Reba McEntire Shows Off Her Rarely-Seen Natural Hair & We're Stunned

Country icon Reba McEntire's recent appearance on the town has left us stunned for this reason.

Since the 1970s, the beloved talent has captivated music listeners with her feel-good country tunes and showstopping talent. From securing 24 number-one singles on Billboard's Hot Country Songs Chart to landing three Grammys, McEntire has earned the title as one of the queens of country music. When discussing her legacy and being a role model to other country stars, the "Reba" star told Today, "It's a cool feeling. It's a huge responsibility because I definitely want to — in my span that I get to do this — I want to find ways of doing it better so it will make it easier on them."

In addition to her monumental impact in the music sphere, McEntire has also made a name for herself with her signature red tresses, which she fondly admires. "I loved my red hair. My mom was a redhead, so I felt she gave me her red hair. I've always been very, very proud of it," she told the Dallas Voice in 2015. While McEntire's hair is usually straight, she recently was seen sporting a very different style that has left us obsessed.

Reba shines with a curly new 'do

On April 4, country music icon Reba McEntire stepped out in Bel Air to take part in a relaxing shopping day. Dressed in an orange long-sleeve shirt and blue jeans, the "Does He Love You" singer looked as cool as a cucumber while traversing the streets. However, one aspect of McEntire's appearance that has left us stunned is her curly locks. While a luxurious sun hat predominately covers most of her hair, hints of her wavy tresses can be seen near her shoulders, a stark comparison to her usual straight, intricately placed, and classic hairstyle.

McEntire's transformation may have shocked us, but it isn't the first time she's rocked a curly hairstyle. In the '80s and '90s, the "You Lie" singer made waves with her voluminous spirals, which became her trademark. In fact, her curly hair was so popular that it sent country music fans into shambles when she debuted a shorter cut in 1996. In an interview with Country 102.5, she gave insight into why she made the decision to chop it all off. "I cut it just because I wanted to and it took me a long time to talk everybody into it," she explained. She went on to say that her shorter hair was used as part of marketing for her album at the time, "What If It's You," adding, "I had to wear a baseball cap with a ponytail sewn in the back and then wear wigs and tail ... all the way up until the CMAs."