Which Former Real Housewife Deserved A Second Season? Here's What Bravo Fans Say - Nicki Swift Survey

"Real Housewives" is all fun and games for fans, but it's nothing less than cutthroat for the cast. There are varying levels of power in these dynamite groups. Those who are a "friend of" don't get a base salary — instead, they're paid based on appearance, thus creating an incentive to stir the pot. Above them is the main cast with a base salary, typically made up of six women.

At the end of each season, the women sit for a multi-part reunion, after which their contracts either are or aren't renewed. When a housewife is asked not to return, they often upload an emotional Instagram post announcing their departure, thanking everyone for the opportunity. When Teddi Mellencamp got the boot in 2020, she explained the situation in an Instagram video. "Of course, I could give you the standard response of, 'Oh, we both came to the decision that it would be best," she said. "Of course when I got the news I was sad. It feels like a breakup, almost." Mellencamp's firing was a shock to the fanbase, which relied on her to keep things interesting. 

Sometimes it's not as big of a deal when a housewife leaves, though. Their storylines have wrapped, and no one's sad to see them go. Other times, especially when they've only appeared for a season or two, it's devastating. Nicki Swift conducted a survey asking readers who, out of all the one-season wonders we've lost over the years, they missed the most, and the answers were surprising.

Fans miss this RHOC the most

According to the 556 people surveyed by Nicki Swift, the "Real Housewives" cast member who deserved a second season the most was Elizabeth Lyn Vargas from "RHOC." Vargas' storyline involved a confusing (slightly age-inappropriate) relationship and recovery from being raised in a cult, per Page Six. A total of 21.22% of respondents said they missed her the most. Vargas was closely followed by Cindy Bishop from "RHONY" with 20.86% of the vote. Next was Carlton Gebbia — a practicing witch — who 17.81% of respondents claimed to miss. She was followed by Jules Wainstein from "RHONY" with roughly 16% of the vote. Finally, at the bottom of the list, nearly tied for last place, were Joyce Giraud ("RHOBH") and Katie Rost ("RHOP") with 11.87% and 11.51%, respectively.

While they only graced the screen for one season, it's not uncommon for Bravo to bring a housewife back later on. Is there any chance one of these women will return full-time, though? Even if Bravo producers came knocking, it doesn't seem likely for Vargas, who's still a fan favorite. In her farewell post, Vargas made it clear she was already moving on to bigger and better things, namely her new vodka brand. "To the Fans ... I can never ever thank you enough for the outpouring of love, support and the kindness you have shown to me," she wrote. "Please look for Vargas Vodka in your local liquor store and grocery stores or online at VargasVodka.com"