Joe Gorga Is Now Involved In Melissa's Messy Feud With Jennifer Aydin

The drama between Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin continued to escalate between seasons of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." Ahead of a Season 11 reunion, Melissa praised her castmates on Instagram while throwing not-so-subtle shade at her on-screen nemesis, which caused Jennifer to retaliate with a post she later deleted and admitted was a "low blow," per Page Six.

Tensions continued to mount between the feuding reality stars, and tempers flared when they reunited for Season 12. Melissa and Jennifer were involved in a physical altercation, and Melissa insisted that Jennifer escalated the fight. According to "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star, she was simply getting out of her seat to point, when Jennifer grabbed her hand and the melee ensued, as mentioned to E!'s "Daily Pop." According to the Envy designer, Jennifer cracked under the pressure of her marriage secrets surfacing. "And I think she's stressed and panicking and acting up and you know, just losing it," Melissa said. "There's a lot of crying out of her this season," she added.

Melissa spoke to her husband, Joe Gorga, about her rival on an episode of the Bravo reality show and said she believed that even Jennifer's own husband was not a fan. "Personally, I think Bill [Aydin] can't stand her," Melissa said (via Page Six). Joe echoed his wife's sentiments. "I've said it a million times. She's just not a nice person," he said. Later, Joe had unkind words about Jennifer which spurred even more drama. 

Joe Gorga and others blast Jennifer Aydin

Husbands of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" had a sit down, which led to Joe Gorga and Evan Goldschneider letting Jennifer Aydin's husband, Bill Aydin, know how they truly felt about his wife. Joe did not mince words when he spoke to Bill about Jennifer's behavior. "Your wife is out of control," Joe said, in a clip posted by Bravo. He took issue with how Jennifer was involved in the relationships of other cast members. "Jen got dirty and disgusting. I think she crossed that line," Joe added.

Bill tried to remain diplomatic while coming to his wife's defense, and mentioned trying to stay out of the feud between Jennifer and Melissa Gorga. "But I don't throw fire on the gasoline. I try not to get involved in her women drama," Bill replied. During this discussion, Evan had trouble keeping his emotions intact. "That is not a good person," he said about Bill's wife. "If you can determine that's a good person, tell me." Evan had previously been accused by Jen of cheating on his wife, per Page Six. Eventually, Bill had heard enough and stormed off. 

Bill and Jennifer had come clean about his prior infidelities, but according to Melissa, Bill's cheating was common knowledge among "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" cast. "I feel like people were talking about this for years," she said while appearing on the "Getting Real With the Housewives" podcast on February 14 (via Us Weekly). Although Melissa did credit her rival. "I was happy that she owned it."