RHONJ's Jennifer Aydin Responds To Melissa Gorga's Shade

Fans are already feeling the tension boil over between two "Real Housewives of New Jersey" stars — and the reunion has yet to air. Ahead of the reality show's highly anticipated reunion episode airing on May 19, housewives Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin are making it clear that they don't approve of one another.

Melissa shared a shady post to Instagram on May 19 that included a slideshow of herself pictured with every cast member of "RHONJ" besides Jennifer. Without using her name, she called her "sloppy" and accused her of hiding "lots of skeletons in the closet."

In response, Jennifer defended herself with a pointed message of her own. "Take a good look at what unbothered looks like. I'm on this show because of me- not because my sister-n-law or A more entertaining husband," she wrote on Instagram with two photos of herself and a selfie with her husband, Bill Aydin. Melissa is sister-in-law to Teresa Giudice, whose ex husband, Joe Giudice, was deported to Italy in 2019. 

The mom of five continued, "I guess people envy what they don't have – I share real and authentic stories, not fake, made up ones. And I see that some people are threatened by that. You can take your 'sloppy' comments and run with it all you want-hold on to it for dear life- ya got nothing else." 

So, why did Jennnifer feel the need to share such a scathing message in the first place? Keep reading to find out.

Melissa Gorga held nothing back in her rant about Jennifer Aydin

Jennifer Aydin felt the need to defend herself against "Real Housewives of New Jersey" co-star Melissa Gorga after Melissa accused her of loving drama and hiding things about her life. It is unclear what Jennifer may be hiding and from whom.

"Notice I posted everyone except for one person who I feel is truly happy when family and friends are divided. Probably because she would throw her own mother under the bus for TV," Melissa said in her fiery rant on May 19. She is referring to Jennifer's meddling in her parents' relationship in an effort to fix the hostility between them, as detailed by Page Six. She had her father move in with her, and that did not sit well with her mother.

"I've been on the show a long time and I know fake and conniving when I see it," Melissa continued. "They might want to try to be the fun tipsy one like you, but they fail and just look sloppy," she slammed. "Lots of skeletons in the closet over there. I'm nice until I'm not. Pay attention everyone- you will see it," she warned.

While Jennifer and Melissa did not get into any explosive arguments on Season 11 of "RHONJ" (per Page Six), it's clear that the events of the season did not sit well between them. Fans can catch the two-part reuinion on May 19 and May 26.