How To Get Away With Murder: What Happened To The Cast After The Show Ended

For six seasons, "How To Get Away With Murder" kept audiences on the edge of their seats as Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) navigated an increasingly perilous law career alongside her students, co-workers, lovers, and enemies. The Shonda Rhimes-produced show was a hit upon its premiere in 2014, garnering history-making awards and adding another gem in the Shondaland TV crown after "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal." "I love to write about normal people in extreme situations," series creator Peter Nowalk shared with Firstpost. "'HTGAWM' is very much about that — young people who think their life will go one way (law school, success as a lawyer), but then gets hijacked by the darkest of acts — murder." 

The show not only gave film and stage star Viola Davis an opportunity to conquer the small screen, but it launched and revived the careers of several other actors, all enveloped in the passion, intrigue, and danger centered in a fictional Philadelphia law school. After "How To Get Away With Murder" ended in 2020, many of the stars continued to expand their talents into new realms.

Aja Naomi King shines in a new light

Aja Naomi King made waves as stylish and ambitious Michaela Pratt, an inaugural member of the fictional Keating 5, on "How to Get Away with Murder," After the show ended in 2020, King continued to share her gifts on screen in Amazon's "Sylvie's Love," "Boxing Day," and "The 24th," the latter centered around the all-black Twenty-Fourth United States Infantry Regiment and the Houston Riot of 1917. Off screen, she appeared in the 2021 podcast "Blackout" alongside Oscar winner Rami Malek.

King was named the face of L'Oreal Paris in 2020, following in the footsteps of "Murder" co-star Viola Davis. "Gratitude can't begin to describe this feeling inside," she wrote in an Instagram post. "No words can capture it...but I hope to be one more face looking back at you showing you what IS possible!!! Honored to be part of the L'Oréal Family." As for her own family, King welcomed her first child, son Kian, with her husband, Dan King, in 2021. "[Being a mother] has deepened my relationship with beauty and wellness because you never know what's going to happen or how much time you have," she shared with Byrdie. "Carving out these moments for myself is significant because I can't be the parent my child deserves if I'm not taking care of myself."

Viola Davis continues to make history

Acclaimed actor Viola Davis earned multiple accolades for her turn as high profile law professor and criminal defense attorney Annalise Keating through all six seasons of "How to Get Away with Murder." Since the show wrapped in 2020, Davis has continued to make waves throughout the entertainment industry. Davis starred as the titular character in "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" alongside the late Chadwick Boseman at the end of 2020, earning her a Screen Actor's Guild Award and great critical acclaim. The next year, she was one of only a few actors to reprise their role in the reboot of "The Suicide Squad," after the 2016 original film received poor feedback. Davis has continued to impress with her dramatic acting with leading roles in "The Unforgiven" and "The Woman King." She even starred as Michelle Obama in the Showtime series "The First Lady."

Davis has also continued to shine bright off-stage, receiving numerous accolades for her work and publishing her memoir "Finding Me" in 2022. In 2023, she became the third Black woman and 18th person overall to achieve EGOT status. She won her last award needed, a Grammy, for the audiobook of her memoir.

"I don't take the [accolades] and run off the stage with it," she shared with Harper's Bazaar in 2022, who named her their Woman of the Year Icon. "It's embedded in my spirit and I use it as warrior fuel to shift the industry so that I'm not the only one anymore."

Jack Falahee keeps on acting

Jack Falahee starred as the broody, brilliant Connor Walsh, another OG from the fictitious Keating 5, on "How to Get Away With Murder" throughout all six seasons. After the show's finale, Falahee turned his attention to music. He collaborated with friend Tim Wu (aka DJ Elephante) to form the duo Diplomacy, who released their debut single "Silver Lake Queen" in 2019 and put out an EP the following February. They were set to hit the road, but the global pandemic put a pause on Diplomacy's 2020 tour. "A lot of [our writing] deals with looking back at stories that we tell ourselves and our past — our individual stories but also our shared past from [our childhood hometown] Ann Arbor," Falahee shared with Billboard. "Also, the uncertainty of our careers and what the future holds."

