Did Bill Rancic Get Plastic Surgery? All Eyes Are On His Transformation

Fans are concerned that Bill Rancic has had cosmetic surgery, but the supposed evidence may be deceiving.

Back in 2004, the Chicago native splashed onto the scene when he competed in the first season of "The Apprentice," which was hosted by controversial former president Donald Trump. After being named the inaugural winner of the series, Bill went on to create a fruitful career in the entertainment and business spheres. From opening his successful RPM Restaurant chain to being a New York Times best-selling author, the motivational speaker has remained booked and busy. When reflecting on his success, Bill told the "Beyond Speaking" podcast, "You have to be willing to do what other people are not willing to do." He added, "That means getting up earlier, staying later ... making the sacrifices."

In addition to his thriving career, Bill has garnered attention for his movie star good looks, which have made pop culture enthusiasts, including his wife Giuliana Rancic, swoon over the years. "Married 11 years next month and [Bill] still makes my heart skip a beat," the former E! News host wrote in a 2018 Instagram post. However, fans started to question Bill's appearance when Giuliana uploaded a snapshot of him in March 2024, with some even accusing the author of having a facelift. However, the plastic surgery accusations are premature and totally baseless.

Bill Rancic playfully blames his wife for face lift rumors

On March 31, 2024, former E! News host Giuliana Rancic celebrated the Easter Holiday with a joyous family photo on her Instagram account. "Happy Easter from our family to you and yours," she wrote alongside a snapshot of her embracing Bill Rancic and their son Duke outside RPM Italian D.C. While the picture earned nearly 80,000 likes, it also sparked questions from fans, who speculated that Bill had cosmetic work done to his face. "Wait. That doesn't even look like Bill," one person commented. Another fan added, "Bill needs to stop getting work done." It didn't take long for the American entrepreneur to share his own statement, clearing up the confusion about his youthful-looking appearance. 

"My comedian wife put a filter on my face," he wrote. "No I did not get a facelift but now I am considering one." In response to Bill's clarification comment, Giuliana confirmed to fans that she would be posting the original snap onto her Instagram story alongside laughing emojis. While Bill hasn't had a facelift, he's no stranger to taking part in luxury skin treatments. In a July 2023 interview with New Beauty, he opened up about his past experience getting a laser facial. "I was in [Los Angeles] recently and I got a laser facial, and I've never had a facial before," he revealed. "I have got to tell you, my skin felt pretty darn good!"

Bill Rancic has undergone other treatments to upgrade his look

Over the years, Bill Rancic has been an open book when it comes to the steps he's taken to enhance his dreamy good looks. In 2012, "The Apprentice" winner was announced as an ambassador of Rogaine, which is a hair growth treatment for male pattern baldness. "I've been using the product for a couple years now. There's a night and day difference," he told Hollywood Life. The "We Mean Business" star went on to add that he didn't recognize the signs until he saw his hair in photos. "I'd look in the mirror like I didn't notice it and I think a lot of times we see ourselves differently," he added.

In addition to treating his thinning hair, Rancic has also admitted to having work done on his pearly white smile. When speaking to Dear Doctor Magazine in 2013, the motivational speaker got candid about his past experience fixing his overbite. "I was the only one in my family to need braces, my sisters had perfect teeth," he explained. While many children agonize at the thought of having braces, Rancic said he embraced them wholeheartedly, adding that having a nice smile is crucial for his profession as a public-facing person. "I think a great smile says a lot about a person."