YouTube Star Relationships With Questionable Age Gaps

Relationships with a large age difference can be found in your day-to-day life, among celebrities, and on social media and they often come with a huge amount of gossip and discussion. Hasn't enough been said about Leonardo DiCaprio's many age gap relationships? When a relationship with a distinct generational chasm pops up, everyone is ready to talk about it. The most important thing to keep in mind is that both parties must be of consenting age. After that, what can be said?

According to what Tom Rasmussen wrote for Vogue, there is a rule of thumb to figure out if the age gap is too much or if it is okay to go after someone older or younger than yourself. "Half your age then add seven to work out if someone is too young for you to date," they wrote. "Take seven off your age then double it to work out if someone is too old for you to date." However, Rasmussen added that while these general guidelines can be helpful, they can't hold much weight against the unstoppable thrall of romantic or sexual attraction, writing, "Desire and attraction are not the same as basic math." Indeed.

Some take this formula very seriously and others wouldn't dare date someone well beyond of their age range, regardless. However, there are those who go against any predeterminations and can't help but fall in love with people over 30 years older than them. That's certainly the case with every one of these YouTube stars in relationships with questionable age gaps. 

There's over two decades between Harriette and Micky

Harriette Rose started her YouTube channel in 2017 and although she doesn't post as often as she used to, she still has over 69K followers, as of February 2023. Most of them began following her for her adventures, hauls, and videos highlighting the food she was eating. However, a lot of them likely stayed because they were curious about her relationship with Micky, who is 28 years older than her.

Most of their followers began to wonder what their families thought about them being together considering the age difference. The couple answered that in a video in which Harriette said, "They know that Micky looks after me and I'm happy and safe, so they're happy for me. And when I've been able to talk to them they actually say that they really love Micky and think that he is really good for me." Micky made it clear that everyone on his side of the family was fine with the two of them dating.

Even though there aren't as many videos of the two together on YouTube as they used to upload, the couple is still together, as of this writing. Those interested in witnessing their journey can take a look at Rose's Instagram which regularly showcases and celebrates their lives as they share a household, travel the world, and visit their family. Although they don't have children, they center their lives around their four pugs — Mario, Molly, Grace, and Rose.

Julia and Eileen want to advocate for LGBTQ+ couples

Julia Zelg is a Brazilian musician living in London with her American partner, Eileen De Freest. Zelg started her YouTube channel in 2010 but gained more followers and traction when she introduced the world to her future wife, letting them know she was 37 years older. During their first video together in 2018, the couple revealed they had met on Tinder. Answering a question from one of Zelg's followers regarding whether age was important in a relationship, De Freest elaborated, "Age doesn't really matter to me. Julia could be my age, [she] could be older, I wouldn't mind. It's really the person. I know people say that and it sounds like a cliche and it is maybe, but it's true."

In 2019, De Freest proposed to Zleg during a trip to Brazil. A few months later, the two of them were married. During her vows, the musician highlighted that age wasn't even a consideration for them. "You've made me love like I've never loved before and feel every motion so deeply right from the start," she said during their wedding. "... I told you from the beginning that you are my soulmate and I was right." 

The couple continues to share their lives through YouTube and Instagram, spreading advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community and normalizing queer relationships.

Cheryl and Quran share their love on TikTok and OnlyFans

Cheryl McGregor and Quran McCain first shocked the world with their 37-year age gap through TikTok. As of this writing, McGregor was 62 and McCain was 25, and neither was afraid to use their social media platform to share their love. Although they don't post on their YouTube channel as often, their TikTok is constantly updated with challenges, dances, and insights into their daily lives. Proving age is just a number for them, one of their most recent TikTok posts was captioned, "You know you've found the one because not only [do] they make your soul smile, but your heart smile as well."

During an interview with The Shade Room, McCain shared that he doesn't see his wife's age and that their relationship can also be found on OnlyFans where they are making a lot of money. He explained, "[People] really are interested. They love Cheryl." Meanwhile, McGregor added that her hubby was an expert in ensuring that the content used on there didn't show anything she didn't want to be seen. "He edits it really good so you don't see some things and I'm okay as long as he lets me see what's going up there," she explained.

In an Instagram post celebrating her 62nd birthday in 2023, McCain described meeting his wife for the first time in November 2021 as a blessing. Despite some hateful comments on their videos, the couple appeared to still be going strong.

Mindy Minx didn't let three decades keep her from love

Mindy Mikla — better known by her YouTube handle, Mindy Minx — has over 270K followers on her YouTube channel where she documents her life as a mother in a relationship with a man 30 years her senior. In August 2022, she and her husband Larry Mikla welcomed their first child. They shared the happy news in an Instagram post, making their followers a part of their journey as per usual.

Mindy regularly shares vlogs discussing their day-to-day life. That includes their struggles as a couple and a family, their dreams for baby number two, and her personal struggles as a woman experiencing the ups and downs of IVF. As a couple with a significant age gap, their followers began to wonder if there were differences in their parenting styles once Liam was born. "There's things that I see online with new parenting styles and stuff like that where I'll bring it up to Larry and we'll discuss them," Mindy said during a Q&A video. "Or older parenting styles where we discuss and talk [about] how we feel about a certain thing. I think that is the best way to handle different parenting styles."

Throughout the years, Mindy has proven to her followers that the age gap with Larry doesn't present any issues to their relationship or their life as parents. In a 2023 Instagram post, she proved they were still happy as ever by sharing a selfie on them together with the caption, "Forever [and] always my Valentine."

