Wynonna Judd's Husband Cactus Moser Survived A Major Motorcycle Accident In 2012

Just two months after saying "I do," Wynonna Judd and her husband Cactus Moser were put through a situation that no one would ever want to experience. Judd and Moser were riding a newlywed high, but that came crashing down when Moser ended up getting in a terrible accident. It changed the couple's lives forever. 

Still, they say the third time's the charm, and it was for Wynonna Judd. After being divorced twice, the country singer had no idea she would reconnect with Moser, a musician she had known since the '80s. Love works in mysterious ways, and the pair got a second chance at love in 2009, per Country Thang Daily. After two years of dating, Moser popped the question to Judd, who gladly accepted. In 2012, the couple tied the knot, and the "Why Not Me" singer was the happiest she had ever been. She had finally found her other half after years of searching. Judd has continued to gush about Moser all these years later as the two remain happily in love, per People. She said, "He's the most tough and tender man I've ever been with that I trust. We are so connected. It's crazy how connected we are. I trust him with my life, which, I can't always say that about men in my life." While they are still madly in love, it hasn't come easy. 

Cactus Moser lost his leg in the motorcycle accident

Wynonna Judd and Cactus Moser had no idea their lives would change so drastically in one day. In 2012, Moser was in a horrific accident that cost him his leg. A year after the incident, Judd revealed the details of that terrible day to Entertainment Tonight. She said, "[It was] the best day ... 70 degrees, beautiful sky, we have a gig that night ... loving each other and a Harley ride with friends and just this beautiful open space in South Dakota. Roads for miles." It seemed like the day couldn't get any better, but in an instant, the country star heard and smelled the accident. Knowing it was Moser, she was left to wonder whether he was "alive or dead."

Judd told ET how relieved she was to hear him breathing, but she knew his life had changed forever. The singer shared, "I was 10 feet behind him when the accident happened and I saw the leg shatter and go all over the road." According to the Los Angeles Times, Moses had crossed the center line on the road, and an oncoming car had crashed into him. Unfortunately, the musician's leg was severed. When they arrived at the hospital, health officials had to amputate his leg from the knee down. But both Moser and Judd have grown stronger from the terrible experience.

Wynonna Judd has been by Cactus Moser's side throughout recovery

Wynonna Judd was there every step of the way after Cactus Moser's terrible motorcycle accident. The country singer became his own personal caregiver in an experience that made them even closer than before. She told ET, "I became his nurse, my glasses at the end of my nose, pushing saline up into the gaping wounds and wrapping them ... I went from wearing the cute newlywed clothes to wearing cotton that had crap all over it, hair in a ponytail, and rolling up my sleeves for the man I love." Judd was aware this could make or break their relationship, and luckily the couple prospered.

It wasn't easy, but after eight months of recovery, Moser was able to walk again, per People. Judd recalled the moment she saw her husband walk for the first time since the accident. She said, "It freaked me out because I've seen him in a wheelchair and using a walker, and he just walked towards me and I was like, 'Wow.' I was so stunned. I saw the wreck, I saw him lose the leg." Although the recovery was a difficult process, it was made easier with Moser's constant positivity, and his attitude got him back out in the world in no time.

Moser has even gotten back to doing what he loves ... drumming. In 2023, he joined Judd onstage for the CMT Music Awards.