The World's Most Striking Female Athletes

For some reason, a few people worldwide are born with genes that could only come from a Faustian bargain their parents made. While many people are good at sports, not all of them are gorgeous. Still, there are a few who won the lottery twice because they are at the top of their chosen athletic field, and they're also known for their beauty. When you look at some of the women in sports, don't be surprised to stumble upon a knockout before too long.

Some folks are just born lucky, but it takes more than good genes and talent to become an Olympian or top-level competitor. Becoming the best of the best takes years of dedication, training, overcoming anxiety, losing, winning, and even a bit of luck. The athletes competing today often become celebrities, as the world loves watching someone compete and win. Of course, it doesn't hurt if the athlete is absolutely stunning, even if it doesn't help their athletic career.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of beautiful people competing in a variety of sports today. The women listed here are exceptional athletes and some of the most beautiful people in the world. Because beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, these outstanding athletes are arranged by the number of followers they have on Instagram, starting with the lowest number and building up from there.

Ivona Dadić - Heptathlon and Pentathlon

Ivona Dadić has been competing since she was a child, having won her first competition at the age of nine. She has never stopped competing and has represented Austria in over a dozen international competitions. Dadić specializes in the heptathlon, which combines the 100-meter hurdles, high jump, shot put, and 200 meters for the first day. The second day of a heptathlon combines the long jump, javelin throw, and 800-meter race in one challenging package. 

Dadić has also competed in the pentathlon at the European Indoor Championships and the World Indoor Championships. The pentathlon consists of pistol shooting, fencing, swimming, horse riding, and running, so Dadić is multi-talented when it comes to competitions. Her first major event came in 2011 when she placed 10th at the European Junior Championships. The following year, she competed in the Summer Olympics and returned four years later to do it again. Dadić has won two bronze and two silver medals at various international competitions.

In addition to her accolades from sports competitions, Dadić was named Austrian Sportswoman of the year in 2020, Lower Austria sportswoman of the year in 2016, 2017, and 2020; she was also named Austrian Athlete of the Year in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021. On top of being a fantastic athlete, Dadić is empirically attractive and boasts more than 235,000 followers on Instagram

Fatima Diame - Long Jump and Triple Jump

Fátima Diame began competing professionally in 2013 when she represented Spain at the World Youth Championships via the long jump. She continued competing in the long and triple jump, winning her first bronze medal at the 2015 European Junior Championships. From there, Diame won three more bronze medals, one silver, and two gold, at the Mediterranean U23 and Ibero-American Championships in 2022. 

In 2021, Diame had her first Olympic competition in Tokyo, Japan. She didn't win any medals, but her career is just getting off the ground. Over the years, Diame picked up several sponsorships, including Crown Sport Nutrition, Valencia Club Atletismo, and Adidas. Competing seems to come naturally to Diame, who, at the age of 17, became Spain's national indoor champion in the 60-meter and long jump. She achieved a personal and professional record for a junior athlete by finishing the 60-meter dash in 7.44 and the long jump of 20.63 feet!

While Diame has yet to grace the cover of any athletic or fitness magazines, it's likely only a matter of time. The gorgeous Spanish beauty has over 291,000 followers on Instagram, where she often posts pictures of her training, hanging out with friends, and looking spectacular!

Yulia Levchenko - High Jump

Yuliya Levchenko began representing her native Ukraine in the World Youth Championships in 2013. She went on to win the gold at the Youth Olympic Games the following year and has continued to make Ukraine proud in numerous competitions. In 2016, she had her first Olympic showing in Brazil, though she didn't reach the final. She returned to the Olympics in 2021, coming in 8th. Levchenko's career highlights include two gold, two silver, and two bronze medals earned at various competitions.

Levchenko's sport of choice is the high jump, and she achieved her personal best at the Dinamo National Olympic Stadium in Minsk, Belarus, in 2019. She managed to jump an impressive 6.62 feet at the competition. Levchenko's drive to outperform herself results in career improvements, which has seen the Ukrainian high jumper go from 5.57 feet to her career high. She was recognized as the Best Female Athlete in 2017 in her home country, and Levchenko continues to impress with each competition. In 2018, she signed with Richard Mille, who represents other up-and-coming athletes around the world.

While Levchenko hasn't gotten into professional modeling (yet), she has picked up a sponsor or two since launching her professional career. Levchenko recorded a spot for Nike ZoomX Invincible Run in 2022, so she's branching out. In terms of popularity, Levchenko's Instagram account sports over an impressive 403,000 followers.

