Geraldo Rivera Addresses Melania Trump's Apparent Refusal To Hold Donald Trump's Hand

Geraldo Rivera is speaking up about his pal Donald Trump — and the First Lady's apparent refusal to hold her husband's hand in public.

Appearing on an episode of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live!, Rivera talked about Donald's relationship with Melania. When asked by host Andy Cohen why Melania resists holding Donald's hand, Rivera said, "I don't want to get between them. Whatever it is ... I think there is meaning in every one of those gestures."

During his interview, Rivera played the popular WWHL game "Plead the Fifth," during which he opened up about Donald and just what he thinks about the president's rumored relationship with Stormy Daniels. "I think there's no corroborating evidence," Rivera said, explaining that, while he wants to believe every woman who's come out with their own stories of harassment since the #MeToo movement started, he just doesn't see any evidence that Donald and Daniels had an affair. Questioning Daniels' allegations, Rivera noted that, in his own personal life, there was always messages or photos of him with the women he dated.

"I think that — broad strokes — he has evolved as a person," Rivera concluded. "He came, as I did, from the "Mad Men" era, and I think he's evolved as a person."