Valeria and Gary create traditions for themselves

After having joined YouTube in 2013, Valeria Lipovetsky started out as a vlogger who discussed fashion, wellness, healthy tips, skincare routines, and traveling. However, as she continued to get older, her channel made an addition — her husband Gary Lipovetsky. Although the age gap between the two isn't as significant as other YouTube couples, it's certainly still sizeable at 18 years.

Valeria used to be a model and is now a content creator as well as a mom as she shares three children with her husband. In February 2023, the family seemingly expanded further by adding a puppy — something the YouTube star wasn't all too happy about as she shared on her Instagram. However, on YouTube, her husband and one of their sons revealed it had actually been a joke and the puppy in question was a realistic fake. So, clearly, they all have a lot of fun together.

While the majority of her posts focus on her career and personal experiences, she still takes the time to celebrate her relationship with Gary. That includes finding ways to enjoy their relationship away from any of their other commitments. "Just an appreciation post for Gary and I for making a point of creating traditions and sticking to them," she wrote in an Instagram post. "Especially ones that give us quality [one on one] time without kids and work and distractions, to just focus on being together," 

Iyah is one year older than Raf's daughter

Age-gap relationships often turn heads. However, so long as both parties are of consenting age, most people know to simply spare their judgment and move along. But when it comes to YouTubers Iyah Gill and Rafal Kubus, things get a bit more complicated. The couple met when Gill was 18 and Kubus was 40, which made some people question their relationship. Adding to those complications is the fact that Kubus has a daughter, Selene, who is only one year younger than his wife. 

By all accounts, it apparently wasn't a problem for any of them — they even all shared a household. "Knowing Rafal had a daughter close in age wasn't ever that strange to me — and meeting her has been amazing. We get on great and she is so sweet," Gill told the Daily Mail. "It's probably because we are so close in age that we get on so well — we have lots in common like shopping and we both like the outdoors." As for Selene, she said she was nervous at first to meet her stepmother but that the age difference with her dad didn't bother her.

As of this writing, the couple was expecting their first baby together. And in December 2022, they shared with their followers in a gender reveal video that they are having a girl.

Low Carb Love's age gap love

Mayra Wendolyne began sharing her weight loss journey through her YouTube channel Low Carb Love, giving her followers recipes and motivation with which to achieve the same. While Wendolyne's recipes and perspective have proved to be successful in achieving her goals, her true victory has been in gleefully discovering and embracing her self-worth. "I've learned to truly love myself as is ... I mean, like every little bit of me," she shared on Instagram. "It's taken me most of my adult life to get here and I wouldn't trade this feeling for anything in the world."

As part of her journey, she shared that she was in a relationship with Donnie, a man 34 years older than her. The two started dating in 2014 and have shared their relationship through YouTube and Instagram. Wendolyne always made it clear that her partner's date of birth wasn't a problem for her. "I didn't know his age because I didn't ask like 'how old are you?' I thought that was kind of rude," she said in a video discussing how they met. "So I didn't ask but I knew he would have to be at least 25, 30 years older."

By the end of 2022, netizens began to speculate that the couple had broken up after Donnie posted an Instagram showing that he celebrated Thanksgiving without his other half. As of this writing, the couple hadn't confirmed or denied the rumors. 

A Loving Couple lied about their age difference

When it started, the A Loving Couple channel presented two people in a relationship with an evident age gap who shared recipes for different meals and then ate them together in front of the camera. While it was obvious that there were likely a few decades between Jeon Dong-gi and Ok Sun-ja — 36 years to be accurate — they caught the attention of the press when followers found out they had been lying about the woman's age.

As translated by allkpop, the couple came forward in a video, saying, "Before, we told everyone that my wife is 63 years old. But she's actually older. She will be turning 73 this year. We didn't want to deceive anyone from the start but we apologize for not being truthful," said Dong-gi. "We are confessing because we felt it would be better to be truthful about my wife's age even though we will receive criticism. I am turning 38 this year but my wife is 73."

In October 2022, Korea JoongAng Daily announced the couple had tied the knot. On the day of their wedding, Ok Sun-ja revealed that official records state they have a 37-year age gap but it was actually 36. "We planned to have a simple wedding ceremony in September, but I don't think we'll be able to, due to financial circumstances," she added. "I'm old, and my husband's parents both passed away, so we have to get the money ourselves. So we became legally married first."

Age gap adventures with Sarah and Darin

Sarah and Darin Henderson from the channel Age Gap Adventures have made it their mission to prove that couples with an age difference — 28 years in their case — can still explore the world and have fun. They met on YouTube during the pandemic after starting separate channels and connecting through comments, in October 2020. "We ... became friends. That didn't last too long, because we both fell for each other pretty hard and pretty fast," Sarah told the Mirror. "We connected on music, politics, religion (or lack thereof), writing, animals, poetry, and our shared wanderlust." They met up just a month later. 

If the age gap wasn't controversial enough, the couple got engaged quickly. In January 2021, just three months after their first conversation, Sarah proposed to Darin and their wedding happened shortly after. Speaking to the Mirror, Sarah added her husband shared the same outlook on life and goals as she does and that their future together looked great because of it. "I see Darin as being younger at heart than others his age, and I easily love everything about him," she gushed. "When I'm with him, I don't see or feel the age difference. I just see someone with the same values as me and the same purpose." Their bright future involves a lot of traveling which is also documented through their Instagram account.