What Happened To Christina From Laguna Beach?

Back in 2004, "Laguna Beach" was a pop culture staple. The MTV reality series followed the intertwining lives of friends and frenemies who attended Laguna Beach high school. Fans were fascinated by the all-consuming love triangle between stars Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, and Stephen Colletti, which was heightened by Conrad's and Cavallari's ongoing feud. The show was packed with unforgettable moments and lines, like when Cavallari claimed, "My car is dunzo!"

Other original "Laguna Beach" cast members included Lo Bosworth, Christina Sinclair (formerly Schuller), and Talan Torriero. Sinclair was an aspiring actor and good friends with now-business owner Morgan Smith. We've closely followed the career trajectories of stars like Conrad, who had her sights set on the fashion world. Colletti and Cavallari now co-host a podcast called "Back to the Beach," where the duo reflects on the show and their teenage years. Conrad even appeared in an episode! But what happened to lesser-known stars like Sinclair?

Christina Sinclair is a fitness instructor

As stated on her Beach Babe Fitness website, Christina Sinclair is a fitness instructor specializing in barre. After graduating high school, she attended the University of Southern California. But she didn't stay out of Laguna Beach for long. After graduation, she returned to the coastal city to teach workout classes. She writes, "Since then, I have established barre and fitness programs along the beautiful southern California coastline in both Orange County and Los Angeles. I currently teach at Equinox Irvine and Newport Beach." Sinclair's career choice is not surprising, as her mother is a nutritionist, and her father is a writer of motivational books. "They encouraged me to remain active and taught me about nutrition at a young age," she revealed. In addition, Sinclair has a background in playing a variety of sports.

If you're curious about what Sinclair's fitness classes are like, you're in luck! Fans can learn more about the instructor's training style on Sinclair's YouTube channel, where she's shared various workout and stretching videos. In a video titled "Long and Lean Arms," Sinclair shows off her energetic personality and upbeat attitude, which is sure to motivate her fans.

Christina Sinclair has two kids

As far as her personal life goes, Christina Sinclair has stayed under the radar. While her Instagram page has garnered over 17,000 followers, her profile is private. However, we do know some facts about her family life. According to Reality Titbit, Christina is married with two kids. The former reality star tied the knot with Chad Sinclair in 2011 and welcomed a son, Christian Sutton, three years later. In 2017, Sinclair gave birth to a daughter, Cienna Estelle. In a blog post on the Beach Babe Fitness website, Sinclair shared her experience of being pregnant with her first kid. She wrote, "Exercising is so hard but it's the only thing that gets me through the day. I have a constant dull headache and I'm out of breath just from walking up the stairs. With that being said, I'm forced to get up and get to work. Which for me, means teaching 15 classes a week."

It's no surprise that Sinclair has kept things under wraps, as she once admitted she did not like fame. In an episode of David Yontef's podcast "Behind The Velvet Rope," Sinclair explained how she'd pretend she wasn't herself when people recognized her from "Laguna Beach." "I think part of that was just being so young," she noted. She added, "I think a lot of it though I just didn't want to go through all the questions again."