Lara Rosales

Orlando, Florida
Universidad Iberoamericana
Movies, TV, Podcasts
  • Lara has been writing and podcasting about the entertainment industry for many years.
  • She also works in PR.
  • Some of Lara's articles can be found on Collider, Tell-Tale TV, USA Wire, Mentors Collective, Instelite, Noodle, Dear Movies, and Flip Screened.


Lara Rosales is a bilingual writer. In addition to her longtime work in PR, she also hosts a podcast called "Cats, Milfs & Lesbian Things" and writes on the internet about different topics. Lara started watching TV shows, movies, and awards shows with her mom when she was 9 years old, and from that moment on she knew she had found her passion. As she grew up, got a degree, and began writing professionally, Lara knew all she wanted to do was to reach people who are as passionate about movies and TV shows as she is. In every piece, she adds her heart and soul to make every 9-year-old girl dreaming about the industry feel seen.


Lara graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana with a BA in Latin-American Literature at the top of her class.
Stories By Lara Rosales