What Pat Sajak's Daughter Maggie Really Does For A Living

As arguably one of the most popular talk show hosts on television, Pat Sajak's iconic status is undeniable. That's thanks in part to his long-term position as the host of the NBC game show, "Wheel of Fortune," for which he has won three Emmy Awards. Sadly, after four decades on the show, Pat's run is gradually coming to a close. "We're getting near the end. It's been a long [time]. We're not gonna do this for another 40 years. The end is near," Pat told Entertainment Tonight in a September 2022 interview.

Whenever it is that Pat decides to pump the brakes on his hosting duties, he can return home, surrounded by love from his wife Lesly Brown-Sajak, and their two kids, Patrick Sajak and Maggie Sajak. And while he keeps his family life private, the legendary game show host seemingly has a great bond with his kids, especially Maggie. "He's the host with the most, and I'm glad he's my dad. Happy Birthday!!!" Maggie wrote in an October 2021 Instagram post. 

In addition to penning sweet birthday tributes, Maggie seemingly also enjoys hanging out with her famous dad on the set of "Wheel of Fortune," as seen on her Instagram page. But when she is not doing any of these things, what really is Maggie Sajak up to?

Maggie Sajak is following in her father's footsteps -- literally

During a January 2020 episode of "Wheel of Fortune," Maggie Sajak came on the show, filling in as a letter toucher. But while this might have been her first appearance as an adult, Maggie made her debut on "Wheel of Fortune" in 1996 when Pat brought her to the show. "I'm walking a little better now, and hopefully I'm a little more eloquent than last time," Maggie quipped, referring to her debut appearance.

In 2021, Maggie became a more permanent member of the "Wheel of Fortune" family after she was hired as the gameshow's official social correspondent. In her role, Maggie gave fans a better glimpse of the show by sharing exclusive videos across the show's social channels. "It's a real privilege to be able to treat the show's longtime viewers to a look at what goes on when the cameras aren't rolling," Maggie said in a statement at the time. "Plus, I get to use the carpool lane with my father!"

Two years later and Maggie is stepping into a much bigger role. On May 10, the 28-year-old made her debut as co-host of "Wheel of Fortune" as she serves as a temporary replacement for Vanna White, her father's longtime partner on the show. "I'm so happy and I have some iconic high heels to fill ... I hope to make Vanna proud," Maggie gushed, per Fox News.

Maggie Sajak is a country singer

Before she became a "Wheel of Fortune" sensation, Maggie Sajak was an up-and-coming country singer. In 2011, Maggie released her first single, "First Kiss," a pop song chronicling a teenage girl's yearning for her first kiss. In addition to this, Maggie also has a few more songs to her name, including "Live Out Loud," a 2013 track inspired by a 16-year-old cancer patient. "I wanted to be able to have a positive impact on a patient's life, and to make her smile," she told The Boot at the time. 

Music was, however, not something Maggie just stumbled upon as she had long nursed a passion for it. In 2013, Maggie, who was 18 at the time, opened up about her musical journey, revealing that she started playing the guitar as a child. "When I was seven or eight, I used to play this mini acoustic guitar my grandparents gave me. Then for my 13th birthday, they gave me my first real guitar, and I haven't stopped playing since," she explained in an interview with Teen Vogue

Outside of music, Maggie is also seemingly interested in academics. According to her "Wheel of Fortune" profile, the 28-year-old bagged an undergraduate degree from Princeton University, following up with a master's degree from Colombia University.