of unemployment, the entrepreneur finally offers David a partnership in his restaurant — which David, of course, rejects. After that, he's essentially cut off from his cash cow.

While David has put his wife, Annie Suwan, through some less-than-ideal living situations, things get ultra-awkward when they're forced to move out of Thieneman's renovated firehouse and into what's essentially a storage unit. Who can really blame Annie for being mad about that? At least the rent is free, but it comes at a price: Annie can't shower for more than two minutes because the hot water heater is extremely small, there's no stove, and they can't open the window. Honestly, for a storage unit, a window seems like a luxury, but the whole thing is still pretty uncomfortable. Fans will be happy to know that, according to ScreenRant, this move was only temporary.

90 Day Fiancé's Ximena finds out she's Ricky's silver medal

Ricardo "Ricky" Reyes was on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days for a dramatic amount of time, but not for a long time. The TV star was living fast (he only had a short pre-planned vacation to Colombia), determined to find a fiancée before heading back to the States. Sometimes, you just have to have a backup plan ... but that doesn't mean the backup plan has to be happy about. 

Pretty much the entirety of Ricky's short appearance on the spinoff is awkward, especially since he's still married to his wife in Texas, according to Starcasm. He first seeks out a younger student named Melissa, who clearly isn't interested and basically ghosts him (a true Millennial). Ricky then moves onto his backup plan: Ximena Parra. He pretends like she's his number one, but the Colombian beauty eventually discovers that she's, indeed, his number two and confronts Ricky during a romantic dinner. Audiences cringed, but at least the tension of watching him lie to her for the entire season is finally broken. However, Starcasm suggests that the whole thing was a rouse and Melissa was a fake, which would make the couple's entire argument about her even more uncomfortable. Was it rehearsed? They're reality stars, not actors.

Michael calls Angela his 'elder' on 90 Day Fiancé

Angela Deem may have been hand-plucked from the Maury stage to cause a ruckus on 90 Day Fiancé following two explosive appearances on the scandalous daytime talk show. Her interactions with her much younger fiancé, Michael Ilesanmi, could have absolutely been at home on Maury Povich's long-running series or even the likes of Jerry Springer, so it shouldn't be too surprising that awkward moments were aplenty between these two. What else would you expect when you take a Donald Trump-loving American and throw her into Nigeria?

Though most of us were pretty sure that nothing could be more uncomfortable than Angela shopping for a traditional African outfit even though no store carries her size, the worst moment comes during the tell-all reunion when Michael has the apparent audacity to call her his "elder." Newsflash: she is his elder, and it's clear English isn't his first language, so maybe she could have given him a bit of a break? Instead, Angela screams at him, called him an "idiot," and storms off set. There's pretty much nothing more uncomfortable than watching Angela be in denial about her own age.

90 Day Fiancé's Luis accuses Molly of witchcraft

When Molly Hopkins brought home her brand new fiancé, Luis Mendez, things pretty much imploded right from the start. There's the difficult age difference, the awkward conversation where Luis basically encourages Molly's teen daughter to be sexually active, and the fact that this 90 Day Fiancé couple was actually secretly married the entire time. If that wasn't bad enough, Luis has a really strange gripe with Molly that made most of us sitting at home scratch our heads. 

The argument in question devolves very quickly into a contest about who is the holiest person in the couple. Luis claims Molly was "not comprehensible" and has mixed too many religious totems around the house. He also criticizes her for having a Buddha, but not a single Bible or anything that has to do with the Christian God. Luis then starts asking Molly if she knows about witchcraft. Molly, who was just trying to see if her husband was prepared to be a dad, is absolutely perplexed. "You're blaming an owl with a candle on the fact that you are an a**hole to my kids," she screams. Well, when you put it that way — talk about uncomfortable.