RHONJ: The Truth About Jennifer Aydin's Husband

The ladies of the Real Housewives franchise are no strangers to plastic surgery. From lip fillers and facelifts to breast implants and nose jobs, the women behind Bravo's successful series are famously well-acquainted with going under the knife. Not all Housewives, however, have the benefit of being married to a plastic surgeon! 

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin has been married to husband Dr. Bill Aydin since 2002. Per her Bravo bio, Jennifer grew up in Long Island before receiving a business degree at Hofstra University in 2000. The Aydin family have five children together, and run a traditional Turkish household. While the Aydins have been going strong for close to two decades, Bill is usually too busy with his medical practice to appear on-camera. So what is the truth about Bill, his "dad philosophy," and what does he value most? Keep scrolling to find out more about this RHONJ match made in heaven!

Dr. Bill Aydin puts family first, despite rumored marriage woes

Dr. Bill Aydin tries to lead by example. With five kids, parenting can no doubt be a struggle at times, but Bill opened up to The Daily Dish that he tries to practice a healthy mix of guidance and rules in his household. "My dad philosophy is a combination of mind control (lol), self-reflection, friendship, dictatorship," Bill joked. "I make sure each one of my children understand they are loved equally... The best thing that I want to be known for in this life is who I am as a father, son, and husband." 

As a plastic surgeon, Bill is familiar with fake people — and doesn't tolerate them. He runs a clinic in Paramus, New Jersey, with the slogan, "Where art meets science." Bill took to Instagram to applaud fellow healthcare providers during the pandemic. He also thanked his "stunning wife" for being his main supporter, as well as his family, staff, and patients. Despite his outpouring of love for wife Jennifer, Bill has still weathered his fair share of RHONJ rumors. 

Per Distractify, Bill and Jennifer's marriage was arranged, and Bill frequently spends the night in their guest house. Costar Margaret Josephs called out Jennifer's relationship and accused Bill of cheating. During Season 10, Bill also told the other RHONJ husbands that he is "rarely" intimate with Jennifer, guessing they have sex about once a month.

Jennifer Aydin looks like she's struggling to keep it together in the Season 11 trailer

The Aydins' marriage woes might be taking another hit. During the Season 11 teaser trailer, as accusations of the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars' infidelity fly, Jennifer Aydin is seen being discussed by her castmates for her excessive alcohol use. Jennifer also was diagnosed with COVID-19 in April 2020, according to Page Sixand relied on husband Dr. Bill Aydin for support. Of course it helps that Bill is a physician, albeit a plastic surgeon

While 2020 was a tough year for Jennifer, from her parents' separation to the pipes bursting in her Paramus mansion, she still puts her five children first. Jennifer threw her son, Justin Aydin, a lavish Sweet 16 at club hotspot PHD Lounge at Dream Downtown in Manhattan during quarantine, per The Daily Dish. "This year's party didn't seem like most for a lot of reasons," Jennifer captioned on Instagram. "Happy birthday to my number one!" So where does that leave her relationship with husband Bill? Keep scrolling to find out!

Bill Aydin never even proposed

While Jennifer and Bill Aydin's marriage was publicly arranged, the religious couple apparently never made it official. Jennifer shared throwback photos on Sept. 25, 2020 describing when she first became engaged to Bill. "My husband never proposed to me!" Jennifer wrote on Instagram. The couple first met at Bill's brother James Aydin's wedding in Los Angeles in 2001. They spoke on the phone for six weeks before dating, and during their second encounter, Bill apparently told Jennifer that he knew she was going to be his wife. "I was so smitten I immediately said yes and the following week he was introducing me as his fiancée to everybody," Jennifer continued. 

Yet Bill never gave Jennifer an engagement ring. "Instead of proposing with a ring, I was given a cross to signify the engagement," Jennifer admitted. After being wed for close to two decades, fans admire the Aydins' commitment to one another. Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers even watched their 16th anniversary bash during Season 9

As for Jennifer's opinions on infidelity, A heated on-screen altercation between Margaret Josephs and Jennifer resulted in Jennifer defending the sanctimony of marriage and not publicly calling out people for cheating. "I'm not saying people don't cheat," Jennifer explained in a clip, post-fight. "Do whatever you want to do behind closed doors, but [take it] to the f***ing grave." Could she be subliminally calling out her husband? Based on her privacy, we may never know.

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