Who Is Your Favorite Below Deck Captain? Here's What Bravo Fans Say - Nicki Swift Survey

The "Below Deck" captains and crew members have previously shared their most cherished parts of being on the show, from favorite seasons and favorite boats to favorite chefs. Captain Lee Rosbach revealed that Season 1 was his favorite on a "Watch What Happens Live" after-show segment. "Everything was so new and so fresh, and we actually really didn't know what we were doing," he said.

Captain Sandy Yawn revealed to E! News that Lady Michelle was her favorite yacht on the show because of how it felt on the water. "It was like so solid, I didn't even know we were at sea," she said. The media outlet mentioned that the boat has six guest cabins and is more than 180 feet in length. "You know, the layout was great, it's for charter ... The volume for the size was incredible," the captain added.

On another episode of "Watch What Happens Live," Captain Sandy and Kate Chastain both determined that Ben Robinson was their favorite chef. "He's honestly one of the most intelligent human beings I've ever met," Chastain stated. She explained that she likes his charm, and of course, his food. "He's just smart and good at everything," she added. Now that the "Below Deck" cast has revealed some of their favorites, we wanted to know: Who is the fan-favorite captain among Nicki Swift readers?

Below Deck fans love Captain Sandy Yawn

Out of the 582 Nicki Swift readers who took our survey, it was determined that Captain Sandy Yawn was the fan favorite "Below Deck" captain, receiving 174 votes. Captain Sandy was put in a difficult position when her predecessor — Captain Lee Rosbach — had to leave the show mid-season. "She really did me a solid," he told People. "I'm grateful she was there." And from the time Captain Sandy took over the boat, fans quickly realized how great of a leader she was.

In second place, just two votes below Captain Sandy was Captain Glenn Shepard. Fans like how laid-back and positive he is toward his crew. "These guys need to let loose a little bit in order to stay positive when they're actually working and taking care of the guests," he told The Things. "When it comes to getting the job done, they're wholeheartedly into it. Lastly, with 154 votes, Captain Lee Rosbach came in third place for favorite "Below Deck" captain. Captain Lee had to leave the show before Season 10 ended due to nerve issues. "As you guys know, I've been struggling with my mobility, and it's been hard," he said at the end of an episode (via Deadline). "So I've made a decision to leave the boat." At first, Captain Lee's departure was saddening for fans, according to Decider, but Captain Sandy proved to be the right person to fill his shoes.