Steven Seagal's Daughter Has Grown Up To Be Gorgeous

For the daughter of action star Steven Seagal and British-born model-turned-actress Kelly LeBrock, Arissa LeBrock, escaping the shadows of her mom and dad hasn't been easy. Things reportedly got very ugly at home not long after she was born, with Seagal and LeBrock going through a nasty divorce shortly after their daughter's first birthday in 1994.

The grisly details of their separation created countless column inches and news reports at the time, and, in the end, LeBrock decided that she and her children needed a clean break from Hollywood. "I didn't want my kids seeing it, so I simply got rid of the TV," LeBrock said of the media buzz surrounding the split (via The Daily Mail). "I moved my kids out of L.A. so they could grow up with real people — the kids of gas pump attendants, plumbers and real family people."

To LeBrock's credit, her decision appears to have been a wise one, as she's managed to raise a smart, confident, and gorgeous daughter. Let's take a look at the evolution of the beautiful Arissa LeBrock.

She grew up surrounded by celebs

Being the daughter of a movie star and a model meant that Arissa got used to being around famous people at a very young age. Even after her mother moved Arissa and her siblings (older sister Annaliza and older brother Dominic) a good few hours outside of Tinseltown, the family would get regular visits from all manner of A-list types, many of whom apparently had huge soft spots for Kelly LeBrock. "After Woman in Red, a few men in Hollywood had their eye on me," she admitted. "Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty and Billy Wilder used to come to the house. Billy once said to me, 'If I was a little bit younger, I'd be directing you in a movie.'"

For Arissa, famous faces became the norm while she grew up on her mother's Santa Ynez ranch, and they certainly weren't intimidating. In fact, in a house frequented by the associates of actors and models, little Arissa would often be the one putting on a show. "All my life I've been around celebrities," she told PLUS Model Magazine of her childhood. "As a little girl, I would always dress up and perform in front of people and by the age of five I was showing up to breakfast in full hair and makeup!"

She's a plus-size model

Arissa is the first to admit that she doesn't have what many might consider to be a traditional model's frame, but you'll never hear her complaining about her size. She realized pretty early on that she wasn't going to be a petite girl, but, instead of letting that hold her back and derail her dreams, she decided to embrace it. "As I reached puberty, I started to get 'those' curves," she told PLUS Model Mag in 2017. "Having a supportive mother, I was proud to be a vivacious, curvy woman, as she taught me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When I didn't always feel that way, I would remind myself of my mother's words."

By the time she was a senior, Arissa was so confident in her appearance that she basically turned her graduation into a fashion shoot and used the snaps to get her earliest modeling jobs. "I ended up using them in my portfolio book and they were a hit," she admitted. "Probably some of my favorite images ever."

She's got her father's build

Arissa has her 6-foot, 4-inch martial artist father to thank for her curvaceous frame. The model admitted as much during her 2017 interview with Maxim, telling the men's mag that she was thankful to have inherited strength and power from Seagal. "LeBrocks tend to be very slender, and I ended up looking like a Seagal: strong and built," she said. "I feel powerful — I love my body." 

While the pair's relationship may have become strained over the years (more on that shortly), one thing that Arissa and her dad can always bond over is their love of martial arts, at least according to the model. In April 2018, she put a picture of her old man in action during the early '90s on Instagram, wishing him a belated happy birthday in a heartfelt post. "My dad has many talents, but out of all of them there's no doubt[ing] the incredible skill he holds in martial arts," she wrote. "I just feel it in my blood Pop. I wanna be a beast like you, and I'm glad that one thing we can connect on, is martial arts."

But she has her mother's sex appeal

Just because she's made of the sterner Seagal stuff, doesn't mean she can't effortlessly channel the LeBrock in her, something Arissa proved beyond any doubt when she agreed to take part in a photo shoot paying homage to her mother's breakout movie. In 2017, the New York Post photographed the plus-size beauty in a recreation of Kelly LeBrock's famous scene from 1984's The Woman in Red, the one in which she dances over an air vent to the sheer amazement of a peeping Gene Wilder.

"It was such an iconic scene for me because I grew up watching that," Arissa said. "I just admire my mother so much." 

Though Kelly LeBrock has spoken openly about the dark underbelly of the modeling world, telling The Daily Mail that she was lucky to escape the drug scene when she did, she remains proud of her daughter for following her down the catwalk. "She's raised me to be so grounded, and she worries about me being in the industry," Arissa admitted. "But she's always been so proud of me."

She wants to be known for being herself

Arissa clearly has a lot of love for both her mother and father, even though Seagal wasn't always around much as a child. In fact, it was her mother who raised her out in Santa Ynez, but, despite their close relationship, Arissa still doesn't want to be known simply for being Kelly LeBrock's daughter, especially after going into the same line of work. "People think that just because your parents are famous, everything just gets handed to you," she said (via New York Post). "I've had to work hard to get everything I've gotten."

