The Poorest RHONJ Housewife Might Actually Surprise You

When the Real Housewives shows started out, they showcased women with aspirational lives. However, as time passed, the franchise has become synonymous with tax troubles and faux wealth. On Real Housewives of New Jersey, it seems like the ladies are living glam lives in the Garden State, but that's only true for some of them. Even so, estimating net worths isn't actually that straightforward, especially when it comes to public figures who try hard to seem wealthy. Plus, Housewives get lots of free things, get paid to use expensive products, and are often buried in lawsuits.

Melissa Gorga, who's been on RHONJ since Season 3, has an estimated net worth of $2 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. She has a store called Envy, and of course, brings in that Instagram ad money. However, in 2012, news broke that the Gorgas reportedly owed $2.25 million to Sterling Bank and $250,000 to different creditors. In July 2020, they re-listed their home again at a major price cut of just over $550,000. 

Another Housewife who's doing well is Jackie Goldschneider, who shocked her co-stars during Season 10 when they found out she's very rich. It's not totally clear just how rich, but her net worth is an estimated $2 million. However, it's possible she has even more money than that considering that she rents out her Hamptons home for $60,000 monthly. While those two seem to be well off financially, the cast is a mixed bag overall when it comes to finances.

Dolores Catania and Jennifer Aydin appear to be in a good place financially

Dolores Catania has a reported net worth of $4 million, which she has earned from several sources of income. Rumor has it, she earns between $30,000-$60,000 for each episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Dolores has been on four seasons of the show, which each had around 17 episodes. She and her ex-husband Frank Catania work together remodeling and flipping homes. The super amicable exes own a couple gyms in New Jersey as well.

When Jennifer Aydin joined the show for Season 9, she had a lot to say about her Paramus home, with its perfect sunset views, sixteen bathrooms, and actual thrones that she sits in. Aside from being a Real Housewife, she runs the Aydin household, which includes taking care of her five children. Jennifer's husband Dr. Bill Aydin is a very successful plastic surgeon, which contributes a lot to the family's income and Jennifer's reported $11 million net worth.

While Dolores and Jennifer seem to be doing well financially, some of their co-stars have really struggled very publicly.

Margaret Josephs and Teresa Giudice faced public financial struggles

In 2019, it was reported that Margaret Josephs had a $50 million net worth. However, that number might a bit off because of her legal issues. In 2018, news broke that Margaret's home was in foreclosure. Her company, the Macbeth Collection, was accused of copying designs, resulting in a trademark infringement lawsuit with Vineyard Vines. Originally she had to pay $12 million, but she was only asked to pay $300,000. Unfortunately, she didn't come through on time, only paying $190,000. As a result, Vineyard Vines asked for $9.4 million. In December 2019, The Sun reported Margaret was sued for $12,000 in unpaid credit card bills.

Then, there's Teresa Giudice, who famously went to jail for fraud. Celebrity Net Worth reported her net worth is -$11 million. In 2010, the New York Post reported Teresa and Joe Giudice accumulated $104,000 in credit card debt, in addition to the $10,853,648.04 they owed creditors. Although Teresa has been hard at work to support her daughters, it hasn't been easy.

In a February 2020 episode, Teresa admitted, "I should be much further with all my businesses. Like, I built up a lot. And then everything came crashing down because of the legal stuff," according to PeopleEven so, the setbacks haven't stopped her from trying, but they've taken a toll on her. Teresa shared, "My daughter wants me home every single night and it's like, 'You know, I work.'"

Teresa Giudice spent a lot of money on her husband Joe's deportation case

In February 2017, TMZ confirmed that Teresa Giudice paid off her court-ordered restitution of $414,588. Unfortunately, that wasn't the last time Teresa used her earnings for legal expenses. During a December 2019 Real Housewives of New Jersey episode, Teresa's brother Joe Gorga shared his concerns about Teresa funding Joe Giudice's quest to appeal his deportation. Per Page Six, he said, "Why continue to fight? You're burying yourself financially." When she said her daughters wanted him to fight, Joe Gorga told her, "Yeah, but when there's no money, it's that much harder."

In a confessional interview, Teresa wondered, "How can I put a price tag on our daughters having their daddy home?" It's actually a very hefty price tag. During the Season 10 reunion, Andy Cohen asked Teresa how much she spent on Joe Giudice's legal fees and back taxes. According to The Sun, Teresa said she spent "a lot." Andy asked, "Was it over a million dollars?" Teresa admitted, "Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah."

In 2019, Radar Online reported that Teresa was earning $62,000 an episode. With 18 episodes that season, that means she pocketed $1,116,000 for Season 10. Aside from reality TV, Teresa is hard at work writing books, endorsing products on Instagram, and making appearances, but in a February 2020 episode, she confessed, "I'll be honest, I stress about money all the time." 

Teresa Giudice's beauty routine costs more than $20,000

In addition to paying for her family's legal troubles, it's expensive to be Teresa Giudice. Beyond supporting her four daughters' interests and activities, it takes a lot of money to maintain her look. In a 2018 interview with Glamour, Teresa revealed that she spends an estimated $22,077 on her beauty routine every year. Apparently, she "solely relies on professionals" to apply her makeup and do her hair, which is why it's interesting that she said she buys all of her makeup in doubles, which amounts to $1,090 a year. She has one of everything for when she's at home and for when she travels, even though she's not applying her own makeup products. 

She does put on her own skincare products though, with her daily skincare routine costing $232. She also cops to regular maintenance with blowouts, hair extensions, tanning, and Botox injections.

It is pretty pricey to be a reality TV star and a mother of four with an estranged husband who's been deported. However, Teresa is constantly working. Hopefully, she will be able to get that net worth to a positive number in the near future.