Melissa Gorga And Jennifer Aydin's Feud Takes A Nasty Turn

Melissa Gorga keeps on delivering the drama. When it comes to causing scenes and creating catfights, "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star loves nothing more than a good old-fashioned feud — and she'll carry it on until the bitter end. According to Bravo, before she joined the Housewives cast in Season 3, Melissa was already feuding with sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice; and the drama kept playing out on camera. In fact, how Melissa became a housewife was one of their (many) bones of contention.

During episode 3 of "Real Housewives Ultimate Girls' Trip" (via Reality Tea) Teresa claimed Melissa had begged Bravo to be on the show. "Andy [Cohen] called me and said, 'Your sister-in-law won't stop DMing me. She wants to get on the show," Teresa charged. "I never DM'ed him. That's what I'm telling you. ... They inboxed me," Melissa insisted. "They still reach out to all of my friends now, still looking for [new Housewives]." Teresa sniped back,  "She has her story. I have my story. She's never going to admit it." 

Though they kissed and made up — temporarily — the claws were out again after newbie Jennifer Aydin joined RHONJ, per Us Weekly. Melissa quickly found herself with a whole new load of bad blood to wade through as she began battling it out with Jennifer on social media. However, according to Page Six, the hating has spilled over from social barbs to physical brawls, as Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin's feud takes a nasty turn.

Melissa and Jennifer duke it out

In a preview clip of the March 1 episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin go from screaming to scrimmaging in a hot minute. It all kicks off after Margaret Josephs and Melissa face-off with Jennifer over claims she made during Season 11's reunion trainwreck when Jennifer had insinuated Margaret — not Teresa — started rumors that Evan Goldchneider was cheating on his wife, Jackie. "You instigate, I retaliate," Jennifer told Margaret, per Heavy. "I'm trying to tell you, that she is the cause of the rumor," Jennifer insisted to Andy Cohen.

Clearly, Margaret has been stewing on the allegation ever since. "Why do you want to hurt someone else?" she quizzed Jennifer. Teresa immediately jumps into the fray to protect her BFF. "Don't defend her!" Margaret screamed. There may not be any table-flipping, but it still gets plenty heated, especially after Melissa accuses Teresa of hypocrisy. "Let this girl dig her own hole. You ask for loyalty, you give loyalty back!" she demanded. "If she asks a question about Evan, she's not digging? If someone asks about [your fiancé], they're digging?" The screaming escalates until Melissa and Jennifer are ready to rumble.

"I think [Jennifer] was holding, saving face for a while," Melissa told E! News about the fight. "I think the house is starting to — you know, the windows are getting cleaned, and we can see inside a little bit. And I think she's stressed and panicking and acting up and you know, just losing it."