What Renovation Island's Sarah Baeumler Did For A Living Before The Fame

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler brought a touch of Canada when they relocated to the Bahamas. The couple took on a major renovation challenge when they bought the resort, Caerula Mar Club, located on South Andros Island. While they own a slice of heaven, island life -– not to mention island renovations –- is proving to be an entirely new challenge. "Partaking in this project for us has really changed our perspective on what is a problem," Bryan told The Wrap in June 2021. "Things just seem so simple back on the mainland. No matter what happens, I can't see it being more difficult than the easiest day on the island." 

In addition to the highest cost of shipping supplies to their resort, the couple has also dealt with Hurricane Dorian and delays brought upon by the devastating coronavirus pandemic, which delayed the opening of their Caerula Mar Club resort. Despite this, the couple and their four kids made it happen. But this is a long shot from what Sarah did before she and Bryan got involved in renovations.

Sarah Baeumler was a ballerina first

Of all her career paths, Sarah Baeumler was a dancer first. She trained for 14 years, specifically as a ballerina, and then began teaching dance. She specialized in "Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre, and Jazz," according to Vancouver Mom. She ran her dance studio while her husband, Bryan Baeumler, ran a construction company. Proving to be quite the workhorse, Sarah would sometimes double-dip, working as a project manager alongside Bryan while simultaneously running her dance studio. But this also proved to be a lot!

"I was balancing the dance studio and three children and we were embarking on building our own home," Sarah told Millionairess Magazine. "It was an opportunity to follow my creativity to the interior design process and I really wanted to have a say in the whole process. The more I did, the more I wanted to do it full time." Sarah had to make the tough decision to leave dance behind, at least as a career. "So, I decided to sell the studio (I still dance, but for myself) and just focus on the building aspect of my life," she explained.

Sarah still keeps her creative juices flowing

While Sarah Baeumler switched careers, she hasn't left her creativity behind. While she may not dance as much as she used to, the reality star finds herself challenged and stimulated by the renovation and restoration projects she takes on with her husband, Bryan Baeumler.

 "It's the soulful projects that keep you driven and striving and growing," she told Millionairess Magazine. "Creating a soul-filled business through serving others means that on the days where you really hit the dirt, those hard days, you have that big juicy reason to keep you going."

But Sarah does have a favorite period in a project, as she told Salt in October 2022. "I feel most inspired in the early stages of a project," Sarah explained. "I start by pulling inspiration for the client that extends from architecture, to graphic design, modern art, and fashion — it all lends a hand in creating a unique identity for the space." Sarah said she loves the freedom and inspiration she feels when embarking on something new. Lucky for us, we get to watch it all happen on HGTV.