Hallmark Stars Who've Never Worked Together But Should

It's not unusual for actors to work with the same stars on multiple occasions. For example, Adam Sandler is known for repeatedly teaming up with some of his favorite comedy co-stars, like Jennifer Aniston and Steve Buscemi. It's the same with actors on the Hallmark Channel. Stars like Nikki DeLoach and Andrew W. Walker frequently gravitate toward working with each other, having starred in five of the network's signature made-for-TV movies together between 2016 and 2023. Their instant connection made their ongoing working relationship a no-brainer, DeLoach revealed to ET. "We are so similar; from the first movie, it was like, 'You, me, this is it,'" she said.

However, other Hallmark stars haven't had the chance to work together as much as they would have liked. Cameron Mathison is very keen to team up with his "Very, Very, Valentine" co-star Danica McKellar again if the opportunity arises. Meanwhile, Chris McNally told International Business Times that he's hoping to co-star in a movie with Emilie Ullerup after sharing one scene with her in "Heart of Christmas."

But, there's also a host of Hallmark Media stars who, despite having been working with the network for years, haven't had a chance to work together yet — and a few who haven't even met yet. Thankfully, though, some of the network's biggest stars, like Lacey Chabert, who has been with Hallmark for over a decade, have been vocal about the collaborations they want in the future. So, let's dive into all the team ups we want to see from Hallmark stars who've never worked together but should.

Rachel Boston and Jesse Metcalfe

Rachel Boston has been a staple on the Hallmark Channel since 2014, when she starred in "A Ring By Spring" alongside Kirby Morrow. Since then Boston has starred in plenty more rom-coms for the network, including a host of made-for-TV holiday movies, such as "Christmas in Angel Falls." Along the way, she's worked with many Hallmark mainstays, including Wes Brown, Marc Bendavid, Andrew W. Walker, and Paul Greene. Now, Boston is looking to work with other Hallmark stars. She told International Business Times that there's one other big name she's keen to share the screen with in particular. "We've got Jesse Metcalfe out there. Maybe I can work with him?" she teased.

Metcalfe has been dipping in and out of Hallmark for years, working on everything from the series "Chesapeake Shores" to the "Martha's Vineyard Mystery" film series. In between, the "Desperate Housewives" alum has taken roles on GAC and Lifetime, but he hasn't left Hallmark. The network confirmed he expected to return for future projects, so there's plenty of opportunity for Boston and Metcalfe to work together. Metcalfe had a great rapport with Kayden and Abbie Magnuson who played Carrie and Caitlin Winters (Meghan Ory's on-screen children) on "Chesapeake Shores," while Boston took on her first mom role with the network in "Dating the Delaneys," so a future team up between them could see one or both of them playing parents.

Lacey Chabert and Cameron Mathison

Lacey Chabert is another Hallmark actor who has been a regular fixture on viewers' screens for years. She's appeared in over 35 of the channel's movies since 2010. Her first film for the network, "Elevator Girl" saw her reunite with her "Mean Girls" co-star Jonathan Bennett, and since then Chabert has starred alongside plenty of Hallmark's leading men. The network has given her unlimited opportunities to grow as an actor and filmmaker, taking an interest in the behind-the-scenes work as an executive producer. "I found a real home in Hallmark," she told Vulture. "I'm able to be more of who I am here than possibly anywhere else I've worked."

She told the outlet that the thing she loves the most about working with the network is getting to play characters who have similar values and traditions to her in real life. Additionally, starring in Hallmark movies allows her to make films that make people feel good, like "The Wedding Veil" series. Chabert considers herself a Hallmark "lifer" and is open to working on different genres and styles of film, such as Hallmark's classic mystery movies. In one of them, she hope's to have the opportunity to finally work with Cameron Mathison, star of the "Murder, She Baked" films. "He's such a good guy, he's so talented, and I consider him a friend and it would be fun for us to work together," she told International Business Times. Unfortunately, for now, it's a mystery when this collaboration will happen.

Cameron Mathison and Nikki DeLoach

Happily for Lacey Chabert, Cameron Mathison also has the "Mean Girls" alum on his list of Hallmark stars he'd like to work with — along with Rachel Boston, per International Business Times. Rounding out "The Christmas Club" stars' top three potential co-stars is Hallmark mainstay Nikki DeLoach.