Lolo Jones - Hurdles and Bobsled

Lori "Lolo" Jones is an unusual athlete in that she's competed in both the summer and winter Olympics. When the weather is nice, Jones specializes in the 60 and 100-meter hurdles, which saw her take home numerous NCAA honors while attending Louisiana State University. In 2008, she came close to taking home the gold at the Olympics in Beijing, China, but it didn't happen. On the second to last hurdle, Jones tripped, ultimately coming in seventh place. That didn't deter her from competing, and she's taken home nearly a dozen gold medals (as of this writing) from various competitions.

When the weather turns cold, Jones competes on the U.S. national bobsled team as a brakewoman. Her record in that arena is similarly filled with gold medals, though she's also taken home an equal amount of silver. Her success has earned her some lucrative sponsorships, including one with Asics. According to Jones, "The quality of Asics shoes, apparel, and accessories is world-class. I feel I'm in excellent hands with Asics as they share my passion for competition and continuous improvement" (via SportsPro).

Jones has been professionally modeling for over a decade, and she's graced the covers of several magazines. She's also been all over reality TV and competitions, including "Dancing with the Stars," where she was eliminated after one performance. Jones has been active on social media for several years and boasts a following of over 574,000 on her Instagram account.

Skylar Diggins-Smith - Basketball

Skylar Diggins-Smith began playing basketball in high school, where she dominated the court all four years. She played for Notre Dame, where she led the team in scoring her freshman year. Diggins-Smith continued to break records and make waves in the NCAA throughout college. In 2013, Diggins-Smith was drafted into the WNBA by the Tulsa Shock. Upon being drafted, she said, "When I entered Notre Dame, we had lost in the first round of the tournament the year before. At the end of my career, we had brought the program back to an elite level" (via ESPN).

Diggins-Smith played with the Tulsa Shock through the 2015 season. In 2016, she joined the Dallas Wings, and in 2020, she joined the Phoenix Mercury. Diggins-Smith has competed in international championships, and in 2020, she joined the U.S. women's basketball team, which took the gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Diggins-Smith has enjoyed numerous sponsorships throughout her career, including Puma, which introduced the Puma Hoops X Skylar Diggins-Smith Desert Sky Collection.

On top of being an outstanding athlete at the top of her game, Diggins-Smith is objectively beautiful. While she spends most of her time on the court, she has other interests. During the offseason, she works as an analyst on Phoenix Suns broadcasts. In terms of modeling, Diggins-Smith was photographed by Adam Franzino in Guana Island for the 2014 issue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Additionally, she has over one million followers on Instagram.

Anastasia Ashley - Surfing

When Anastasia Ashley was six, she borrowed surfboards from neighborhood boys and taught herself to surf. This was on the North Shore of O'ahu, Hawaii, which is recognized as one of the hottest surfing spots in the world. Surfing came easy to Ashley, and she finally got her own board after discovering one in the trash. It was a mess, but she made it her own. When she was seven, Ashley picked up her first sponsor and a new board.

Ashley spent most of her life surfing, and she's won several competitions and landed a few sponsors over the years. In an interview with ESPN, Ashley discussed her surfing goals, "I picked it up to become a really well-rounded surfer. I want to be able to surf every type of board, every type of wave." Eventually, Ashley's skill and beauty brought her to the attention of various magazines, and she's modeled for FHM, Femme Fatales, AskMen, and Sports Illustrated, among others.

Ashley has more than a million followers on Instagram, and in an interview with JettyGirl, Ashley addressed her modeling career when asked if she was sending the wrong message to young girls. "No, I don't. 'Cause anytime I'm posing in one of the men's magazines, I'm promoting the fact that I'm a surfer, and I'm young and I have won accolades. And I think if I was a young girl and I saw someone in sports being promoted for being attractive and acclaimed, I think it would help."

Sydney Leroux - Soccer

Sydney Laroux is a forward who began playing in the NCAA for the UCLA Bruins women's soccer team. After she graduated from college, she played at the semi-professional level for the Vancouver Whitecaps in 2011. Laroux played for the Whitecaps in the 2005 W-League at 15 years old, making her the youngest player in team history. Upon rejoining the Whitecaps, Laroux said, "I'm very excited to be playing in front of my family and friends again. I'm going to work really hard for the team this year, and I look forward to getting the season started" (via Whitecaps FC).

Laroux did well and was picked up by the Seattle Sounders, though she spent most of her time preparing for the 2012 Summer Olympics, having been named to the U.S. national team. After winning the gold, Laroux jumped from one team to another, playing for the Boston Breakers, Seattle Reign FC, Western New York Flash, FC Kansas City, Orlando Pride, and finally, Angel City FC, which she joined in 2022.

