The Totally Made-Up Feud Rumors About Sandra Bullock And Julia Roberts

To some people, even a complete lack of drama can be seen as proof that a celebrity feud is afoot. Like the person on Quora who asked the public why neither Roberts nor Bullock has "acknowledged each other" despite their decades of work in the industry. Sure, they were in very similar genres of film at around the same time. Both Roberts and Bullock are rom-com royalty and ruled the genre during the golden age of romantic comedies in the 90s. And while it seems like they'd make perfect co-stars because of this, the two actors have never worked together.

Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts both got their start in films and TV back in 1987, the exact same year. Roberts's big break came with "Mystic Pizza" a year later and "Steel Magnolias" quickly a year after that, while Bullock's was in "Speed" in 1994. They've both been named People's Most Beautiful Woman, with Bullock getting it in 2015 and Roberts winning the title five separate times. But again, despite similar paths and public attention, there doesn't seem to be any bad blood between them. While it might seem odd that they haven't done a movie together or haven't been seen hanging out, it doesn't really mean that there's a problem between the two actors. But some people can't leave well enough alone.

Rumors swirled that Bullock and Roberts fought over George Clooney

Again, the only reason why there could be "tension" between Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock was due to their lack of work and interaction together. But Bullock did address this fake feud, back in 2014. As Us Magazine reported, Bullock gave a hilarious speech for winning the Desert Palm Achievement Award for "Gravity" at the Palm Springs International Film Festival that year. She shared how she thought it would be a splendid idea to Google herself, to get inspiration for her speech. And, of course, it didn't turn out well.

This is where she found the interesting rumors about a feud between her and Roberts. "Apparently, Julia — I don't know where you are — but apparently, you and I are in a dispute over George Clooney," Bullock joked. "We talked about this, right? We share custody, and we are both fine with it!" Bullock and Clooney both starred in "Gravity," and have been friends for a long time. Clooney was even a wingman for Bullock at times. 

As for Clooney and Roberts, they have a long friendship history as well. They obviously both starred in "Ocean's Eleven," along with a few other films including the 2022 rom-com, "Ticket to Paradise." "The minute we met, we had fun," Clooney told People that same year. "The beauty is, when you work with people who take their work seriously and don't take themselves seriously, and that's really fun."

Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock were America's Sweethearts

So, no, the two actors never fought over George Clooney. But that's not the only reason some people created drama between them. The title of "America's Sweetheart" is given to an actor that America loves to fawn over. And in a 2003 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts shared that she didn't take the title to heart. "It's all a projection, and projection is very changeable," she said. "Projection comes not so much from what I'm doing but from the point of view of the person perceiving me. So it's like a joining of two things, one of which I have no control over or understanding of," she added. Roberts didn't reject it, but she definitely didn't think much of it. She also originally thought it meant she was "tiny."

Sandra Bullock was another actor who received the title of "America's Sweetheart." And Roberts told Oprah that she knew about this made-up feud between them which was apparently heated up because of this. "A while ago when Sandra Bullock was first making movies, the press started this whole rivalry between us," she said in 2003. "She was supposed to be the next." She even shared a story about how someone wrote an article about Bullock, calling her "the next Julia Roberts," which she found silly. With little evidence of an actual feud, and the women themselves joking about it here and there, Bullock and Roberts stay classy per usual.