Strongman Brian Shaw's Wife, Keri Is Absolutely Gorgeous

Brian Shaw is known for being one of the strongest men on the planet. However, what many may not know is that behind this strongman, there is a strongwoman who occupies the role of wife, business partner, and mother of his children. Keri Shaw has been Brian's wife for the last eight years — the couple celebrate their anniversary on July 4! 

In 2021, Brian took to his Facebook to celebrate their love and the support Keri has been providing him every step of the way: "Thank you for supporting me and for believing in me. I love the family and life we have built together. The saying is behind every strong man there is a stronger woman and in my case that is actually true!"

Although Keri has a background that differs from Brian's and includes a career in soccer and as a math teacher, the two have managed to build a life together that keeps both of the pair's ambition and passion alive. Together they have created a business, a social media presence, and a family with two sons. "Brian, you are a loving and supportive partner, most amazing father to our boys and, honestly, the most patient teddy bear I've ever met. You love with no end and I'm so thankful for you and the life we share," Keri dedicated to Brian on Instagram.

Keri Shaw's past with soccer and math

Although most of Keri Shaw's social media posts show her weight-lifting and training, before committing to that lifestyle she used to be a soccer player. Keri used to play soccer all through high school and even played for her university's team before eventually becoming a soccer coach for 10 years. 

While coaching soccer, she was also a high school math teacher. This last detail was highlighted in her feature in Status Fitness Magazine: "Keri is no stranger to the stage as she grew up on a farm and competed in farm shows with her cows and pigs. She is a former math teacher, who now runs a family business with her husband."

Nowadays, the closest Keri seems to be to soccer is through her son's games, which she's cheered about on her Instagram. However, though she might have left the soccer field behind she remains very active and has participated on the Arnold Classic stage. She shares her training and her process on Instagram, motivating her followers alongside her own success: "One thing is for sure: YOU can do anything you set your mind to! Believe that! Believe in yourself!"

She founded Fit Mommy Academy

After marrying Brian Shaw and becoming a mother, one of Keri Shaw's main goals has been to show mothers that they are able to take care of their bodies and find a way to prioritize their health even amidst the craziness of motherhood and child-focused routines. In order to do so and share workout plans and ideas with other moms, she founded Fit Mommy Academy. 

Most of the academy's work is done via social media, allowing mothers all over the world to connect, share their stories, and motivate one another. She shared about her inspiration to start the Acadamy on Facebook, saying, "It was quite the process to learn and appreciate 'home workouts', but once we had our little miracles my old ways just didn't fit our lifestyle anymore. Now, I love the freedom to do fitness my way and on my time!"

According to Keri's Instagram, Fit Mommy Academy began when she was pregnant with baby number two. She began by standing in front of the camera to film herself as she created a workout routine that would help pregnant women and mothers who needed to sneak a workout while their kids were at school or doing their own activities, and she has created a supportive fitness community.

Fitness challenges between the Shaws

Keri Shaw started her YouTube channel back in 2019 when she recorded a video with a recipe for healthy banana muffins. Although her channel is currently not as active as it used to be, Keri continues to have a strong social media presence. 

Her Instagram account is where she is the most active, sharing her day-to-day life, moments with her sons, her training, and various challenges she does with her husband Brian. In one of her posts, she challenged her husband to work out with extra weight strapped to his belly so he'd know what it was like for her to do her usual training while pregnant.

Brian Shaw also uses his YouTube channel to share the challenges he does, and many of his videos feature his wife as they train together or they challenge each other while working out. One particular video that became popular was "420LB MAN VS WIFE | WHO'S STRONGER? *CROSSFIT/STRONGMAN*" in which the two of them performed five different challenges to see who could win. Spoiler alert: Keri came out on top.

She was previously married to Mike Jenkins

Keri Shaw's marriage to Brian Shaw wasn't the first time she was married to a strongman. She was previously married to competitor Mike Jenkins, who passed away in 2013. It was she who made the announcement about Jenkins' passing through her Facebook: "It is with heavy, heavy heart and great sadness that I want to let you all know that my best friend, my husband, my everything, Mike Jenkins, went to heaven this morning. Please keep us all in your prayers. I will update as I know more" (as shared by Iron Game History).

The two got married in 2012 and were together until Jenkins' death. Findings later were released that declared Jenkins died of an enlarged heart due to the long-term use of performance-enhancing drugs. In 2015, two years after Jenkins' death, Keri married Brian Shaw after they'd been engaged for a year and the couple moved to Colorado where they still reside with their two sons.

Keri and Brian have two sons

One quick look at Keri Shaw's social media will quickly give away that she and Brian have two sons: Braxton and Kellen James Shaw. The four of them seem to have a tight bond, as a lot of her photos on Instagram show the four doing different activities together as a family, whether in Colorado, at one of Brian's contests, or traveling together. One of her posts from August 9 shows that their eldest son started second grade recently, while the youngest had his first day of kindergarten.

The two kiddos seem to be into soccer, just like their mom used to be, and they are also just as active as their father. Some posts show them at the gym as they imitate some of their parents' movements. Keri once wrote on Instagram, "If you've been around awhile, like 7+ years, you'll know the boys spent a lot of time watching my workouts when they were babies, grew up (growing up) in a gym setting and hopefully, by the grace of God, we're instilling in them the importance of healthy living."

The brains behind the business

Using his position as a world-renowned strongman, Brian Shaw started his own business, Shaw Strength. Through his website, fans and anyone interested in working out can purchase clothing (for men, women, and children), accessories, and supplements. The basis of the company comes from Shaw's personal beliefs that he applies to his own training and wants to share with others: mental fortitude, strength, and realignment.

However, Shaw has said that he wouldn't have been able to start this business and keep it going without his wife's help. During a Podcast episode titled "MIXING BUSINESS AND MARRIAGE FT. KERI SHAW," the couple discussed what it is like to be married and work together. Brian said, "Keri runs more stuff behind the scenes for our companies, for me, for our boys than most people realize. I'm the face, I'm out doing all this different stuff which is great, but without Keri behind me and helping I wouldn't be able to do a lot of the things that I'm able to do and I really wouldn't be the person that I am." It's nice to see that the pair's relationship is just as strong as their muscles!