Joe Gorga Makes A Bold Move During The RHONJ Reunion

It's certainly safe to say that the husbands of the "Real Housewives" franchise sometimes stir up just as much drama as their partners. Joe Gorga from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" is certainly one of them. Many viewers still recall the fight that Joe had with his brother-in-law back in 2003. Things got so physical and so bad that Teresa Giudice ran out of the room to get help, while Melissa Gorga tried to get in the middle of the two men, despite the fact that they were throwing punches. More recently, Joe also confronted his sister Teresa in a heated spat after she failed to defend him during a fight with Jennifer Aydin, as detailed by People, and when he also told his wife Melissa that he was "done" with their marriage. During an episode of "RHONJ," when Melissa suggested Joe was supposedly holding her back, he responded with, "Listen, go be whatever you want to be in life. We're done," according to Page Six.

And while Joe has certainly had enough on-air fights that he could write his own tell-all book, it's his feud with his beloved niece Gia Giudice that's the most concerning for fans. In fact, Joe's bold move during the "RHONJ" reunion signals that things are only going to get worse between him and his niece before they get better.

Joe Gorga stormed off the reunion set over his fight with Gia

For Joe Gorga, family is everything and that's why his feud with his niece Gia Giudice is most likely breaking his heart. According to Page Six, the two have butted heads more than once over his comments about Gia's father, Joe Giduice. As many fans know by now, Joe Giudice was deported to Italy in 2019 after he served time behind bars for bankruptcy fraud and making false statements on loan applications. And while Gorga hasn't held back on his thoughts and opinions about his brother-in-law, the ongoing back-and-forth verbal tussle with Gia has taken a toll on him. One source says that "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion got so heated that Gorga walked off-set. He even said, "I quit. It's not worth it. This is my family. I'm done!"

Back in February, Gia expressed her concerns about her uncle being "disrespectful" to her about her father, per People. This prompted Gorga to say that Gia "looks at me like I'm the devil. Their father was the devil, not me!" For once, it sounds like the devil isn't wearing Garden State couture.