Robyn Dixon Is No Longer Housewife Material After Her RHOP Season 7 Antics

Robyn Dixon's "Real Housewives of Potomac" Season 7 tagline may be "When it comes to truth, I always arrive on time," but the reality star has now been caught in a whopping lie. All "Real Housewives" stars are expected to share the raw details about their lives, and Robyn's shady cover-up of her husband Juan Dixon's rumored affair is enough to give her the boot.

During filming, fellow castmate Karen Huger brought up a rumor about Juan being seen with a mystery blonde woman all over Atlanta. Robyn laughed off the allegation and when she called Juan, he angrily denied it — a bit too adamantly it seemed. While the season was airing, podcaster Georgia Says revealed in January that a mystery woman showed him messages between her and the basketball coach, alleging that Robyn knew about the affair. She also shared a snap of a hotel receipt with Juan's name on it, alluding that they had met for a rendezvous. 

With this information out, Robyn finally 'fessed up to knowing about the hotel incident, but it was too little too late. "RHOP" Season 7 had already wrapped and instead of addressing it on the show as she should have, she chose to discuss it on her podcast "Reasonably Shady." To add insult to injury, Robyn told listeners they can get all the details if they paid for her Patreon. Withholding information is a big "Real Housewives" offense, and being caught in a lie is even worse. Robyn is just not bringing it lately and it's time she's fired from "RHOP."

Robyn Dixon tried to downplay hotelgate

After denying that Juan Dixon had an affair on "RHOP" Season 7, Robyn Dixon later admitted to fans via her Patreon that she caught her now-husband talking to some woman on social media. Robyn attempted to explain that the woman had flown to Maryland to visit an athlete she was dating but lost her credit card and couldn't pay for her hotel. Juan supposedly came to her rescue, paid for the hotel room, and walked away. Sure, Jan!

Robyn further defended Juan during a "Watch What Happens Live" appearance when Andy Cohen asked why she didn't bring up hotelgate during Season 7. She coldly stated that it had been dealt with and she had moved on. In reality, Karen Huger bringing up the rumor gave Robyn the perfect opportunity to share what could have been a relatable moment to many viewers. Instead, she desperately held on to her fake picture-perfect relationship with Juan.

Other housewives have been let go for not bringing enough to the show, and Robyn withholding storylines gives her more of a "friend of" vibe. Seriously, Season 7 could have been her time to shine if she had opened up about Juan's infidelity. Fans would have been on her side, and it would have made for a much more interesting story than her thrown-together, off-camera wedding. Robyn has quickly gone from relatable to unwatchable as her lies have come back to bite her.

This wasn't the first time Robyn Dixon withheld information

During "Real Housewives of Potomac" Season 1, Ashley Darby did a little digging and found out that Robyn and Juan Dixon had filed for bankruptcy. While Darby was messy for bringing Robyn's financial issues up, Robyn would probably not have disclosed her situation if not for her castmate. Ashley's conversation about the star's finances led to Robyn disclosing that she and Juan had been scammed by a close friend out of thousands of dollars.

Robyn's story was heart-wrenching, and it was touching to see her and Juan build their lives back up together over the course of the show — or so we thought. When Juan proposed during "RHOP" Season 5, Ashely's husband (and longtime Juan admirer) Michael Darby opined that Juan was never going to marry Robyn. It seemed as if Michael was going to be right when she dragged her feet for three years. Something wasn't adding up.

According to Juan's supposed fling, his relationship with Robyn is purely for show. In a phone interview with Georgia Says, she claimed that they are together "just for TV." This is not what Robyn wants viewers to believe and she has pushed the narrative of their wedding moving forward during Season 7. Yet, she didn't want to capture the moment on camera and didn't invite any of her cast members. Robyn's unwillingness to share private details about her life while pushing her own agenda shows that she is not housewife material and needs to be gone ASAP.

Robyn Dixon has alienated castmates and fans with her lies

While Robyn Dixon hasn't been the most exciting "RHOP" cast member, there was a likability to her in past seasons. She was real without being pretentious, unlike "Grand Dame" Karen Huger. Robyn was also shady enough to have funny moments but didn't outright start drama with others. However, after Season 7, her housewife credibility plummeted, and it seems her castmates would agree.

Even her close friend Candiace Dillard-Bassett, who considered Robyn like an older sister, called her out for her lies. "Why be open or genuine or authentic when the least of us can rob our viewers of the truth and continually be rewarded for it?" Candiace Dillard tweeted. Interestingly, Robyn didn't waste time participating in contrived cheating rumors about Cadiace's husband during Season 7 while concealing the truth about her own marriage. Candiace condemned Robyn's lack of transparency, tweeting, "It tarnishes the integrity of the premise of our show."

Omitting Juan's indiscretion with another woman on "RHOP" also shows a lack of commitment to fans, as Robyn is trying to trick viewers with a false narrative. She looks pretty silly for defending Juan and sticking with the story that he tried to help a random woman by paying for her hotel. Is that what she actually believes, or is that just what she's trying to sell us? Either way, "RHOP" Season 7 was clearly Robyn's downfall and we wouldn't be sorry to see her go.