The Untold Truth Of Lil Tay

Who is Lil Tay?

She's a foul-mouthed young girl and the self-proclaimed "youngest flexer of the century" whose Instagram has accumulated millions of fans. Her account is also littered with phrases like "y'all ain't doing it like Lil Tay," "y'all broke a** haters," and other obscenities that would likely cause anyone else her age to be grounded the rest of their preteen lives.

Lil Tay is also known for boasting about her wealth on her page, flashing wads of cash, spinning the wheels of fancy cars, showing off $100,000 watches, and flaunting off her name-brand outfits. The posts have fascinated (and repulsed) tons of onlookers, but, whether you love or hate her posts, Lil Tay has undeniably made her blueprint in the social media-sphere, and she doesn't appear to be going away any time soon.

From questions about her race to her blossoming rap career, let's explore a bit more about this pint-sized OG.

The 'glo-up'

According to Lil Tay herself, the lifestyle she lives — or, at least, pretends to live — is a drastic change from her life just a few years ago. In a YouTube video shared on her account in December 2017, the social media star said she used to live in Atlanta and was "broke as hell." Reflecting on her transformation, she added (via Metro), "But one day I woke up and I said to myself I ain't going to be broke no more. So I got up and worked hard, started moving bricks and now we be living in the hills."

Her troubled past is likely why she lashed out at critics who judged her for her behavior on social media back in April 2018. In the Instagram post, which has since been deleted, Lil Tay said she was simply trying to accomplish her dreams, regardless of her controversial antics, and urged critics to let her be so she could make her mama proud.

Identity crisis

In December 2017, Lil Tay clapped back at YouTube star RiceGum after he called her out for bullying his sister in a video posted to his account. He also urged the social media star to just be herself rather than appropriating African American culture, which prompted her to respond by saying she was "partially black."

"You don't even know anything about me, so why are you just making assumptions?" Lil Tay fired back. "So now you know and you can just shut the f**k up. Thanks."

Despite the tween's declarations, the suspicions regarding her racial background were reignited in May 2018 after news personality DJ Akademiks posted a video to Instagram that allegedly showed Lil Tay being coached to act and talk how she does. At the time of this writing, she has yet to respond to the post, so we'll have to wait and see what happens on that one.

She's a rapper

Now that the controversial preteen has dominated Instagram and developed a significant and profitable social media following, she's turned her attention to the music industry, releasing her debut single "Money Way" in April 2018. However, the song has caught quite the backlash for its unconventional and straight-up disturbing lyrics. In the first verse of the track, Tay raps, "I'm only 9, smoking on trees / Smoking on P,"  which — if you ask us — is an immediate buzzkill for any music-head. 

Even so, the social media star doesn't seem to have any plans to forgo her music — despite the heavy criticism. In fact, when asked how often she makes music during an interview with Sound & Track Magazine, Tay replied, "On the daily basis, I wish I could drop music everyday."

Translation: you'd better get used to it, even if you aren't a fan, 'cause she's about to take over all the streaming platforms.

Meet her BFF, Woah Vicky

Like many other rappers in this day and age, you've gotta have an entourage. The biggest influencers in the music industry will tell you that it's an essential part of any up-and-coming artists' career — which is likely why, any time you see Lil Tay, fellow social media star Woah Vicky is lurking closely behind. The two have often referred to each other as sisters and even partied it up together at Coachella in April 2018.

The duo is so close that they often go toe-to-toe with others for one another. In May 2018, Woah Vicky called out Lil Tay's brother, Jason Tian — who has been heavily criticized for being the alleged mastermind behind his sister's antics — on her Instagram account, insisting that he was too old to be doing such things for social media. And Lil Tay got into a pretty intense beef, herself, with a major star over Vicky...

Cashhh her outside

In April 2018, Lil Tay got caught up in some beef between Woah Vicky and Danielle Bregoli — aka Bhad Bhabie or the "Cash me outside" girl. Apparently, Bregoli was upset that Vicky had used a derogatory word to describe one of her friends, so she confronted her in Los Angeles. And Lil Tay was right there for the entire thing.

The preteen later posted the exchange on her Instagram, showing bodyguards stepping in to diffuse the situation after Vicky and Bregoli came close to throwing blows at one another. Lil Tay also attacked the "Gucci Flip Flops" rapper online, writing (via Metro), "How a girl gone talk bout Gucci flip flops when u only can afford tank tops. [By the way] you look like a rat with draw on eyebrows." Tay continued, "Tf happens to ur eyebrows? Ima smack yo mama when I see her.... Broke a** b***h, you can't fight for s**t and you a b***h."