Falahee didn't completely switch over from the small screen. In 2022, it was announced that he would star in the film "Holly by Nightfall" alongside "1883" actor Eric Nelsen. Falahee even shared a behind-the-scenes picture he took with his co-star as filming wrapped in October 2022. "The acting bug bit me," he revealed to Backstage. "It was just the first thing that really inspired me, so...I think it is the thing that I do because I can't imagine myself doing anything else."

Karla Souza continues to find success on TV

Karla Souza played the strong-willed Laurel Castillo, another original member of the Keating 5, on "How to Get Away with Murder." The finale didn't slow Souza down when it came to starring in new shows. Since 2020, the Mexico City-born actor has starred in the Amazon Spanish-language series "El Presidente," and appeared in the podcast series "From Now" alongside "Game of Thrones" star Richard Madden and "Succession" actor Brian Cox. She also had a role in the Netflix film "The Sleepover," along with the thriller "There Are No Saints" and the Jamie Foxx-led "Day Shift." In 2021, she was cast as Marina in the ABC series "Home Economics" opposite Topher Grace. The show's second season finale aired in January 2023, though the news of a third season has not yet been confirmed.

Souza's roots have been a guiding light in both her personal and professional life. After starring in "Murder," she continued to pursue roles that honored her heritage on and off screen. "As a trailblazer for women, ['Murder' showrunner Shonda Rhimes] opened my eyes in terms of race and doing things for my community," Souza, a mother of two young children, shared with Parents. "It's been an interesting journey for me—speaking up, growing up, and becoming bolder and less afraid of saying no or raising my hand."

Matt McGorry champions important causes

Matt McGorry portrayed the goofy but generally good-hearted Asher Millstone, also a fictitious Keating 5 member, throughout all six seasons of "How To Get Away With Murder." The actor continued to pursue roles after "Murder" ended, and was cast in films including "Death of a Telemarketer" alongside "New Girl" star Lamorne Morris, and "Good On Paper" starring comedian Iliza Shlesinger. He made his return to television series work in Netflix's horror series "Archive 81." "As an actor, one of the most exciting things is to play a variety of characters, in a variety of different genres," he told "A new challenge and inhabiting someone new is always really exciting."

McGorry, a former personal trainer and fitness writer, has also spoken publicly about mental health and body image. "I am worth so much more than a lifetime of obsessing over food, exercise, and weight," he said in an essay for Human Parts on Medium. "I am a beautiful, powerful being, defined by so much beyond how I look. I just had to strip away layers and layers of societal bulls**t before I could realize it." He also co-founded Inspire Justice, an organization that aims to show public figures how to use their platforms for good. "A big part of how we do this work is advising folks on where to put their time, their creativity, and their resources," he shared with Forbes.

Alfred Enoch returned to his theatrical roots

Alfred Enoch rounded out the fictional Keating 5 as the smart but mysterious Wes Gibbons in "How To Get Away With Murder." As fans of the show know, he also returned in the series finale to play Christopher Castillo, the son of his character Wes and Karla Souza's character Laurel. The British-Brazilian actor took to the stage after "Murder" finished, starring in plays including "Crave" and online versions of "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and "Watch on the Rhine." He's also tapped into his inner Shakespearean player, starring as the male lead in "Romeo & Juliet" at Shakespeare's Globe in London and as Orlando in "As You Like It" at SoHo Place. "Theatre is massively important to me," he told The Guardian during his time as Romeo in 2021. "Shakespeare is held up as the pinnacle of English literature but it can feel so alienating and distant to people. The hope is to give a completely different relationship with it. If people discover they want to be actors or work in theatre, wonderful."

Enoch has also continued to star on the silver screens both large and small, including the Apple TV+ series "Foundation," which was created by "The Dark Knight" writer David S. Goyer. He also made an appearance as himself in the "Harry Potter" reunion special for HBO Max in 2022; he starred as Gryffindor student Dean Thomas in the original films.

