Celebrities Who Revealed Hilarious Texts From Their Parents

If there is one thing Jimmy Kimmel will do on his show, it is make celebrities read tweets or texts that will expose them, their family members, or their fans and haters. Ten years ago, he made celebrities start reading mean tweets. A compilation of his guests sat in front of the camera and read whatever mean thing strangers on the internet were saying about them. "Your message goes right to their computer or into their pocket which can be good and it can also be bad. And we like to focus on the bad here at this show," he said, introducing the segment.

Six years after introducing celebrities read mean tweets, in 2018 Kimmel introduced a new segment: celebrities read texts from their moms. "Of all the many relationships we as humans have, mother is probably the most complicated. I mean we come out of them. That's weird, right? And so to honor the fascinating women who baked us, we invited famous people to read text messages from their mothers."

Whether it was an autocorrect mistake or some random thought they had in the late hours of the night, these famous mothers sure have given their children and audience a lot to laugh about.

Adam Scott's mom has a question about grandmas

In 2018, Adam Scott was one of the first celebrities to read texts from his mother. The text that Scott chose to read from his mom was one in which she had a very particular question about grandmas: "Simon Helberg. Holy s***t! Brilliant work in 'Florence Foster Jenkins.' Is it OK for a grandma to lust?" Scott was very gracious about it, as long as she didn't text him about who she was lusting over.

Anne Scott used to be a teacher and she sadly passed away in 2020. After such a tragic loss and the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Scott had a lot of feelings to process and he was able to do so through his role in "Severance." He plays Mark Scout who is dealing with the death of his wife. Grieving was part of his personal and professional life.

Scott told Insider, "When we made the show, I was grieving myself. I found myself in New York, kind of by myself. Because it was a pandemic, I was either sitting in an apartment by myself, or I was on the set working. And so the grieving, I ended up doing it through the show."

Tony Hale's mom didn't get his work

Although parents are supposed to support everything you do and cheer you on, it doesn't mean they will always understand what you are doing. Tony Hale's mother is the perfect example of this. As he shared a text from his mom, he read, "Hey son, our new friends are LOVING 'Arrested Development.' We still don't get it."

In 2021, he went back to Jimmy Kimmel's show and confirmed that his parents believe "Arrested Development" is dumb. "To this day they think it's a stupid show ... the only episode they thought was funny was when Martin Short was one." When it came down to his other well-known show, "Veep," they always had notes on his acting and what he was doing. Despite not getting the humor or having notes, Hale reiterated that his parents have always been extremely supportive of his work and his career. They have even attended awards shows with him such as the Emmys.

However, Hale doesn't only have to deal with the comments from his parents, he also has his 15-year-old daughter to think of. "She's pretty embarrassed by me right now. I embarrass her. But we started to kind of watch 'Arrested Development' a little bit."

Josh Groban's mom had issues with the emojis

When it comes to emojis, you either know how to use them properly or you will struggle and send the wrong emoji at the wrong time — there is no in between. For Josh Groban's mom it was easier to point out her hesitation than to look around for the right emoji. Even though she used the one she was looking for, she texted Groban: "I wish we were in Dublin. Love Ireland. Have fun or else. (This is either a shamrock or a Marijuana leaf can't tell, either works)."

Groban and his mother, Lindy, have always had a deep connection through his work and their love for arts. Lindy used to be a visual arts teacher for the LA Unified School District. The two of them have combined their forces, passion, and knowledge on multiple occasions to share their support for arts in the education system. Lindy once wrote: " And from personal experience, Americans for the Arts was the catalyst that prompted Josh to devote his philanthropy to arts education. It is imperative that we all continue our support to help create the better future we want for our children and for ourselves" (via Americans for the Arts).

Pink's mom talked about being a stoner mom

Not every mother and daughter relationship will be an easy one, and that includes celebrities. There will be ups and downs and all the in-betweens. For Pink, her relationship with her mother was a complicated one that saw good and bad days. "I think before I became a parent, I didn't want to become a parent because I didn't want the same kind of relationship my mum and I had, and I was terrified of it ... She looked at me with tears in her eyes and she said, 'I just never knew that parenting could be this enjoyable until I saw you do it'" (via Daily Mail).

The complexity of their relationship didn't stop them from sharing a funny text here and there. In 2019, Pink was part of the second edition of celebrities read text from their moms, and she shared a particular text in which her mom discussed trying marijuana. "So I survived my first dose. Should I take it twice daily? How long before I should see results or need to increase dose? Bring vap dose to Florida. From your stoner mom." However complicated the relationship may have been in the past, her mom sure feels comfortable enough with Pink to discuss her marijuana doses and give herself a cool nickname.