Laroux, who has more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram, played alongside another athlete we'll get into later. She worked hard to catch the attention of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition after her teammate was featured in the magazine. To this end, Laroux sent several sexy snaps to the people at SI. While she hasn't been featured in the swimsuit edition yet, SI readers have seen more than a few pictures of Laroux and her teammate over the years.

Naomi Osaka - Tennis

Naomi Osaka began playing tennis when she was three, but it wouldn't be until her teenage years that people started taking notice. She defeated Samantha Stosur at the 2014 Stanford Classic, marking her WTA Tour debut. From that success, Osaka continued proving herself on the court, and in 2015, she reached her first WTA title. As if that wasn't impressive enough, Osaka defeated Serena Williams at the US Open 2018, making her the first Japanese tennis player to win the singles title.

Osaka went from an unknown player to a four-time Grand Slam champion in a relatively short time, making her an incredibly popular athlete. In 2019, she was ranked number one in the world, but she took some time off from tennis due to her pregnancy with her long-time partner, Cordae. Still, according to her biographer, Ben Rothenberg, she hasn't retired and only took a step away from the sport. As a result, she dropped quite a bit in the world ranking but, as of this writing, will return to the tour in 2024, so it's only a matter of time before she climbs her way back to the top!

Osaka is objectively gorgeous, and she's been featured in various magazines celebrating her athleticism and beauty. Most notably, she graced the cover of the 2021 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, becoming the first female black athlete to do so. Osaka has also been featured in tons of advertisements for her many sponsors, and she has over 2.7 million followers on Instagram.

Paige VanZant - MMA, Bare Knuckle Boxing, and Wrestling

Paige VanZant had a difficult childhood, having been mercilessly bullied throughout high school. She came close to dying by suicide but was thankfully saved when she discovered Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). She credits the sport with saving her life, which she explained during a 2018 appearance on "Good Morning America." She trained hard, and when she was 18, she won an amateur fight and turned pro. When the UFC created a strawweight women's division in 2013, VanZant joined ten women in the inaugural division.

VanZant fought in the UFC strawweight division until 2020, racking up eight wins and five losses. She then turned her attention to bare-knuckle boxing and began competing in 2021. Unfortunately, she lost two fights, but hasn't retired her gloves — or lack of gloves just yet. That same year, VanZant became an All Elite Wrestling competitor, proving you can't put her into a single box. VanZant's fighting consists of multiple styles, and she's proven herself in the Octagon, the ring, and everywhere else. Outside of fighting, VanZant competed in the 22nd season of "Dancing with the Stars," where she reached the finals, coming in second place.

VanZant got into modeling after retiring from the Octagon. Like many attractive athletes, she appeared in the 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Outside of her professional modeling career, VanZant runs an OnlyFans page, which features explicit pictures and videos. While her subscriber number isn't known, VanZant boasts an Instagram following of more than 3.2 million people.

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ by dialing 988 or by calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.

Olivia Dunne - Gymnastics

Olivia "Livvy" Dunne started training in gymnastics at the age of three, and she's been doing it ever since. While she didn't attend high school and was homeschooled, she managed to train and compete throughout her education, and in 2014, she debuted at the American Classic. The following year, Dunne competed at the National Championships and the U.S. Classic. Over the next few years, Dunne climbed the rankings as she participated in numerous competitions. In 2020, Dunne began her NCAA career while attending Louisiana State University.

Dunne's NCAA career has seen her stats improve, though she's only competed in the uneven bars, where she'd previously competed in the vault, balance beam, and floor, so she's no longer considered an all-around gymnast at the competitive level. While Dunne's career has taken her place, and she looks to be a future star, she's best known for her social media presence. Initially, Dunne posted her gymnastics videos to TikTok, and she eventually expanded to include all manner of activities.

Dunne has absolutely exploded in popularity, and while her Instagram boasts more than 3.2 million followers, her TikTok is followed by over seven million people, making her the most-followed student-athlete in the world (via Forbes). With all the attention coming her way, Dunne has become quite wealthy and marketable. She signed with WME Sports in 2021 and has since inked a sponsorship deal with Vuori activewear, which was soon followed by American Eagle Outfitters.

Alicia Schmidt - Track and Field

Alicia Schmidt has been running professionally since 2017, specializing in sprints, the 200-meter, 400-meter, 400-meter hurdles, and 800-meter hurdles. Schmidt gained international attention when she ran for the German national team at the 2017 European Athletics U20 Championships. Her next major competition came via the 2019 European Athletics U23 Championships, and she went to the 2020 Summer Olympics but didn't compete. 

