RHONJ: What We Know About Jennifer Fessler (& What She Does For A Living)

Season 13 of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" has already proven the franchise isn't running short on drama. While the OGs and mainstays of the cast are still duking it out over familial squabbles that are older than some of the children featured on the show (*cough* sisters-in-law Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga *cough*), they're also rolling out the leopard print welcome mat for cast newcomers tasked with breathing some new life into the show. 

Case in point: "Friend of" Jennifer Fessler, who has solidified her place among the group thanks to her bond with cast member Margaret Josephs. "I got lucky," Fessler gushed to Distractify about the "fabulous friendship" she shares with Josephs. So, naturally, when the time came, Josephs helped Fessler snag a role on the hit reality show. "I didn't even know she had recommended me to a casting director for the 'Housewives.' Unbeknownst to me, actually," Fessler revealed. Since then, however, she appears to have hit it off with everyone else in the cast. In February 2023, Fessler posted a photo of her, Josephs, Gorga, Rachel Fuda, and former cast member turned "Friend of" Jackie Goldschneider enjoying the Super Bowl together or, as she referred to it, the "Rihanna concert."

But what exactly was Fessler doing prior to ingratiating herself among the rest of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" cast? Here's everything we know.

Jennifer Fessler is a fashion CEO

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey," but make it fashion.

"RHONJ" newcomer and "friend of" Jennifer Fessler works in fashion as the co-founder and CEO of a shoe company called F. Major. "I think my love affair with heels began in the womb, as I don't remember ever not being obsessed with high heels!" she gushed during an interview with Love Happens Mag. Sadly, however, once Fessler was finally able to afford the designer shoes (complete with hefty price tags), her feet no longer loved them. "I found that they were as painful as they were beautiful," she confessed. And that's when F. Major was born! "It's actually for women who can't wear high heels anymore, who get to a certain age, and it just hurts too much," Fessler later explained to Distractify about her direct-to-consumer brand. 

And as it turns out, she's already turned a few of her co-stars into loyal customers — including OG Teresa Giudice and even fellow newbie, Rachel Fuda. "She's had issues her whole life with, you know, back and feet and legs," Fessler dished to the outlet of Fuda. "So I'd given her a pair, and she wears them constantly. And now they come in black and now also beige. So she just recently wore the beige to the ['RHONJ' Season 13] premiere." And, with a cheeky company slogan — "3 inches never felt so good" — we are thinking she's bound to recruit a few more. 

Jennifer Fessler is also a wife and mother

Aside from being a CEO and making cameos on Bravo's "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," Jennifer Fessler is just your average, real wife and mom of two. 

Fessler has been married to hubby Jeffrey Fessler for more than 23 years — no small feat, indeed! And, while Mr. Fessler works hard as a law partner at Sheppard Mullin, the happy couple is often observed playing even harder. In late January, Jennifer posted photos of the duo enjoying a romantic getaway in Paris, France. "La vie est belle," she penned in the caption, which translates to, "Life is beautiful." 

But it appears Jennifer's kids, Zachary and Rachel, are her other true loves. "My kids are my everything and will always come first," Jennifer declared in a 2022 interview with Love Happens Mag. "But one of the advantages of starting a business at 50 is that they're older. They are both in their 20s and need less attention in terms of the day-to-day," she explained. "I will say that so much of the joy of becoming an entrepreneur at my age is the admiration from my kids. Having them (particularly my daughter) watch me reinvent myself is really gratifying, and I hope a powerful example for them." But make no mistake. Fessler is adamant that she has "three babies." She elaborated, "My two kids and F. Major. The three of them are my greatest achievements!"