Prince Louis Steals King Charles' Coronation For All The Wrong Reasons

The coronation of King Charles III was indeed a spectacle, with plenty of high-profile guests taking center stage at the highly anticipated event. Sure, the occasion is about the crowning of the monarch, but what would a royal affair be without quirks and quips? Katy Perry looked rather clueless searching for her seat, while plenty of other celebs were the talk of the town for their unpalatable attire. But another guest stole the show, giving viewers some much needed laughs. It comes as no surprise that Prince Louis was one to watch throughout this lavish affair.

All of William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales' children — Prince George, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte — appeared at the coronation. In April 2023, Page Six reported that Louis' attendance wasn't definite, with a source telling the outlet, "He's only 4, after all." But the now 5-year-old's age wasn't the only reason he was potentially excluded. And it wouldn't be the first time Prince Louis missed out on a royal event, as he did not attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral. For better or for worse, Prince Louis did show up at King Charles' coronation, and didn't disappoint with his entertaining shenanigans.

Prince Louis was all yawns

Prince Louis seemed to tune out during King Charles' coronation. Appearing restless, the 5-year-old wouldn't quit yawning during his grandfather's ceremony, per Page Six. Of course, a viral photo of him yawning in between Princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton has generated much buzz on the internet, with plenty of royal fanatics amused by his possible boredom. One user tweeted, "prince louis yawning is a mood." Another person wrote, "Prince Louis shamelessly yawning during the big moment is exactly my kind of energy." Someone else defended the young prince, noting, "Don't be going after our little Prince Louis!! He did a fantastic job today. I'm 43 and I was fidgeting and yawning and I was at home sat comfortably on my bed so leave the little guy alone! He's 5 for god sake!!"

As it turns out, there was a back-up plan if Prince Louis couldn't hold it together during the coronation. According to another Page Six report, the palace had arranged for a nanny to scoop him up if he was exhausted or behaved poorly. However, aside from his frequent yawning, Prince Louis didn't cause too much of a ruckus. He momentarily left the celebration about an hour and a half in, but came back shortly after to join his family.

Prince Louis sang the wrong word

The saga of Prince Louis' adorable antics didn't end with his yawning, as he also stole the show during one popular tradition. As reported by the Mirror, the young prince switched up a word while reciting the British national anthem. Per The Telegraph, the "God Save the King" song includes the lyrics, "May he defend our laws / And ever give us cause / To sing with heart and voice /God save the King!" It's worth noting that the lyrics don't have any mention of Queen. Yet, at the end of the ceremony, Prince Louis mistakenly sang, "God Save the Queen."

Fans took to Twitter to comment on the endearing flub. One user wrote, "Prince Louis saying 'God save the Queen' during the national anthem is the most iconic moment of this spectacle!" Louis has surely developed a devoted fanbase, with one person tweeting, "Prince Louis singing 'God Save the Queen' has made my day. He's back!" All in all, royal followers were delighted to see the little star in his element. Another user gushed, "I enjoyed hearing God Save The King sung. But looks like little Prince Louis may have been a favorite watch, as usual? You have to love that little fella!"

Prince Louis is known for his dramatic expressions

This wasn't the first time that Prince Louis made a scene during a royal event. At Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee in 2022, he garnered attention for his distinctively dramatic expressions, according to Page Six. In one photo, he covered his ears and tightly closed his eyes (above) while appearing to let out a scream. Apparently, he was reacting to the noisy airplanes flying above. In another image, he dragged his pinky fingers down his mouth. Louis also stirred up some laughter when he popped out his tongue while waving during the Trooping the Colour carriage ride.

William and Catherine, Prince and Princess of Wales, seemed unbothered by Prince Louis' reactions, taking to Instagram to remark on the joyous affair. They wrote, "What a fantastic weekend of celebrations. Seeing people across the nation coming together with family, friends and loved ones has been extremely special." They had a sense of humor about their son's behavior, cheekily adding, "We all had an incredible time, especially Louis."