Who Are Teresa Giudice's New Sisters-In Law, Jennifer And Veronica Ruelas?

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" is all about family, with actual familial connections among the cast. The most significant relationship is between Teresa Giudice — who has been around since Season 1 – and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga, who never get along. But, even if all the women aren't technically family, they fight like family. And when they aren't fighting like family with their friends, they're fighting with their own families.

For years, Giudice's storylines revolved around her tumultuous marriage to Joe Giudice. After they spent some time in prison for fraud, Joe was deported, and Teresa decided to file for divorce. As difficult as it was for Teresa, she finally met her match in Louie Ruelas. The pair tied the knot in a lavish wedding ceremony in 2022. "We communicate. We get along so wonderful. It's so great," she told Page Six of her relationship with Ruelas. "He's so good to my daughters; I love his sons. We have a beautiful family together." In classic Teresa form, the happy news came with plenty of drama between herself and the ladies, including who was sitting where at her engagement party. However, Ruelas was her rock throughout.

With a new husband comes a whole new family, and Teresa is loving that. The reality star reportedly couldn't be closer to her new sisters-in-law.

One of Teresa's sisters-in-law is a doctor

Teresa Giudice and her new sisters-in-law, Jennifer Ruelas and Dr. Veronica Ruelas, are a match made in heaven. Maybe Teresa doesn't have any issues with her sisters-in-law (yet) because they are very calm people. Veronica, a practicing doctor, is a devoted yogi who has created a spiritual healing app called Forgivity. In addition to Forgivity, Veronica founded a non-profit cheekily named ThirdEyeVision, which provides free eye exams to those in need.

Ok, so "peace and serenity" and "being a doctor" doesn't really have anything to do with the Teresa fans know and love, but oddly enough, they attract the same men. Don't worry, that's not including Veronica's brother. In June 2022, Teresa posted a cute picture of herself and her new sisters-in-law, at which point her ex Joe Giudice took his shot at an introduction to Veronica. "Is the tall one married?" he asked in the comments. It's unclear if Teresa ever hooked him up (doubtful because he's not currently allowed in the U.S.), but boy, would Veronica and Joe make an amazing addition to "RHONJ" Season 13.

As for Jennifer, she keeps a low profile, and not much is known about her. Other than appearing alongside Teresa and Louis on social media, she seems to stay clear of the spotlight. However, Teresa adores her. "I really do have the best in-laws," Teresa captioned a picture of herself and Jennifer. "Thankful for you every day."

Teresa has found her people

Things haven't always come easily to Teresa Giudice when it comes to getting along with family. After all, she's fought with Melissa Gorga, her brother's wife, for years. That's not the case with her new hubby's sisters though. In an Instagram post, Giudice gushed about her budding relationship with Jennifer Ruelas and Dr. Veronica Ruelas. "I admire these two women so much and I want to share this truth because you both mean so much to me," she captioned a photo of herself, her husband, and her two sisters-in-law squished onto a sofa together.

Teresa admitted that it wasn't easy for her and her sisters-in-law to be vulnerable with each other at first, but was so glad that they were able to push through and create a bond. "Looking back I'm so happy we chose to be so pure and authentic with each other from the start and that's how we will always lead this beautiful bond we have built," she revealed. The closeness between the three women obviously means a lot to Louis, who posted the same photo on his Instagram with his own emotional caption. "Thank you for loving me the way you do and for loving my wife the way you do," he wrote. "Seeing you three together makes me so happy."