The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 13 - Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

It's been well established that if your viewing lineup needs some spice, "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" will certainly satisfy your salty cravings. The Bravo staple delivers with its catty fights, family bickering, and juicy intrigue. Who could forget Joe Gorga in drag, and the time Margaret Josephs and her husband threw Danielle Staub's husband in the pool (via Bravo Insider)? Even Gia Giudice's strong New Jersey accent has featured as a storyline early on in the series, with mother Teresa Giudice now capitalizing on her New Jersey twang in "Fuhgeddabout Christmas," Us Weekly reports.

In an interview with Time, Carlos King, CEO of Kingdom Reign Entertainment and one of the show's original producers, revealed that it was "RHONJ" that changed the course of the entire "Real Housewives" franchise. Before Teresa's iconic table-flip moment, no other "Real Housewives" star had ever had such a defining moment. "A lot of people are trying to have their table-flip moment. They feel like they need to rise to that occasion — and they always fail." King explained. Now catfights and the "Real Housewives" go hand-in-hand, with "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" star Jen Shah tweeting, "Teresa walked, so I could run."  Luckily, the girls are back with a new season, and "RHONJ" Season 13 might prove to be one for the books.

When will RHONJ Season 13 air?

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" Season 12 ended with a bang. It's little wonder why fans are dying to know if everybody has kissed and made up after an explosive reunion show that boasted some pretty impressive ratings, per TV Deets. According to Us Weekly, there's no official "RHONJ" Season 13 premiere date yet. However, they could be back on the screens at the beginning of 2023, the outlet reports.

That hasn't stopped fans from speculating about the return date of the Bravo show. In an Instagram post, it was suggested that the "RHONJ" Season 13 premiere date could be as early as February 7, with Teresa Giudice supposedly confirming it. However, Giudice herself responded to the post and clarified her prior response. She liked the post, writing, "I'm not sure I just saw it on Instagram somewhere that it said that but it's not confirmed." Giudice was seemingly going along with other social media posts she'd seen and couldn't verify the date of the show's return. Either way, Us Weekly has, at the very least, confirmed that the popular series will be making a comeback.

Who will star in RHONJ Season 13?

Any "Real Housewives" season is only as good as its cast. Luckily, "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" consistently brings the humor, friendships, and clapbacks that are worthy of any good reality show. Us Weekly reports that Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Margaret Josephs, Jackie Goldschneider, Jennifer Aydin, and Dolores Catania will all be coming back for Season 13. Yes, queens! 

However, additional cast members will also join the wives. Catania told Parade, "There's some new faces and new dynamics thrown into the mix." Rachel Fuda, Gorga's pal, and Danielle Cabra, Giudice's friend, will be making their debut as cast members. According to Page Six, Jackie Goldschneider will no longer be a full-time cast member. Apparently, Cabral was always going to be part of the cast, while Goldschneider, Fuda, and Jennifer Fessler were in the running for the other permanent cast member position. The outlet reveals that Fuda has seemingly snagged the job. If this is the case, Goldschneider and Fessler will remain friends of the cast. Page Six reported that Goldschneider was apparently upset with the decision but another insider shared, "Any speculation that [Goldschneider] is unhappy about a 'friend of' role is untrue." 

In the meantime, new faces equal more drama. As Catania told Parade, "And when you throw ingredients into a pot, and you don't measure it, you don't know what it's going to taste like until it's done, so to speak, and it could go either way."

RHONJ cast leaks Season 13 spoilers

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" cast has been dropping hints about the upcoming season. Margaret Joseph's husband, Joe Benigno, revealed to Parade that their house "will never be finished"  because Josephs was too particular. However, Josephs revealed, "The downstairs is done, and we're putting a pool in, so it'll be ready for next year."

Jennifer Aydin shared that Bravo fans may be in for a treat, as the cast also traveled during "RHONJ" Season 13. "My favorite part was our trip to Ireland," Aydin said. She added that their renaissance-built castle had a certain vibe. "There was a lot of energy in that house if you know what I mean," she said. However, this season may also prove to be a challenge for Aydin on another level. Josephs teased, per Bravo Insider, "I made up with her [Aydin] genuinely. She, this year, she did not make up with me genuinely." Josephs continued, "She had it in for me. I'll leave it at that."

Teresa Giudice told Hollywood Life, "It's a hard season for me," with Josephs adding that things were rough for everyone. She said, "It wasn't just Melissa [Gorga] and Teresa, everybody got into it, including myself, with other cast mates." The reality star continued, "It was ugly, and uncalled for. People thought they were going to pull the wool over mine and Melissa's eyes, but that's not what happened... I think people are going to be shocked." Drama, check. Loving it, definitely.