Like Mathison, DeLoach is another star who has led over a dozen made-for-TV movies since she joined the network in 2015. Along with plenty of Christmas movies, she's starred in evergreen rom-coms like "The Perfect Catch" and "Truly, Madly, Sweetly." The pair know each other well, having first worked together on the 2001 action crime comedy "Longshot," and reuniting several times on "Home and Family" in the decades between. But, despite all these interactions, they've never worked together on a Hallmark project. "DeLoach and I have been talking about it for a long time," the former "Home and Family" host admitted to IBT.

Although Mathison's talk show ended in 2021, there's hope that his discussions with DeLoach has continued since she signed an exclusive multi-picture deal with Hallmark Media back in December 2022. She shared that she was excited to be continuing her relationship with the network. "These movies are special and to be able to bring to life stories that make people feel good is an opportunity I am grateful to have," she told Deadline. With DeLoach fully available to Hallmark, it shouldn't be too difficult for the pair to collaborate on a project around Mathison's "General Hospital" schedule. A rom-com with this duo is definitely something Hallmark viewers would support.

Nikki DeLoach and Wes Brown

Nikki DeLoach clearly envisions a long career with Hallmark Media, and the network feels the same way. Lisa Hamilton Daly, the Executive Vice President of Programming at Hallmark, gushed about the actor. "Nikki is one of those rare actors who has a range of skills that allows her to play both comedy and drama while making it look effortless. Her warmth and likability shine through in every role she takes on, making her a favorite among our viewers," she told Deadline.

Of course, viewers love DeLoach's on-screen chemistry with her regular screen partner Andrew W. Walker, but there should also be other collaborations in the works. "The Gift of Peace" star isn't just in talks with Cameron Mathison, Wes Brown is also on her radar. "I love him. He's a dear friend, and we were supposed to do a movie together years ago where we were supposed to sing... [so], I'd love to do a movie involving music with him," she revealed to International Business Times.

Hallmark viewers already know Brown has the chops for a musical rom-com, having sung the Elvis Presley hit "Can't Help Falling In Love" with Kellie Pickler when the pair starred in "Wedding at Graceland" together. Meanwhile DeLoach has been showing off her vocal range since her days on "The All-New Mickey Mouse Club," so we're sure this duo would pull off an entertaining musical rom-com if they had the chance to work together.

Lacey Chabert and Holly Robinson Peete

When it comes to Hallmark, Lacey Chabert is here to stay, and she's making plans for the future. She doesn't just dream of sharing the screen with her friend Cameron Mathison — she wants to do a female-led film with Hallmark star Holly Robinson Peete. Peete, who viewers might know from starring in Hallmark's first unscripted series "Meet the Peetes" alongside her husband Rodney, is certainly open to Chabert's proposal. "We have tried to put some stuff together and I hope we get the chance to work together soon," Chabert revealed to E!

"The Wedding Veil" star has been open about her hopes of collaborating with other women on the network and making a diverse range of movies that don't just follow a standard boy-meets-girl format. "Love comes in a lot of different kinds of relationships and this sisterhood and this friendship and the love of friends is an area that we are really interested in exploring in the movies," she explained.

Peete has already started to do this with her 2023 Hallmark movie "The Road Ahead" which sees her co-star alongside "Legacies" actor Kaylee Bryant. Hallmark boss Lisa Hamilton Daly expressed her excitement at the network producing a film like this, saying, "I love seeing women encourage, support and empower others and this truly shines through in this new original," per ET. So, viewers should definitely expect more female co-leads on the Hallmark Channel. Here's hoping Chabert and Peete find time for that team up.

Cindy Busby and Andrew W. Walker

After appearing in over 50 episodes of the long-running Canadian drama "Heartland" and guest starring in shows like "The Vampire Diaries" and "Supernatural," Cindy Busby found a home for herself at Hallmark. Now, she's best known for sharing the screen with Lachlan Nieboer in "Royal Hearts," and starring opposite Ryan Paevey in the "Mr. Darcy" movies.