Her modeling career has been on the up since she was featured on the cover of PMM in 2014. She landed a big gig in 2017 when she was recruited by Indian fashion designer Mac Duggal, known for incorporating diversity and body positivity into his shows, for his This is Why I'm Fabulous campaign during New York Fashion Week.

These opportunities didn't just land in her lap, however. She had to work hard to get to where she is today, forging her own path in the face of adversity. "I'm proud of being an independent and self-sufficient woman, and I want to show everyone that I can do this on my own," she said.

She's a reality TV star

In 2017, Arissa and her mother, Kelly, joined the cast of Growing Up Supermodel, a Lifetime reality series that follows the kids of famous models as they attempt to make it big in the industry. "It's really like an awesome, raw, inside look into my personal life," Arissa told Celebrity Page while promoting the show, listing off everything fans could expect to see. "Struggles, trials, tribulations, things that have been going on with me ... My dynamic with my mom, relationship — or lack thereof — with my dad."

The aspiring runway star said that she was grateful to get the chance to show what it was like growing up with celebrity parents, something she had in common with her co-stars. "I could relate to them on different levels," she said of the cast, which included Cairo Peele (daughter of model Beverly Peele) and Atiana De La Hoya (daughter of model Shanna Moakler and retired boxer Oscar De La Hoya, as well as step-daughter of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker).

Taking part in the show forced Kelly to re-enter the "dangerous" world that she'd once fled, and, this time, the crazy followed her home from Hollywood. In the first season's explosive finale, the cast accepted an invitation to Kelly's Santa Ynez ranch, where tempers flared and cross words were exchanged between models both past and present. Kelly and her daughter finished the season on a high, however, with the former model full of pride at Arissa's progress.

Seagal called her TV career 'a mistake'

Kelly LeBrock might have been pleased with her daughter's decision to enter the world of reality TV (after all, she was getting a job out of it, too), but Steven Seagal was most certainly not. The model revealed that her estranged father made a rare phone call to her after learning about her and Kelly's participation in Growing Up Supermodel, and he apparently was none too pleased. "I don't know what the deal is but he did call me and tell me he thought that reality TV is a mistake and I'm making a mistake," she told TooFab.

It might not have been the most supportive thing to tell your daughter as she sets out on a new venture, but it looks as though Seagal may have actually been right, as Growing Up Supermodel hasn't exactly been a hit. Viewers didn't take to the cast of barely famous contestants as well as Lifetime had hoped and the network has remained quiet over whether or not they'll be renewing the series for a second season.

Their relationship has hit rock bottom

Sadly, the phone call between Seagal and his daughter would be the last contact they'd have for a while. During her TooFab interview, Arissa confirmed that things had only gotten worse between them since the former action hero called Growing Up Supermodel a mistake. "For me, I actually haven't talked to my dad in quite some time because that's just how things are with us," she said. "We don't really talk a lot unfortunately." 

Arissa revealed that she actually attempted to use the show as a way of reconciling with her famous father, but it didn't work and their relationship eventually hit an all-time low. "I try to, you know, just reach out a little bit more and try to fix things and be a little bit more understanding and try to move past some issues that I have with him," the model explained. "But actually, since we've been wrapping up and everything I actually feel like things have drifted away a little bit more than they ever have and we haven't been talking at all, really." 

Their relationship seems almost none existent at the time of this writing, and, with the added strain of the rape charges currently hanging over Seagal, the two aren't likely to be popping out for coffee in L.A. anytime soon.

She has a huge crush on a certain Hollywood star

As far as we can tell, Arissa is, at the time of this writing, single and, if this saucy interview from a few years back is anything to go by, very much ready to mingle. She's admitted to having a number of famous crushes in the past, but, like her mother before her, she seems to have fallen particularly hard for one Hollywood star in particular. "I definitely have a few celebrity crushes, but the most committed crush I have is for sure Charlie Hunnam," she dished. "I first fell in love with him when I saw the movie Green Street Hooligans. His continuous bad boy persona alone gets me so hot! Then of course his perfect body and face helps!"

Hunnam also happens to live on a California ranch outside of the hubbub of Hollywood (he told The Sun that he keeps donkeys, ducks, and as many as 30 chickens there), though, unfortunately for Arissa, the former Sons of Anarchy star lives there with his longtime girlfriend, Morgana McNelis. The actor has been in a relationship with the L.A. jewelry designer for over a decade.

However, Hunnam isn't the only Hollywood star Arissa admires. Steven Seagal's daughter also cited the "weird and funny" Melissa McCarthy as an inspiration. Does this mean she intends to try her hand at acting one day? We'll just have to wait and find out.