Elle Fanning's mom texted her about the ocean

Mothers are mostly known for their role of protector and adviser. Elle Fanning's mom takes this job very seriously and will randomly text her daughter with advice on how to stay safe in certain situations. At times, these situations involve bodies of water such as pools, ocean, and lakes and not diving into them. "No matter what!!! You cannot rely on someone saying it's safe or thinking that it's deep enough. Oceans have sand bars that look deep, but really are up to your ankle," she read on Jimmy Kimmel. "Just go in at steps or scoot it on your bottom gently ... You can not risk it at all! Never! No matter what. Love you."

As worrisome as her mother may have sounded on that particular text, she also knows how to have a good time and enjoy with her daughters. In 2019, right before her 21st birthday, Fanning shared on LIVEKellyandRyan that her mother knew how to throw great dinner parties. "Then I'm going to Vegas with my mom and my sister ... It's just so funny going to Vegas with my mom, but it'll be fun."

Rob Delaney's mom had issues with autocorrect

When a comedian leads a successful career, one wonders where that talent and humor came from. Is that something that people can inherit? Do you grow up in a naturally funny environment that allows you to have perfect comedic timing and jokes? In most cases, it seems like comedians share their stories and their trauma as what made them funny. But in the case of Rob Delaney, the text he shared from his mom on Jimmy Kimmel may prove comedy is part of his DNA.

"F***ing a******!! I hate auto correct! fun article!!" The comic double-checked with her if autocorrect had truly made the change and she confirmed it. However, he jokingly said he thought his mom was calling him a f***ing a**** again. The use of the winky emoji with the tongue out gives viewers the idea that maybe she started off the text thread with a joke, knowing her son would understand.

Truth be told, everyone has dealt with autocorrect many times. So, who's to say Nancy Delaney wasn't truly struggling with autocorrect. If she wasn't though, it shows humor runs in the family and both Delaneys are on the same page and can understand each other perfectly.

Don Lemon's mom made a comment about Sal Mineo

Coming out isn't an easy thing to do and most people are always afraid of what the repercussions may be and how their loved ones will react. In 2020, Don Lemon spoke to People about how a sad breakup had led to him coming out to his mother in 2005. "She asked me what kind of relationship we had, and I told her, 'He was my lover.' That's when I started crying ... She started to learn about my friends and my life, and she really started to accept it. She realized that all [her fears] weren't true, and she was building that up in her head."

Fifteen years after coming out, Lemon was part of Jimmy Kimmel's segment and proved his relationship with his mom hadn't changed after coming out. On the contrary, it had gotten stronger and his mom felt comfortable enough to discuss the kind of men she found attractive as well. "Sal Mineo had a big a** head! Although he was attractive. The text came after they watched the movie "Giant," following their tradition of watching old movies together on Turner Classic Movies.

Aidy Bryant's mom texted her about SNL

Aidy Bryant's text from her mom is the perfect example of how supportive mothers should be about their children's careers and work. After Bryant's sketch on "Saturday Night Live" got cut due to time management issues and replaced with something else, her mother sent her a text saying: "That last sketch ate sh**t."

However, text messages aren't the only way in which Bryant's mom shows her support for her work on "Saturday Night Live" or for the show itself. According to what Bryant said on Late Night with Seth Meyers, her mom has been on the show three times. "She's an old pro, and she's being mean about it now ... I mean, she's just like kind of cruising around the studio like, 'Excuse me.'" She has also gotten used to being around and knowing when things are happening or sketches are being cut. She also joked about three times on the show being too much and her mom being a SAG member now.

Although she is filming in New York and her family still lives in Arizona, Bryant goes to visit them. However, as she pointed out during a Jimmy Kimmel interview, she stays in a hotel. "My brother is actually staying in their spare bedroom, so you know. I'm on TV, I gotta stay at the hotel."

Andy Cohen's mom texted about his show

Even though mother and son relationships can be complicated, they can also make for great bonds. That is the case for Andy Cohen and his mom who talked to People about how tight their bond was and how time has brought them even closer. For Cohen, it was his mother's presence, attitude, and passion that empowered him to be himself without fear. He says she is the one who encouraged him to speak his mind.

On her end, Evelyn admits she got involved with a lot of activism because of her son and after he came out. "I decided I needed to do something about AIDS, because I was scared to death he was going to die. I got involved with Doorways, which provides housing for people with HIV/ AIDS. It was a big relief to me, to meet all of these really wonderful people I hadn't known before and to be able to contribute something."

It is probably because they are close and the bond between Cohen and his mom is a tight one that she feels comfortable enough to give him notes when she doesn't enjoy his show or he has crossed a line. During the fourth edition of celebrities read text from their moms in 2022, Cohen read a text that said, "Your show was filthy last night! Playing poop games with Laura Linney is not entertaining. Get a hold of yourself."

