Vanderpump Rules: James Kennedy's Girlfriend Ally Lewber Isn't New To Reality TV

Season 10 of "Vanderpump Rules" has been full of changes. Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney's marriage is dunzo, Lala Kent is newly single and ready to mingle, and DJ James Kennedy is in love (again) with spiritual astrologer and model Ally Lewber. "I do think Ally [Lewber] is the one. I'm gonna put some babies in there one day," Kennedy declared in a clip promoting the reality show's latest season.

Kennedy and Lewber first met at one of Tom Sandoval's shows at The Canyon in Agoura Hills, and the rest is simply history. "It was just a magical night," Kennedy gushed during an interview with The Buzz. "[I] met her backstage. She was with her best friend and sparks were flying." Still, Kennedy was hesitant to share his new relationship with the rest of the world. "Look, it's too early to say honestly [if Ally will appear on 'Vanderpump Rules']. I do like this girl, I really do. I don't know. We'll see what happens. I can't ask any girl to do that," he said during an appearance on Kent's "Give Them Lala" podcast. But somewhere along the way, Kennedy did come around to the idea and Lewber finally made her "VPR" debut during the show's Season 10 premiere. "She's done incredible this year," Kennedy gushed about Lewber's cameos on the show. Perhaps, however, Lewber's doing such a good job because this isn't her first reality show rodeo...

Ally Lewber starred in The Valley right after high school

Blame it all on her reality show roots.

Ohio native and Belmont University grad Ally Lewber is a jack of all trades! According to her LinkedIn profile, she has worked as a public relations intern, a production assistant, a receptionist, a staff writer for The Hollywood Gossip, and an on-air host for Afterbuzz TV. But that's not all. Way back in 2015, she was a cast member in an eight-episode reality series called "The Valley," wherein the cameras documented the lives of six high school graduates as they learn to acclimate to adulthood. Not too terribly far off from "Vanderpump Rules" when it first started, right?!

These days, however, Lewber appears to be more interested in stars than trying to be one. According to her personal website, she currently serves as a spiritual astrologer. "Astrology is simply a practice of self-understanding to provide inner peace and self-love. It's also a beautiful tool to help nurture your growing relationship with the universe," she said about her newly chosen field of study.

Ally Lewber's not the only one...

As it turns out, however, Ally Lewber is not the only one in the "Vanderpump Rules" cast (past and present) to have dipped their toe in the reality television pond before "VPR." Just ask Stassi Schroeder, Tom Sandoval, and Scheana Shay.

Prior to filming "Pump Rules," Stassi Schroeder appeared on both "The Amazing Race" and "Queen Bees." Alas, she's not terribly proud of those gigs. "I was like sixteen, and I was half Goth, like, I couldn't fully commit. I didn't have my chin implant yet. I was definitely going through my awkward stage in high school, and my dad put me on TV to wear no makeup ... So that was just horrendous," she lamented during an interview with BuzzFeed. And it appears Shay shares similar sentiments about her time on MTV's "The Hills." According to "The Good as Gold" crooner, her reality show debut was less than glamorous. "Definitely don't have pics from it. I had bangs and a double chin, lol. Barely recognizable! I try to not draw attention to me on that because I looked so bad!" she revealed to Bravo's The Daily Dish.  

However, it doesn't appear that Sandoval has any regrets about his past cameo on "The Hills," wherein he attended a Teen Vogue casting call shirtless. "I get tweets about it all the time," he said about eagle-eyed viewers spotting him in the reality series. 

Hey, we all have to start somewhere, right?!