The Stars Who Passed On King Charles' Coronation Are Royally Petty

Piping hot English breakfast tea has been served ahead of King Charles III's coronation as celebrities are seemingly picking sides in the royal family feud. Some of today's top artists are choosing to forego the historic occasion, adding a layer of unnecessary pettiness to the crowning.

The Sun revealed that a number of artists including Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles and Adele had been asked to perform at the historic event and opted out. Making matters worse, many of the artists hadn't revealed why they wouldn't be there. While the royal insider speaking to the outlet confirmed that John and Styles were both unable to make it (John being in the midst of a world tour, and Styles recovering from one), the rest have stayed mummy. Days after the first report emerged, Rolling Stone also revealed that their questions to the artists were met with silence. Awks. 

The musicians' quietness comes at a rocky time for the royal family amid Prince Harry's bridge-burning memoir release, even though "Spare" characterized the King pretty positively, all things considered. Here's the thing: despite the drama surrounding the royal family and the Sussexes, any reconciliation between Prince Harry and King Charles is between father and son. As for the stars pulling out of Charles' coronation? Their choice is a petty snub that stems from a long-held misunderstanding of the king.  

King Charles continues to be misunderstood

If there's anything we can take away from the number of stars opting out of King Charles III's coronation, it's that this is nothing new. The eldest son of the late Queen Elizabeth II has long been misunderstood by the masses, and it appears even his position as monarch hasn't changed that. 

Case in point: speaking to Rolling Stone, one unnamed but highly-placed music publicist from the UK pointed out that the reason the musicians didn't want to align themselves with the king was because of his legacy, or perceived lack thereof. "There's not a legacy of his that anyone would want to align with," she argued. The kicker is, that simply isn't true. 

Enter, the A-listers who have backed him in the past, specifically because of the impact he's had on their lives. Back in 2020, Idris Elba, David Oyelowo and a number of British musicians spoke about being beneficiaries of the king's charity, The Prince's Trust. Oyelowo revealed that as a teenager, he'd received funding from the charity to pursue his dream of attending the National Youth Music Theatre. Elba, meanwhile, shared that the $1,500 he received as a teen, "Gave me my start, and my career." If, as the publicist suggested to Rolling Stone, performers pulling out of the coronation show comes down to a disdain for the king's impact on society, this isn't just royally petty. It's also a sad repeat of a cycle of misunderstanding. 

Shady musicians just add to royal family drama

Of course, any drama surrounding the royal family comes down to much more than King Charles III's legacy at the moment. The very publicly played out tensions between the senior royals and the Sussexes has undoubtedly played a role in the artists' decision to not be involved.

To be sure, singers not wanting to be involved in family beef is fair enough. However, given that a number of those who've bowed out of the coronation have performed at royal events in the past, their choice to skip an arguably much glitzier occasion doesn't avoid drama. Far from it, as the singers' stance only adds fuel to the fire. And, given the latest developments in the feud — that is, the Sussexes' eviction from their Windsor digs, Frogmore Cottage — that's the last thing the royal family needs.

Ultimately, the coronation concert will go ahead on May 7, regardless of who will perform. At the time of writing, those who are said to be on stage include royal family darling Kylie Minogue, Lionel Richie and Andrew Lloyd Weber. Hopefully by the time the crowning of King Charles' successor rolls around, musicians of the era will come to their senses and realize Coronation Day was never about petty feuds.