Sandra Oh's mom complained about an excess of flowers

For Mother's Day 2022, Sandra Oh read a text on Jimmy Kimmel that her mom had sent her. In said message, her mother (who calls her Sandy) discussed how her daughter was always sending her so many flowers and what a tremendous work it must be for the florist. "I am happy at receiving just few flowers with your love Sandy. Next time when you want to send me flowers please half size."

The text sounds loving, respectful, and appreciative which goes to show Oh's mother's character. Months prior, Oh had an interview with Review Journal in which she talked about her mom. "My own mom is tiny, but fierce. She also gets her point across. I have a really good relationship with my mom because I can't stop her from being herself. I'm not going to stop her. I'm going to enjoy her."

With her text message, Oh's mom proved once more she is still able to get her point across — this time around she luckily didn't put her love on the line ("If only you were neater, I would love you more"). But Oh was also able to prove she still isn't trying to stop her mother from being who she is, and she will probably continue to send flowers to enjoy these interactions.

Eric Andre's mom wanted to name her roomba

Would it surprise anyone that the mother of a well-known comedian was tempted to name her Roomba like her granddaughter? If the Roomba is doing a great job and the grandmother adores it, maybe it is an honor to the granddaughter. Whatever the case may be, Eric Andre once received a text (accompanied by a video) from his mother about how happy her new Roomba was making her. 

"It was fun. I moved furniture around to accommodate her. I'm tempted to name her after my granddaughter, since she has a will of her own, but I don't think that would go over too well." She also pointed out the only reason she was referring to her Roomba as a "she/her" was because she believed that was the only gender who could get the job done.

The text was further proof that Andre's mom is up-to-date on trends and discussions. First proof, was when she joined her son smoking weed. "I have good news. I finally smoked weed with my mom. Did it. Took me 36 years of campaigning and finally did it," he said during a standup performance. He made it very clear that the only reason she agreed to it was because it was legal in California.

Luke Bryan's mom talked about going to the spa

When it comes to Luke Bryan's mom, it can be applauded that she took the time to check in with him whether or not it would bother him if she went to the spa. It obviously wasn't the typical spa: "Would you care if I go to the spa where they get all the hair and dry skin off my face and maybe a massage? Never done this stuff except massage. S**t I need to do some work on my butt." After reading the text on Jimmy Kimmel, Bryan wanted to make it clear that it was butt as in her whole body and not just her butt.

The text message is even funnier when people find out how much and how often Bryan's mom uses his credit card. Was the text just asking for permission to put the spa treatment on his card?

"She gets the credit cards no matter what ... She posted where she got my credit card and went and loaded the back of her. She spent a lot ... She has fun and as long as she can be out in the yard whatever," he told ET Canada.

Shaun White's mom told him to call Tony Robbins

It is often thought that celebrities just for being famous will immediately know other celebrities, be able to call them, and ask for favors. This is a thought that Shaun White's mom had as well when he texted him, "Hey do you know anyone who can get me a ticket to the Pitbull concert on Sunday in Chula Vista? Maybe call Tony Robbins." He joked, making it obvious it wasn't a possibility, that he'd immediately call Robbins and get those tickets.

Those texts from White's mom aren't the only times her words have had some sort of impact on him. Although the texts were a funny instance, other times it has had a deep, meaningful effect on him. One of those times was when he first got a victory lap. "I decided to take a look back over the years. Nothing compares to my first Olympics! I was 19 and had no idea my whole world was about to change ... The magnitude of what I had just done hit when my mom hugged me and said, 'From now on, you will forever be known as Shaun White, the Olympic Gold Medalist,'" he shared through his Instagram.

Jimmy O. Yang's mom gave him permission to visit his (dog) sister

When Jimmy O. Yang went on Jimmy Kimmel to read a text from his mother, he made it very clear that usually his mother does not text him in English. However, this time around she took the opportunity to text in English and say, "You may come visit your sister." The message becomes extremely funny when viewers discover Yang does not have a sister, and his mother was actually referring to their pug.

Said pug is actually named Toffee and has an Instagram account of her own. She is a self-described (or probably described by Yang's mom) as a spoiled pug who posts photos and videos of her day-to-day life. Her account also links directly to Yang's account.

A few years prior to Yang sharing that text, he had shared another text on the second editing of celebrities read texts from their moms. He also mentioned then that his mother only texts him in Chinese, but had texted him in English that time: "Poo?" That time around he also wondered if the text was to ask if he had pooped or if Toffee the pug had pooped.