Warning: don't mess with this kid.

She loves Lil Pump

If you've ever heard Lil Tay's single "Money Way" and noticed the undeniable similarities to Lil Pump's record-breaking 2017 single "Gucci Gang," it's not just a coincidence. She's apparently one of his biggest fans, and "Gucci Gang" is her absolute favorite song ever. She even temporarily went by the name "Jetski" — one of Pump's monikers — to express her admiration for the Miami native.

In April 2018, one of Tay's biggest dreams came true: She finally got to meet the "D Rose" rapper. She also used the opportunity to capitalize off her beef with Danielle Bregoli, insisting Pump wasn't feeling her, either. She captioned a photo of her and Pump, which she shared on Instagram, "Met up w/ my boy lil pump yesterday, he called me up to link & he said cashmeousside a [b****]. Lmfao girl stop hitting his line!"

Now that Lil Tay's idol is allegedly in on her beef with Bregoli, our guess is that it's not gonna die down for a while.

Chief Keef is her homie, too

When Chief Keef released his bubbly single "Can You Be My Friend" in 2017, he probably didn't have a 9-year-old in mind. Nonetheless, he and Lil Tay have seemingly forged a close-knit friendship and even linked up for some fun photos at one of Keef's shows in April 2018 (via Hollywood Life), which were later posted on Lil Tay's Instagram account.

In the caption of one particular shot, Lil Tay revealed that she and the "Don't Like" rapper were even working on a special project together for their fans. She wrote, "Me and my big Bro @chieffkeeffsossa got a video on the way. Gang Gang.. be ready."

Although many fans were hoping for a music collaboration from the two, the video was actually just a recording of their exchange at Keef's concert. In the clip, he's shown gifting the controversial tween a headband from his clothing store, GloGang, before going on stage at his show. But the gesture at least proves just how solid their friendship is, and it left fans with a glimmer of hope for a future collab.

She and 6ix9ine are like two peas in a pod

Remember when we said Lil Tay has beef with Danielle Bregoli? Well, fellow rapper 6ix9ine is beefing with Bregoli's rumored love interest, Trippie Redd, which created the perfect opportunity to form a new alliance, right? Clearly, Lil Tay and the "Gummo" rapper thought so, because, as of the time of this writing, they've been super close.

Their friendship initially began when 6ix9ine discovered and posted a picture to Instagram that allegedly showed Redd and Bregoli cuddled up in bed together. He then shared a video on his page accusing his former collaborator of having sex with Lil Tay's arch nemesis.

The problem, you ask? At the time of this writing, Bregoli is just 15 years old while Redd is 19. Bregoli did, however, attempt to clarify the rumors, assuring her fans that she and Redd hadn't done anything other than kissing. But none of that matters to Lil Tay, as she's gone online to drag the "Hi Bich" rapper over the rumors on multiple occasions. Even 6ix9ine hops in sometimes.

Behind-the-scenes trouble

What actually made Lil Tay famous — her profanity-laced social media posts and affinity to flex in foreign cars and lavish homes — actually forced her mother, Angela Tian, to resign from her job as a real estate agent. It all started with one particular Instagram video, in which the internet sensation was shown flaunting a wad of cash and showing off a red Mercedes convertible.

Turns out the whip belonged to David Yang, the managing partner of the realty company — Pacific Evergreen Realty — that employed Tian. He told Global News that the mother-of-two had initially asked if her daughter could simply take a photo with the car, but he had no idea the post would end up on Instagram in front of millions.

To make matters worse, that wasn't the only time that Lil Tay had used her mother's real estate connections to flex for her fan base. After Tian was exposed, it was also revealed that her "new apartment," which Tay had bragged about in another Instagram video, was actually a listing for the same real estate company. And with all that evidence, Tian couldn't do anything except resign.

California dreamin'

There's often been a lot of skepticism surrounding Lil Tay's actual residence. Many of her videos appear to be shot in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and other elite parts of California. However, once her mother got called out over her daughter's antics, it was revealed that Tian was a real estate agent in Vancouver rather than the golden state.

The suspicions were further fueled after Lil Tay claimed she was living in a $3.6 million dollar penthouse in Beverly Hills when it was, in fact, located in Canada. It also didn't help when internet trolls decided to do some research on the preteen and unearthed the contact information of Lil Tay's management. According to the Daily Hive, they found a Vancouver-area based number, which raised even more eyebrows regarding her actual whereabouts.

But perhaps — in her defense — she's just speaking all of her dreams into existence. And we can't really be too mad at that.