Jordan Robledo

Photo of Jordan Robledo
Whittier College, Kingston University London
Pop Culture, LGBTQ+ News, Music
  • Jordan has more than three years of experience in the journalism field.
  • He has written for a number of publications including Spindle, 14HQ, and Gay Times.
  • In his Master's program, he helped create and distribute the university's student-ran magazine.


Jordan's love for journalism first spawned during his last two years of high school. After getting into his dream school, he wasted no time getting involved with his school's TV news station, newspaper, and radio station. After graduating with his bachelor's degree, he worked endlessly to get a position within the journalism sphere. After working a few temp jobs for four years, he decided to leave the US and head to the UK to pursue his Master's in Magazine Journalism. Since graduating, he has gained experience at a number of publications that have helped shape him into the journalist he is today.


In 2014, he received his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Whitter College. Six years later, he received his Master's degree in Magazine Journalism from Kingston University London.
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