Melania Trump Reportedly Isn't Happy About Donald's Hush Money Drama With Stormy Daniels

Melania Trump is not particularly pleased with her husband's current legal troubles. In 2018, the Wall Street Journal released an exposé revealing that Donald Trump, who was at the time president of the United States, had paid off former adult film star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in hush money. According to the report, Daniels previously had sexual relations with Donald, whom she met at a golf tournament in 2006. The $130,000, facilitated by Michael Cohen, a key member of the Trump Organization, was paid to prevent the adult film star from going public with the truth.

But while Cohen and Donald admit that a payment was made to Daniels, the pair have since denied allegations of the affair. At the time of the alleged affair, Donald was already married to his third wife Melania. "These rumors have circulated time and again since 2011. President Trump once again vehemently denies any such occurrence as has Ms. Daniels," Cohen told The Daily Beast in 2018.

Given the timing of the payment — shortly before the 2016 presidential election — Donald become a subject of an investigation, with the Department of Justice suspecting that by paying off Daniels, he broke campaign finance laws. Between allegations of an affair and a likely criminal case, however, one person that wants no part of the drama is former first lady, Melania Trump.

Melania Trump is keeping her distance from Trump's legal drama

She's got 99 problems and Stormy Daniels is not one! According to People, former first lady Melania Trump is distancing herself from the drama ahead of Donald Trump's possible indictment and arrest. "Melania is leading her own life, and still feels happy being at Mar-a-Lago, surrounded by people who love her and who never talk about reality, or bad things about her husband," an insider told the outlet.

Her lack of interest, however, does not signify approval, as sources claim Melania is still pretty upset about the situation. "She remains angry and doesn't want to hear [the alleged hush money payment] mentioned," the source explained. "She is aware of who her husband is and keeps her life upbeat with her own family and a few close friends." As noted by the insider, Melania's anger dates back to 2018 when news broke that Donald paid off Daniels.

In her 18 years married to Donald, Melania has had to endure multiple cheating scandals and sexual assault allegations involving the former president. Despite this though, Melania, a former model, has proved her loyalty and support for Donald to be unwavering.  "It is not my concern and no focus of mine. I'm a mother and a first lady, and I have much more important things to think about and to do," she once told ABC News. "I know people like to speculate and the media like to speculate about our marriage and circulate the gossip."

Does Melania Trump care if Donald Trump goes to jail?

Melania Trump's anger runs so deep that she apparently doesn't care if Donald Trump ends up behind bars. While she's trying her best to keep her hands off the sticky situation her husband is currently in, the source dished to People that she "wants to ignore it and hopes it will pass, but she doesn't sympathize with Donald's plight," either.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Grisham, former White House press secretary and communications director, shared that she would be surprised if she saw Melania supporting Donald in court. "Because it has to do with Stormy Daniels," she explained to Inside Edition. "It's just not in her to stand by her man for something like that." For the most part, Melania has always been supportive of her husband in nearly everything he does, but Grisham thinks that the former First Lady would leave him to fend for himself this time around. "She's not lending him a whole lot of moral support," Grisham added. "I'm sure she's still thinking: 'You got yourself into this mess. I'm certainly not going to walk beside you and support you as you try to get out of it."'

And apparently, Melania has felt this way ever since she found out about the affair. "She always said to me, 'this is his problem,'" Grisham divulged.

Donald Trump reportedly only paid Stormy Daniels to remain in Melania's good graces

The reason why Donald Trump is in this whole mess in the first place is he's reportedly afraid that Melania Trump will leave him. Trump biographer Tim O'Brien shared with MSNBC that the presidential campaign was the least of Donald's worries and that he was more concerned about the possibility of destroying his marriage.

"I think he was also worried about his marriage getting blown up," O'Brien said. "Donald Trump has a long history of cheating on his wives, and I think he was probably more afraid at that point of Melania Trump than he was of the electorate, so he had a motivation to try and get this out of the way."

Interestingly, the Daily Mail reported that Melania had indeed momentarily left Donald the moment she found out about the hush money. The outlet claimed that she decided to spend a few days at a hotel in Washington, D.C., but her former adviser, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, was quick to debunk it, saying that it was all "BS." In a tweet, she wrote, "How do I know? I was there! Melania slept in her bedroom in the WH. I slept in my bedroom in the WH above her. I accompanied Melania & her mother to the Holocaust Museum. I wrote about it in my book 'Melania and Me.'"