Liza Weil hopes to inspire her daughter with her work

Liza Weil played Bonnie Winterbottom, the right-hand woman to Viola Davis' Annalise Keating, throughout all six seasons of "How To Get Away With Murder." Even after her bloody ending in the "Murder" finale, the former "Gilmore Girls" and "Scandal" star has kept busy since the series finale. She has had roles in films like "The Black Emperor of Broadway" and "Women Is Losers," as well as a recurring role on HBO's "Westworld." In 2021, it was announced that she joined the cast of the Fox drama "The Cleaning Lady" as FBI agent Katherine Russo. In 2023, Weil was also announced as part of the cast of the ensemble drama-comedy film "Lost & Found In Cleveland" alongside Martin Sheen. She was also cast in the television film "The Passenger."

In addition to her work as an actor, Weil is also a mother to daughter Josephine. "I think that I'm relieved when I feel like the stuff that I'm doing is important and may have value to her someday," she shared with Nylon. "It makes you wonder whether you're doing the right thing. I think that I look forward to her seeing that stuff. I guess I hope that she takes what she does from it."

Charlie Weber continues to pursue dark roles

Charlie Weber played the dangerous but loyal associate of Annalise's, Frank Delfino, on "How To Get Away With Murder" through 2020. ”I think we all have a darkness inside of us — some of us, more than others,” he told Grumpy Magazine of the role. ”I feel very fortunate that I've been able to take all of that and channeling it into something creative." 

Since the show wrapped, Weber continued pursuing roles tinged with a dark side in both television and film. He voiced the character of Adam Strange in "Batman: Death in the Family" alongside Bruce Greenwood as the Dark Knight himself. He has also appeared in a number of films including "After We Collided," "Panama," "As They Made Us," and "The Locksmith." He was also cast as the co-lead in the horror film "Soul Mates," alongside Annie Ilonzeh. Though his career has been steady for decades, he doesn't take it for granted. "In a weird way, every gig is a big break," he shared with Variety in 2018. "I've been a professional actor for [more than 20 years], and for me to get to here, it was peaks and valleys, but I was always working, and I'm one of those people who something like "How To Get Away With Murder" came around [for] because I stayed in the game."

Conrad Ricamora splits his time between stage and screen

Conrad Ricamora's turn as Oliver Hampton, the adorable IT nerd and husband to Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee), became a beloved staple in the "How To Get Away With Murder" universe. After the show ended, Ricamora continued to star on screens big and small, as well as the stage. On television, he recurred as Dr. Jake Wong on Fox's "The Resident." He even returned to his theatrical roots in 2022 when he starred as Seymour Krelborn in the Off-Broadway revival of "Little Shop of Horrors." "I love coming back to theater so much because you get to show up every day," Ricamora told The New York Times. "Theater grounds you — eight shows a week is no joke."

In film, he lent his voice to the character Houyi in 2020's "Over The Moon" and starred as Will opposite Bowen Yang and Joel Kim Booster in 2022's "Fire Island." In a conversation with W Magazine, Ricamora shared how meaningful it was to be a part of "Fire Island." "It's important to...celebrate the joy of being in the queer community, because there is so much joy, there is so much that is so beautiful and fabulous and exciting and sexy about it," he said. "In the midst of all of those stories being told, it's important for us to celebrate as well. Otherwise, what are we fighting for?"

Billy Brown has lent his voice to the Marine Corps

Billy Brown played part-time detective/part-time lover of Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) Nate Lahey on "How To Get Away With Murder." The former "Dexter" actor's next credited role after "Murder" is the film "Working Man," released in late 2020, in which he starred alongside Peter Gerety and Talia Shire. The film received critical acclaim, with the Chicago Sun-Times praising his "screen-commanding performance." Brown has also been the featured voice of the United States Marine Corps recruitment commercials. His work was featured prominently in the 2015 campaign "Wall." In addition to his work on the TV and movie screens, Brown is currently listed as a speaker-for-hire through All-American Entertainment.

"Life excites me. All of it, man," Brown once told during his time on "Murder." "More of this, more working, more 'How To Get Away With Murder,' living in New York — all of it."