Katy Perry Looks Totally Clueless At King Charles' Coronation

Katy Perry was one of the big-name stars who made their way across the pond to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III – but she seemed to have had some little trouble upon arriving at London's Westminster Abbey.

Alongside her fellow "American Idol" judge Lionel Richie and a slew of other big names, Perry was confirmed on April 14 to be in attendance. It was revealed she would not only be in the Abbey to watch King Charles be crowned, but she would also be taking part in a very special concert celebrating the event on the grounds of Windsor Castle the following day on May 7. Though some might have questioned exactly why the star was selected, it is believed that she was chosen due to her affiliation with the British Asian Trust. She was appointed as an ambassador by King Charles himself in 2020.

When the star made her way to the royal event on May 6 alongside Edward Enninful, she stunned in a gorgeous lavender ensemble with elbow-high gloves and a glamorous matching fascinator, but it seemed like she maybe could have done with a little more help finding her seat.

Katy Perry couldn't seem to find her Coronation seat

Katy Perry appeared to need a little direction in Westminster Abbey, as footage of her inside the prestigious venue went viral on social media as it showed her struggling to know exactly where to go. In a clip shared by Pop Base on Twitter, the star could be seen attempting to scout out her space and even spun around as she tried to get a better view of the Abbey and, hopefully, her seat. At one point, Perry even moved to a totally different block inside the venue and appeared to ask another attendee what row they were on before moving away in confusion. Oops!

Twitter users were already singing the praises of the clip, with one joking, "This is a new reaction vid if I've ever seen one," with a crying face emoji. Another then quipped in reference to her "American Idol" gig, "find the judges' seat madam."

We're guessing Perry eventually found her seat and settled in for the history-making event, but, we have to say, we love seeing her doing exactly what we'd probably end up doing on such an important occasion!

Katy Perry was pretty excited to get her royal invitation

Katy Perry was clearly thrilled to have been invited to witness the formal coronation of King Charles III. "I'm just so grateful to be asked for these moments and that I have the songs to, I think, support them. It's all about the songs at the end of the day," she told Access Hollywood before heading over to the U.K. The star also admitted it felt like a good fit for her to attend the coronation and perform the following day because of her non-profit efforts. "It's a foundation that helps in child trafficking, which is massive and horrible," she said of the British Asian Trust. "I'm also an ambassador for UNICEF, so both of those things really are my core values, and as a mother, I know first-hand what's most important, which are these innocent children." As for what to expect from the "Firework" hitmaker during her time in the U.K.? "I'm going there to represent myself as an ambassador and just to bring the light and the love," she shared. "That's all I ever want to bring."

Before that, Perry opened up about her role in the coronation in a statement. "I am excited to be performing at the Coronation Concert, and helping to shine a further light on the British Asian Trust's Children's Protection Fund, whose work includes on-ground initiatives to fundraising, with the aim to find solutions to child trafficking," she said.

Katy Perry's coronation outfit had a special nod to the U.K.

Katy Perry has long shown off her affection for the U.K., but her coronation outfit appeared to have an extra special nod to the country and its culture. The star's lavender outfit was actually a piece from the late Vivienne Westwood, one of the most famous and prolific British designers in fashion. Not only that, but purple is a color that's long been associated with the British royal family.

Though she may not be from the U.K., Perry has quite a British connection. She was previously married to Brit actor and comedian Russell Brand and is now engaged to actor Orlando Bloom, with whom she shares a daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom. "You know I obviously have a type. I like English gentlemen," she teased to Heart in 2019. "I think I like English gentlemen because there's something in that kind of sarcastic dark sense of humor, and I like that they sound really eloquent, and there's more history in the U.K. than there is in America. They sound like they've got tradition," she shared. "Actually, they have more tradition, and I like that. There's tea time. We don't really have many traditions here in America."

We're sure she'll be getting plenty of tea time amid the coronation celebrations!