Is Country Music Singer Zach Bryan Married?

If you're a fan of country music, then chances are you've heard of the dreamy Zach Bryan — and have wondered if he is single. Hailing from Oklahoma, the young talent first made waves in 2017 with his heartfelt performances on YouTube. In addition to his stunning raspy vocals, the "Burn, Burn, Burn" singer also gained notoriety for creating his emotional music while on active duty for the Navy — which had been a longstanding Bryan family tradition. "My old man was in the Navy, my grandpa was in the Navy, my mom was in the Navy. My family's just a Navy family," he told Saving Country Music in 2019.

But despite his dedication to his military obligation, the rising star was honorably discharged in 2021 to pursue his music career full-time. Since then, the Grammy-nominated singer has taken the world by storm with his hit singles like "Something in the Orange" and his critically acclaimed album "American Heartbreak." While he has remained an open book about his music journey, Bryan has remained mum about his love life, including his very brief marriage. Join us as we take a deep dive into Bryan's marital history and current relationship status.

Zach Bryan was once married to Elizabeth Rose Madden

Like many country artists before him, Zach Bryan's growing music catalog features a fair share of love songs. However, despite his open rapport within his records, Bryan has kept a low profile regarding his real-life romantic relationships, including his brief marriage to Elizabeth Rose Madden. According to Country Thang Daily, the pair first met while serving in the Navy. In 2020, the two tied the knot at Colchuck Lake in Leavenworth, Washington, which was documented by Brady Bates Photography. Bryan later confirmed his marriage in August 2020 after a fan on Twitter asked about new music. "Ya sorry brother had to get married that's my bad," he tweeted.

Unfortunately, their marital bliss didn't last long, and the couple called it quits shortly after their wedding. While it would hardly be the biggest scandal that rocked country music, some fans have speculated that Bryan was unfaithful. One user on Reddit wrote: "Others have said Zach cheated on Rose while she was deployed in Italy and then asked for a divorce." The rumors surrounding his divorce became even murkier after he removed his songs "Elisabeth" and "Anita (Part Two)" from streaming services. Following fan backlash, Bryan took to his Instagram to explain his decision. "These songs bring me more pain and heartache than I'm willing to admit, and I took those songs off of there personally because they are not my stories to tell anymore," he explained on his Instagram story.

Zach Bryan has moved on with Deb Peifer

While details surrounding Zach Bryan's divorce remain a mystery, we know he has moved on from that chapter of his life. Over the last year, the "Dawns" singer has been romantically involved with a woman named Deb Peifer. Across various social media posts, the two lovebirds have given fans a glimpse into their heartwarming bond. "One whole year of me and you and that smol little brown bear. To many more road trips and sunsets and people asking me to break up with you," Deb wrote on Instagram in January. Bryan echoed similar sentiments in his own January Instagram post, which featured a selfie of the two at a football game. "At my gate I'll always greet cha,' at my door you're welcome in, there can be no transgressions, as a means to an end," he captioned the photo.

Bryan also professed his love for Deb on Twitter, describing her as his "right-hand lady" in a touching post. "I am one of the dumbest human beings alive and do some incredibly heinous things, and everyday that lady decides to wake up and love me for exactly who I am and where I am," he wrote in December 2022, later adding: "Everyday I feel more happy to be breathing than the day before... don't you ever change for anybody." It's safe to say that Bryan has found a new love to sing about in his music.