Schmidt's accolades include a silver and bronze medal, both in the 4 x 400-meter relay. When she competed in 2017, Busted Coverage, an Australian magazine, called Schmidt "the world's hottest track athlete." That designation did two things: it brought Schmidt to worldwide attention, helping her blow up on social media, and it offended her. While she received a great deal of positive attention, Schmidt wasn't getting it for her skills.

After learning of her title, Schmidt said, "I do not know why I got this title. Sport comes clearly first. There are thousands of girls on Instagram who look good, but having many fans doesn't make you interesting." (via Yahoo! Sport). Schmidt expanded in an interview with The Sun, "This title doesn't mean anything to me. It's based on a subjective opinion of someone else judging the appearance of a person. I like to think that beauty comes from the inside." Regardless of how she got the attention, Schmidt has thrived. She signed a sponsorship deal with Puma, appeared in a commercial, and now has over 3.5 million followers on Instagram.

Paige Spiranac - Golf

Paige Spiranac initially wanted to compete in the Olympics as a gymnast, but injuries to her kneecap when she was 12 set her on a different path. She gave up on becoming a professional gymnast and turned to golf, which she's been playing ever since. She trained in golf as hard as she did gymnastics, and she went from eyeing the Olympics to working toward joining the LPGA tour. When she was 16, Spiranac won a tournament and received a scholarship to the University of Arizona, where she remained for her freshman year.

Spiranac then played for San Diego State University, where she improved her stats. Still, it wasn't her golfing skills that gained her attention, and after a friend sent her picture to Total Frat Move, Spiranac's Instagram blew up. She became insanely popular almost overnight, and while the sudden fame was difficult for her to handle, she managed. Before long, Spiranac was receiving sponsorship deals and invitations to tournaments.

Eventually, Spiranac competed in and won a pro tournament in 2016, but after some less-than-stellar performances, she took a break from golf. Spiranac became a writer for and launched a podcast, "Playing A Round." She also appeared in numerous magazines, including Golf Digest, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Maxim, and more. In 2022, Maxim named Spiranac the "Sexiest Woman Alive" on its "Hot 100 list," making her the first female athlete to reach the top. Spiranac's Instagram following passed 3.7 million and continues to grow.

Simone Biles - Gymnastics

Simone Biles is a name most people know, even if they've never watched her compete. That's because she's arguably the greatest gymnast of all time. Her love of gymnastics began when she was six, and she put in a lot of hours of training to become the best. Her elite career kicked off in 2011 when she distinguished herself in the vault, balance beam, floor, and uneven bars. She continued competing throughout her education, and in 2013, she made her international debut at the America Cup.

Biles' list of accolades is extraordinary. Throughout her career, she's taken home 25 gold, four silver, and five bronze medals. Four of her gold medals were earned at the 2015 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After the Olympics, she co-wrote her autobiography, "Courage to Soar: A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance," which was adapted into a biopic for Lifetime. As an athlete, Biles is at the top of her game, having won more world championships than any other gymnast, according to Sports Illustrated.

Biles is one of the most celebrated athletes of all time, and her skills are unrivaled in her lifetime. As a result, she's appeared in numerous athletic-focused publications. Of course, she's not only talented but also gorgeous and has been featured on the covers of everything from Glamour and Elle to coverage in the 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Biles is popular on social media, with her Instagram following reaching more than 6.6 million people.

Alex Morgan - Soccer

Alex Morgan began playing soccer when she was a teenager and joined the Cypress Elite soccer club when she was 14. The impressive striker continued to play throughout her education and was brought onto the U.S. under-20 women's national soccer team when she was 17. Morgan played for the California Golden Bears while earning her degree from the University of California Berkeley, where she led the team in scoring. After graduating, Morgan was the first overall pick at the 2011 WPS Draft, where she was scooped up by the Western New York Flash.

Morgan's professional soccer career saw her play for the Seattle Sounders Women, Portland Thorns FC, the Orlando Pride, Olympique Lyonnais, Tottenham Hotspur, and the San Diego Wave FC. Internationally, Morgan competed at the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup, the 2012 Olympics, the 2016 Olympics, and the 2020 Olympics, to name a few. Morgan's athleticism brought in plenty of sponsorship deals with all manner of companies, including Nike, McDonald's, GNC, and more.

Morgan's work off the field has brought her to widespread international attention via appearances in "The Simpsons," a Maroon 5 music video, played a lead in "Alex & Me," and has been featured in a plethora of magazines. She took part in Sports Illustrated's body painting feature in 2012 and was one of the 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover models. Morgan is incredibly popular on social media, and her Instagram has nearly 10 million followers as of this writing — yet that number is only rising.