In her Hallmark actor bio, Busby is praised for her work ethic, so it's not surprising she's starred in over two dozen made-for-TV movies for the network. Many of Busby's projects have been Hallmark Mystery movies, like the "Hailey Dean Mystery" series. She has this in common with fellow Hallmark mainstay Andrew W. Walker, who is the star of his own Hallmark Mystery franchise, the "Curious Caterer," which premiered in 2022. "It's exactly what I would hope for in my evolution [on] Hallmark," he said of the franchise to Us Weekly.

Now, Busby wants them to team up as they haven't had the chance to share the screen, despite having starred in over 35 Hallmark movies between them. Busby shared her hopes with International Business Times, saying: "I feel like I'd heard of him a lot and I hadn't ever worked with him or really met him in person, so I would actually really love to work with him because he also is originally from Montréal, as am I, as well. I feel like we might bring some nice east coast Canadian flavor to it, which would be awesome."

Cindy Busby and Lacey Chabert

Cindy Busby has a ton of ideas for her future Hallmark movies, and working with Andrew W. Walker is just one of them. While speaking to International Business Times, she explained that she wants to use her platform to tell diverse and inclusive stories on screen. "I would really love to do a Hallmark movie where the two leads — there would be a love interest in them — but where the two leads are female. Maybe do a movie with ... Lacey Chabert," she teased. Despite working with Hallmark Media for decades, the pair have never had the chance to work together. In fact, they've never even met. But Busby admitted that she's one actor she definitely wants to work with. "I think she seems like a really cool person, and there's something really fun about two female leads," she added.

Busby's call out to work with Chabert might have come at the perfect time, as the "Mean Girls" star has expressed her desire to expand the kind of movies she does and focus on showcasing different kinds of relationships on this screen. She revealed to E! that she's been working behind-the-scenes for years to tee up collaborations with the other women of Hallmark. In fact, that's how she got involved with "The Wedding Veil" series and it could lead to future female-led projects. So, here's hoping for a Busby-Chabert team up.

Jonathan Bennett and Tyler Hynes

In 2022, "Christmas Made to Order" actor Jonathan Bennett starred in the Hallmark Channel's first LGBTQIA+-led Christmas movie with George Krissa. He told ET while being in "The Holiday Sitter" meant a lot to him, he knew it meant even more to viewers. "Representation matters and I know so many people are going to see this and feel so included at the holiday table this year. So it just feels great," Bennett said.

"Winter in Veil" star, Tyler Hynes, has also been vocal about telling stories that aren't always boy-meets-girl rom-coms and has found that Hallmark shares the same goal. "Hallmark, I believe, is more interested in those kinds of stories from the conversations that I've had, just telling a more diverse palette of stories," he told ET. Hynes' 2022 holiday movie "Three Wise Men and a Baby" did this. The film focused on three brothers who (unsurprisingly) took care of a baby during the holidays. Hynes loved the focus on the brotherly relationship in this feature. He noted, "It keeps things more fresh and more exciting." Although it still has the signature heartwarming feeling of a Hallmark movie, he added.

Bennett and Hynes have been keeping quiet about their upcoming projects, but it seems their interests align when it comes to the type of Hallmark movies they make. Both actors are keen to diverge from always telling heterosexual romances and make movies for everyone. The duo have yet to work together on the Hallmark Channel, but they'd certainly bring something interesting to the screen if they did.

Jill Wagner and Jaclyn Smith

"Maggie's Christmas Miracle" star Jill Wagner joined Hallmark in 2015 when she quickly earned herself the nickname "Miss Hallmark." Wagner starred opposite Colin Egglesfield in "Autumn Dreams" and joined Wes Brown in "Christmas Cookies" before nabbing the role of Amy in the "Mystery 101" series alongside Kristoffer Polaha.

Although that film series might have come to an end, and Wagner has gone on to star in GAC Family films "A Christmas Wish for Daisy" and "A Merry Christmas Wish," she took to Instagram to tell her fans that she hasn't ditched the channel permanently. After all, Wagner still has one team up on her Hallmark bucket list that's yet to be fulfilled. She wants to work with former "Charlie's Angels" star Jacquelyn Ellen "Jaclyn" Smith. "I've always, always, always loved her. I idolized her. I was just hoping that maybe she could be in one of my films ... [she] could play my mom?" she said to International Business Times.

Smith has been a part of the Hallmark family since she appeared in "Ordinary Miracles" in 2005. Her last Hallmark appearance was in the 2015 film "Bridal Wave" which stars Arielle Kebbel and Andrew W. Walker. However, she has continued acting, with a cameo as Kelly Garrett in Elizabeth Banks' 2019 "Charlie's Angels" movies, and starring in Lifetime's 2019 flick "Random Acts of Christmas." Hopefully Smith hasn't departed the Hallmark Channel for good and hope for these two yet.

Ryan Paevey and Jessica Lowndes

Ryan Paevey might be best known as Donovan Darcy to Hallmark viewers. But, playing the titular character in the "Mr. Darcy" duology is just one of his many roles with the network. He provides Hallmark fans with year-round entertainment, having starred in a variety of seasonal features from "A Summer Romance," to "Harvest Love," to "Coyote Creek Christmas."

It's not unusual to see Paevey appearing in multiple features a year. The actor told Fansided that he loves to work and prefers to stay busy all the time as it gives him a great sense of fulfillment. With that said, it's not that surprising that he's always thinking about what comes next. Paevey revealed his culture hopes to International Business Times, admitting he has his sights set on working with "A December Bride" star Jessica Lowndes. "I think Jessica Lowndes and I very nearly started something together and then, I think, scheduling didn't work out," he revealed.

The "90210" alum has been working with Hallmark since 2015 — starring in a string of Christmas movies, before taking a sunny romp in the Mediterranean with Jeremy Jordan in "Mix Up in the Mediterranean." However, Lowndes is one of many Hallmark stars who made a move to GAC, signing a four picture deal with the network. But, unlike Candace Cameron Bure, she confirmed to The List that her move to Hallmark's competitor isn't permanent, so something could still be on the cards for Paevey and Lowndes in the future.

Julie Gonzalo and Chad Michael Murray

Julie Gonzalo is ready for a teen movie on the Hallmark Channel — and so are we. Viewers who've followed Gonzalo's career since the noughties will recall her sharing the screen with Chad Michael Murray in "A Cinderella Story" and "Freaky Friday." But, Gonzalo didn't play the leading love interest in those movies, as those roles were filled by Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan.

Gonzalo and Murray now haven't worked together (or seen each other) for years, despite both actors ending up working for Hallmark, so they're overdue for a reunion. "I mean, I would never say no to getting reacquainted with an old co-star," Gonzalo teased to International Business Times. "That's fun times. Like, 'How are you doing?' ... People would love it." This time around, though, she wants to be the one to get a happy ending with a character played by Murray. And, if her years on the Hallmark Channel starring in films like "The Sweetest Heart" prove anything, it's that she got the chops to carry it off.

In the years since he's worked with Gonzalo, Murray has been busy bringing romance to the holiday season, starring in Hallmark features like "Love in Winterland" and "Write Before Christmas." "It's incredible for the world. We all love the holiday season. We all love these films. I'm going to do them for as long as I can," the former "One Tree Hill" star admitted (via Heavy). Julie Gonzalo and Chad Michael Murray in a Christmas rom-com, anyone?

Danielle Panabaker and Tom Cavanagh

Speaking of former co-stars reuniting on screen for their first Hallmark project — "The Flash" star Danielle Panabaker has a pretty impressive team up in mind. She revealed to International Business Times that she wants to set something up with fellow "Arrowverse" co-star Tom Cavanagh. Alongside appearing in the superhero series, the pair have both starred in a handful of Hallmark movies. Panabaker notably starred opposite Matt Long in "Christmas Joy" while Cavanagh has teamed up with Kimberly Williams-Paisley on the "Darrow and Darrow" mystery film series.

With Cavanagh focusing on mystery content for Hallmark, something in this genre could be a good fit for them. And showcasing a bit of Caitlin Snow's smarts and problem-solving skills in a new character might be a way for Panabaker to add a few Easter eggs for "The Flash" to the channel. However, if and when this team up happens, Panabaker and Cavanagh may also do well choosing something of lighter fayre and leave "The Flash" behind them. That's certainly what the Disney Channel alum liked so much about her 2018 Hallmark feature, "Christmas Joy." "I was really able to lean into the lightness when I started this movie. You know, we don't always get to laugh a lot on the set of The Flash," she explained in a separate International Business Times interview. We're sure all of Panabaker and Cavanagh's fans could get behind these two starring in a Hallmark comedy together. We'll keep our fingers crossed.